Capes are rare vanity items and are worn in addition to the player"s skin. Obtaining capes is daunting compared come all various other cosmetics currently in the game. Because of its rarity, football player wear this capes v the intended function of bragging about the ownership of a cape.

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While obtaining a cape has end up being more complicated than ever before, there are still part methods by which players can meet the wish of owning one.

How execute you gain Minecraft capes?

Migrating accounts:

Mojang revealed in its latest blog article that every Java version Minecraft account are moving from Mojang to Microsoft. The main benefit from this migrate is that f you can unlock a brand-new cape after ~ you log in in on Minecraft v your Microsoft account – and also maybe even an ext as Mojang points out that players will receive an ext than one outfit to show off. Minecraft’s main website states:

“After did you do it moved, every little thing you love about Java will still be there. You’ll still have the ability to create and also use mods and skins (while maintaining your present ones, that course), and play through friends on Java servers (regardless of version). You’ll additionally keep your Minecraft Java username, and new players will still acquire to choose their Minecraft username. The just difference? You’ll get a cool reward as soon as you’ve logged in through your Microsoft account: a one-of-a-kind cape!”

Downloading mods:

You can acquire one of the capes in the game, or rather any type of cape you have the right to imagine, utilizing mods such together the progressed Capes. However, various other players you accomplish on multiplayer Minecraft servers could not be able to see her cape uneven they additionally have the very same mods installed. The only method to get capes that everyone deserve to see is through being provided official capes indigenous Mojang.

Purchasing Skin Packs:

In the radical edition the Minecraft, numerous skin package contain capes. To gain a cape in the edition players will need to purchase those skin packs and also can equip or unequip details capes for your skin via the personality Creator. A few examples that skin load capes room as follows:

Ender Dragon wing Cape
Devil"s Cape
Dracula"s Cape
Evil Wizard"s Cape


Every year, MineCon tasks were the only means to gain a brand-new limit. There were official occasions organized by Minecraft the took location throughout the year. Football player would need to sign up for the event and ensure the their tickets have been redeemed. Just then a Cape was then forgive for your inclusion in the event. All occasions from 2017 onwards were performed online, and also no reward for participation was awarded; on might 12, 2020, Mojang has actually disabled all unused MINECON Cape codes. Below are several of the MINECON capes native the past.

MINECON 2011 Cape
MINECON 2012 Cape
MINECON 2013 Cape
MINECON 2015 Cape

By innovating a potential concept:

People in the past have been vested capes for giving ideas which were later included into Minecraft. A great example is Reddit user u/billyk_ that was offered a an individual turtle cape for saying that turtle be included to Minecraft.

How to usage Minecraft capes?

Players have the right to go come the personality creator and also choose in between a selection of cape if they very own them. You have the right to equip or unequip particular capes for your skin via the character Creator. The character creator is a attribute in radical Edition and also Minecraft earth that allows players customize their skin with free and paid-for cosmetic items. It deserve to be accessed by choosing the personality profile switch on the main menu.


Q. Would certainly I be acquire banned if I use Optifine capes?

No, you won"t acquire banned. The cape just shows come optifine users and also doesn"t interfere through Mojang"s capes. Use an email that is secure and you have accessibility to it. This email would be used for changing the username her cape went to, transforming the style of the cape, and other stuff.

Q. How much walk an OptiFine Cape Cost?

It costs 10$ in ~ the moment.

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Q. Space Optifine capes precious it?

Considering they room the easiest method to acquire capes, and also considering the truth that it"s customizable provides it precious it. When some could argue that it only displays to Optifine users; well, the most majority of an innovative players use Optifine anyways so you will have the chance to show it turn off to a substantial audience.