Cozmo Faris is a experienced piercer with over 12 year of suffer who teaches because that the association of skilled Piercers.

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What Jewelry product Is supplied for Eyebrow Piercing?

As far as the metal goes, Thompson recommends splurging on among two steels that, from his experience, tend to heal better: titanium and gold. 

Implant-Grade Titanium: "Titanium is the very best selection for anyone with sensitive skin and given the high rate of jewel rejection in this area, titanium is yes, really the ideal choice," claims Murphy-Rose. It's ~ above the pricier side, but well precious it because that the quality and safety level.Gold: If friend opt for gold, look because that "14k or 18k, and not gold-plated," according to Murphy-Rose.

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Body Piercing Guide—Sites, Styles, What to Expect, Healing, and Care
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