You’re about to adopt a puppy, and a Pug is up over there on optimal of your list. You might be thinking, why room Pugs so expensive because that such a small dog?

Pugs are exceptionally popular and getting more so. Due to the fact that their ever-increasing popularity will naturally affect the dog’s price, it’s not just their popularity the hikes up the price. So check out on if you desire to understand all the factors why Pugs space so expensive.

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How much Does A Pug Cost?

Before we comment on why the Pug is together an expensive dog, we have to look at just how much it will price you to buy a Pug.

We will only be talking about buying a puppy from reputable and also professional Pug breeders. We understand you will have the ability to find a Pug puppy for less money, yet we strongly recommend you do not buy from online sites declaring cheap puppies, nor carry out we suggest buying from pet stores.

There are vital reasons why we recommend this, but we’ll define more completely later in this article.


To purchase a Pug puppy indigenous a experienced breeder will price from $1000 to $3000. If you want to purchase a superior-quality pedigree puppy and also want the puppy undamaged for breeding, or you want to present the dog professionally, then prepare you yourself for fees as much as $6000.

But the question was, exactly how much go a Pug cost? currently we know any potential puppy parental is aware, the initial purchase price is just the beginning.

On average, a Pug in great health will live between 12 and 15 years. When you element in expenses such together food, pets insurance, health check-ups, boy illnesses, and other necessities, you room looking closer come $20,000 come $30,000.

Money you are happy to pay due to the fact that your Pug is family, and you’ll love the so much.

Why are Pugs for this reason Expensive?

There are some basic reasons because that this, and we’ll describe them here:

access Location that you purchase one native Why girlfriend buy one Puppy or not

1. Availability

If there room no puppies, you cannot buy one. If a puppy comes accessible after a shortage, climate the puppy’s need is particularly high. The breeder that this puppy can name his price.


There may be other impacts at play together well. Now what’s fashionable deserve to drive demand. If a well-known celebrity gets himself or it s her a brand-new Pug baby, all your followers desire one.

This situation is a false fact in a way. It’s no the usual factor for the need for puppies, yet it’s a fact. And this trend is becoming more prevalent.

2. Location

Prices tend to vary based on location. A Pug is an ext valuable from one nation to another. The price of reproduction puppies, feeding them, rearing them, etc., will influence the final price. If you buy a puppy in brand-new York City, the will expense far much more than if friend buy a puppy from eastern Europe.

It’s fundamental economics.

In the US, a Pug puppy because that sale in one state can price far much more in one more state, because that the very same reason.

3. Who You Buy her Pug From

As we disputed briefly, a professional and reputable breeder will certainly charge an ext for their puppies than a puppy mill or pets shop.


4. Why You space Buying A Pug

If you desire a puppy indigenous a dependable breeder, however you only want a family pet or companion, that will expense far much less than one bought because that future breeding or a potential high-quality display dog.

5. A Puppy Pug Or Not

Puppies are constantly going come cost an ext than an enlarge Pug or a rescue. Most new pet parents want a puppy. If some civilization are an ext than happy to carry a rescue home, various other pet parents wish for a dog with no vault history.

Why to buy A Pug from A trustworthy Breeder?

We did say we would describe in more detail why buying indigenous a dependable breeder is therefore important; below we are.

1. Pug’s Health

Pug pregnancies space notoriously tricky because that the mommy come be, and also many births space by C-section fairly than risking a herbal birth. One look in ~ a pug, and you have the right to see why. Castle have huge heads and broad shoulders but an extremely slim hips, none of i m sorry are qualities for a smooth, herbal delivery.


A responsible breeder will always make sure their pups room in the ideal of health. It’s not just a concern that the puppy has a quality pedigree. We space talking about living animals, and also even lower price Pugs require a disease-free life.

The breeder can do this by screening the puppy’s parents for any type of genetic illnesses. One fatal illness for Pugs is PDE (Pug Dog Encephalitis). While most Pugs re-superstructure some hereditary disorders, this an illness affects simply over 1% that Pugs and also is fatal. A reputable breeder will certainly ensure there space no instances of PDE in any of their breeding Pugs.

2. Pedigree Pugs

If you are contemplating breeding your Pugs or mirroring them later, girlfriend must have a pedigree. There’s no allude in thinking around breeding or reflecting without one. The the proof you require to carry out in the future, and it’s the value commercially of your breeding stock.


3. Disreputable Puppy breeding Practices

We space talking around puppy mills or farms. They room run by unscrupulous people who each other puppies because that one thing only. Money!

They have little to no concern about the problem of how the dogs and puppies live.

These civilization breed the females come exhaustion, birthing litter after litter. There room no C-sections on sell in this type of environment.

There is precious small or no clinical supervision because that the dogs and also puppies under your care.

Yes, that course, you can buy a puppy from among the puppy farms or a pets shop they supply, but the recurring health troubles like these will cost owners a an excellent deal that money. Either the or the puppies will uncover their way to shelters or, even worse, abandoned.

In Conclusion

We have covered all the main reasons why Pugs are so high value in this article. We’ve additionally touched on how much it will cost in its entirety to very own a Pug because that life.

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The opinions expressed in this post are our opinions, and also not everyone might agree with us. We room not clinical professionals. Nothing we have written replaces your vet’s advice, so please follow your advice and also not what you could read in an post online.