Generally it’s my policy to never use cool, young phrases choose “real talk” (because i am not an extremely cool) but when it concerns pricing, it’s only appropriate.

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At the beginning of this an excellent cookie adventure, i charged a whopping 7 dollars a dozen. Yes, you check out right. Seven DOLLARS A DOZEN. Walk ahead. Faint, laugh, whatever you like. I won’t host it versus you. That still provides me palpitations to think around it.

The reason? because I no know any kind of better.

As comfortable together I feeling asking technological questions, my southern manners would not let me ask one more decorator about money stuff.

Fast front a couple of years and I’ve moved past the whole income taboo. I have actually now made it my mission come prevent other cookiers from repeating my mistake.

In the interest of avoiding a few late night nervous rest downs, I decided to placed it all the end there.

When girlfriend look in ~ my chart, your first reaction is most likely going to be follow me the line of, “No one would ever before pay that lot for cookies!” and also I understand, due to the fact that I offered to believe that too…but it’s merely not true. These days I fee a same price for cookies and also I still market cookies*!

I’m not marketing twenty dozen cookies a week anymore, however even making half as many I can still make the exact same amount that money. I’m certain everyone can obtain down through that.

So below it is. My very own printable pricing graph (adapted indigenous Cakes through Alana).


To print, click HERE.

Here’s a breakdown of the actual cookie sizes (as reflected by the published chart).

Classifying cookies really depends on the separation, personal, instance decorator, however here’s an example of what i would consider basic, detailed and also elaborate. As soon as referring to these instances PLEASE remember the each human must do their very own determination that complexity.

Basic: 1-2 colors and consistencies of icing, no hand-cutting, minimal pipingDetailed: 4-6 icing colors and consistencies, no hand-cutting, straightforward detailsElaborate: 7 or an ext colors the icing, may or may not it is in hand cut, numerous piped details


If ns ran the world, every single cookie decorator would certainly AT least charge this prices but I know that the doesn’t constantly work this way. In my experience, it’s periodically a little easier to charge by the dozen. If this is you, here’s one idea that what to do. Save in mind that this is a guideline. If the customer gets all crazy or certain adjust the prices to compensate.


Basically, the customer chooses the theme and the decorator creates a plate incorporating a mix of both basic and complex designs. This ensures that the finest value because that the money while enabling the artisan to benefit from your work, i beg your pardon is the suggest of offering cookies, right?

Regardless that what you pick to fee you should constantly have set prices created down where people can watch them. For some reason, if a customer has written price in their hand they’re much less likely to think the them as negotiable.

As as for competition, (as in various other cookie decorators in her area) squash the thought best now. Over there is no such thing once it comes to cookies.

During mine prime, I can make around 20-30 dozen cookie a week. This intended my household ate out much more often or not, my husband go 90% of the household chores, and also I never slept. What i am trying come say is the no one person can take every solitary order, meaning fellow decorators room your friend!

Rather 보다 wasting time worrying about competition, i encourage girlfriend to do friends with neighborhood cookiers and collection a pricing standard. Then everyone wins. Each human is earning a fair fairy plus the never harms being may be to happen off an order when life happens.

Of course, there will always be the newbie that charges seven dollars a dozen, but after a few long teary nights ns promise they’ll be jumping to do an adjustment.

I deserve to really acquire preachy around this due to the fact that I have been on both political parties of the fence. I’ve feeling a twinge the guilt over my prices at one time or another, however when I’m up until the wee hrs of the morning working on a cookie design that turned the end to it is in much an ext work than expected, i remember why ns do. So rather than rant, I’ll simply say this.

Decorated cookies room a luxury, choose cars. Some people buy a Toyota, part buy a Cadillac. Both will obtain you from point A to allude B, yet there will constantly be the human being who choose a Cadillac. Those space the world you’re marketing to, so, execute not offer yourself short. Cookie take a lot of time, and also your time is money. You have to never it is in in a place to sacrifice time v your family…holidays, small league games, there is no being appropriately compensated.

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A couple of tips prior to committing come an order:

If you’re not sure around a price provide yourself a little time to think and also plan before giving a quoteTake a tiny time off here and also there so girlfriend don’t get the dreaded “burn out”

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*I execute not market my cookie on a continual basis. Under Texas law, ns cannot ship so I just take a minimal amount of regional orders.