together you uncover yourself rifling with every nook and cranny of your home in respect of feather cleaning, you could find yourself wondering exactly how much is my Bulova watch worth? due to the fact that the Bulova watch Company"s affordable clock lines do them very popular during the mid-century, possibilities are your parents or grandparents own one and also passed the onto you. While Bulova city hall weren"t particularly expensive, a few specific editions have the right to be marketed in today"s sector for a few thousand dollars.

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The start of Bulova Watches

Joseph Bulova, a Czechoslovakian immigrant, began working in ~ the legend Tiffany & Co. Shortly adhering to his move to the United claims in the late 19th Century. His previous apprenticeships through European jewelers permitted him to smoothly change into the American corporate structure, and also soon he was confident enough to launch his own company, J. Bulova & Co., in 1875. Unfortunately, Bulova"s timepiece innovations have been overlooked in popular culture despite being one of the an initial timepiece service providers to mass-produce wristwatches; the company was the an initial to debut a complete collection of wristwatches for ladies in 1924 and the very first watch brand to have actually a celebrity endorser (Charles Lindbergh).

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Identifying her Bulova Watch

Unlike other vintage accessories, Bulova watches are relatively easy come identify. Almost every Bulova watch has the company"s surname inscribed onto the top part of their dials. However, no every single watch manufactured by Bulova features this characteristic; a few early watches indigenous the 1920s lack the Bulova signifier on their dials. In addition, the famous Accutron watch was normally significant with its surname or the tuning fork logo throughout the optimal of that is dials.


how Much Is my Bulova watch Worth?

since the Bulova firm produced a prolific variety of affordable watches during the mid-20th century, most vintage Bulova watch values are usually not lot over $50 depending on the watches" condition and also the quality of the materials used to do them. However, a few Bulova watches precious anything come indigenous a collection of extremely collectible Bulova city hall that might sell for a far-ranging amount of money today.

arts Deco Bulova Watches

early on watches developed in the arts Deco layout by the Bulova company are generally brightly colored and also feature one of two people enamel or gemstone details. Bulova wristwatches native this period which have actually the greatest value approximates include an important precious gemstones and metals in their bands and also faces. The town hall made through 14K and 18k gold, climbed gold, and white gold deserve to be sold for a few hundred come a couple of thousand dollars, while the enamel the town hall will sell for a little less. Because that example, a Bulova watch v blue enamel native 1923 is currently listed for $350.


Bulova "HACK" Watches

The Bulova A-11 clock was commissioned by the united States equipped Forces for usage by ally soldiers during people War II. While plenty of different watches to be distributed among Allied forces, the many iconic watch was Bulova"s A-11, which came to be known as the "HACK" watch. Special a single-piece eco-friendly band and black face, this watch is sought ~ by army historians, people War II fans, and watch collectors alike. A 1940s A-11 recently sold because that $450 at auction.

Bulova Academy Awards Series

The Bulova Academy Awards series which was produced between 1950 and also 1954, was produced in partnership with the Academy of movement Pictures. The Academy allowed Bulova to use trademarked iconography on this collection of watches; however, the Academy later rescinded the covenant when Bulova started marketing the clock as having an "Award winning Design" and also sued the agency for the actions. This compelled Bulova to rest the contract two years earlier, make this collection of watches both rare and also desirable for film enthusiasts and also Hollywood memorabilia collectors. One together Academy Award watch from 1950 is at this time being sold for $1,000 in ~ Meierotto Jewelers.

Bulova Accutron Watches

for those who love spy novels and also movies, the Bulova Accutron series is the watch for you to look out for. This specific watch employed the Accutron tuning fork, which to be an electric modern technology that made the wristwatches significantly an ext accurate. As result of this accuracy, the CIA selected the Accutron come be provided by their tester pilots for your Lockheed A-12 spy plane, the precursor to the top Blackbird. In addition, the company soon produced an Accutron watch with a 24-hour hand and 24-hour bezel named the Accutron Astronaut watch. This watches performed incredibly well in high altitudes with far-reaching g-force and were not originally produced for public release. Among these Accutron Astronaut the town hall is currently provided for $1,695.


Bulova Chronograph "C" "Stars and also Stripes" Watch

The Bulova Chronograph "C" watch have the right to be identified by its eponymous blue, white, and also red dial design, and is rather collectible as result of it gift discontinued a year ~ its release. The watch has actually a more modern-day design with a steel band and also a large, vibrant dial. A actual "Stars and Stripes" clock from 1970 newly sold because that $3,600 at auction.

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lug a Vintage-Inspired Bulova house with You

using its rich background as inspiration, Bulova launched its Archive collection to connect modern-day buyers to its vintage catalog. Currently, customers have the right to purchase contemporary versions the old Bulova watches choose the HACK watch, the "Stars and Stripes" watch, the Computron LED, and the Moon Watch. Thus, if you"re dying to acquisition a difficult-to-find vintage Bulova watch, you really well might see that on Bulova"s shelves in the year to come. And also if you"re do the efforts to market your vintage Bulova, this Archive series proves the there space many world who might find your vintage Bulova to be the exact wristwatch they"ve been looking for.

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