When it pertains to diamonds, prior to seeing the color, cut, or clarity, it is the carat weight the anyone notices first. Height celebrities’ engagement ring weighed almost everywhere from JLo’s 6.1 carats (from Ben Affleck) to Mariah Carey’s 35 carats (from billionaire Jack Packer). Hence, other in between – a 9-carat diamond – is amongst women’s well-known search.

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How lot is a 9-Carat Diamond Worth?

A 9-carat diamond deserve to be all over from $19,000 to fine over $1,000,000, depending on the cut, color, and clarity. However, due to the fact that a D color (colorless) diamond, as well as a diamond of perfect clarity, space exceptionally rarely at .001% the mined diamonds, a deluxe 9-carat diamond that deserve to be purchase is around $200,500.


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Diamonds are naturally emerging crystals composed of pure carbon. They are the hardest and the most long lasting gem to ever before exist, hence, the adage, “Diamonds are forever.”

The diamond is just one of nature’s most admired creations. The resilience and beauty the the diamond has enchanted world all over the world. This strong and unbreakable gem symbolizes timeless emotions.


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Diamond Value

The value of a diamond counts on the 4 Cs: Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut. These four factors impact pricing.

Diamond Carat

Diamond carat describes the weight of the diamond. Often, people misunderstand this term as the size of the diamond. Part people also believe that a diamond v a higher carat load is far better than the smaller one.

A bigger gem may signify one’s status, however, it is no always much better than the smaller one just because of the size. Diamonds sparkle as a an outcome of a well-crafted cut. In fact, there room instances whereby a diamond v a greater carat might look smaller sized than the one through a smaller sized carat weight and a good, clean cut.

Diamond Price every Carat

Diamonds with greater carat are reduced from bigger, rough crystals i m sorry are frequently more daunting to source. Therefore, the price every carat depends on the availability or the rarity the the rough crystal.

The diamond price likewise depends ~ above the color and other internal features that may influence the clarity of the diamond once it is cut.

Where did the hatchet carat originate?

The hatchet carat originates from the ancient technique of weighing valuable metals and also stones against the seed of the carob tree. Ancient people thought that these seed were that the same weight as the diamonds.

When the 4th General Conference that Weights and also Measures was organized in the year 1907, diamond enthusiasm agreed and also reached a agreement that one diamond carat would certainly be same to 200 milligrams that a diamond. Carats may also be measured in points, and 100 points are equal to one full carat.

This to Remember about Carat

Choose a carat weight the is listed below the whole and half-carat marks. Over there is only a very tiny difference in between a 2-carat diamond and also a 1.9 carat diamond.

Not only does it save you a far-reaching amount that money, but the slight distinction will never ever be noticed.

According to GIA, just a round diamond has a reduced grade from poor to fantastic cut. This is really important because it maximizes the sparkle of her diamond.

A high carat diamond with impressive color and clarity have the right to look dull if it is cut poorly. Therefore if part diamond store industries a diamond various other than the round brilliant as wonderful cut, this is just a marketing ploy.

Diamonds in an elaborate shapes expense less. Fancy-shaped diamonds are much less expensive than round diamonds. Also, an intricate shapes may show up bigger 보다 their really carat weight and size.

Always mental the ring size in mind. Naturally, if the finger is smaller, the diamond will show up bigger when the ring is worn.

Carat is the Biggest aspect in Diamond Pricing

Mass media, movies, and advertising have actually put a large emphasis top top the carat load of a diamond. That is why people always think that the carat has actually a straight relationship come quality. In fact, carat weight has become a condition symbol of wealth.

However, when it comes to diamonds, enlarge does no really median it is better. A smart buyer focuses on the balance of the 4Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat.

Diamond Color


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Diamonds come in a selection of color — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, steel gray, and also white. Colored diamonds save impurities and also structural defects which reason coloration, the pure diamonds space transparent and colorless.

The color of a diamond ad to exactly how clear or just how yellow the is. Diamonds that high top quality are colorless. Top top the various other hand, lower-quality diamonds have a slim yellow tint.

Diamond color is measured utilizing the GIA (Gemological academy of America) shade scale. It goes from D, which is colorless, every the way to Z, i m sorry is light yellow or brown. Between D and also Z, over there are numerous diamond shade grades, which selection from almost colorless as much as slightly yellow.

If friend are looking for a diamond to purchase, you need to never skip the color of the diamond. Based on a diamond’s color, the prices can vary hugely. Picking the finest color because that your specific needs have the right to save girlfriend a the majority of money.


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Diamonds with unique colors, such as blue, pink, and also yellow, cost more. However, if we space talking about a white diamond, a yellow tint is regularly seen together undesirable. This is since when a slight color or tint is present, much less natural shade of light is reflected back to the eye.

Colorless diamonds are more radiant, rare, and also most valuable. However, diamonds the this shade are certainly scarce. Castle rank greater on the GIA shade grading scale, thus, they are an ext expensive.

Does The color Matter as soon as Purchasing A Diamond?


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Yes, that does, but only to a particular point. The 4Cs are more subdivided right into two: cut and also carat, then, color and clarity. The cut and the carat can be referred to as the confident traits that the buyer have to maximize as much as possible.

On the other hand, color and also clarity room the an unfavorable traits, which space traits that you don’t an alert when girlfriend look in ~ a diamond.

When it comes to color, over there is a an extremely thin line where you notice whether the diamond is colorless or whether it has a yellowish tint. A clever diamond buyer have to make certain that you don’t buy a diamond through a remarkable yellowish tint, no matter exactly how low the color is.

The line between a yellowish and also a clean diamond varies based on the cut of the diamond and the style and setup you are putting the diamond in.

What room G color Diamonds?

G color diamonds are the highest possible grade in the near-colorless range, which includes H, I, and also J colors. A G shade diamond may screen a very faint yellow tint. However, if it will just be perceived with a naked eye, it almost looks similar to the colorless diamond.

G color diamonds offer superior looks through a considerably lower price tag 보다 diamonds in the “colorless” range. This is a wise choice for diamond enthusiasts who are on a budget.

Diamond Clarity Grade

To better understand the clarity class of a diamond, us must an initial understand how diamonds room formed. Diamonds are created as the result of carbon being exposed come high heat and pressure deep in ~ the earth. This procedure results in a variety of inclusions and blemishes to the crystal.

Evaluating the clarity grade of a diamond requires determining the size, number, nature, relief, and the place of this characteristics. Exactly how these characteristics impact the overall appearance of the diamond must be identified, too.

If you are trying to determine the finest clarity because that a diamond, you need to keep in mind the there is no such point as a perfectly pure diamond. However, the closer it concerns purity, the higher its clarity grade.

The Gemological institute of America’s Diamond Clarity Scale has actually 6 categories, several of them are further subdivided, i beg your pardon sums up to a complete of 11 stated clarity grades.

Clarity Grades

Flawless (Clarity FL)The clarity FL grade shows no inclusions and also no blemishes visible under 10x magnification. No blemishes are visible to the naked eye.Internally perfect (IF)This grade shows no inclusions visible under 10x magnification.Very, really Slightly included (VVs1 and also VVS2)These clarity grades display inclusions so slight they are challenging for a skilled grader to watch under 10x magnification.Very Slightly had (VS1 and VS2)These clarity grades present inclusions that space observed with effort under 10x magnification yet can be identified as minor.Slightly included (SI1 and SI2)Diamonds the this grade present inclusion which are noticeable under 10x magnification.Included (I1, I2, and also I3)These display inclusions i m sorry are evident under 10x magnification which may impact transparency and also brilliance.

Diamond Cuts

The critical C of the 4Cs is the diamond CUT. Diamond cut and diamond form are frequently used interchangeably. However, these two have a significant difference.

When we say diamond shape, it refers to the outline, favor a pear, a round, or a heart. On the various other hand, diamond cuts describe the setup of the facets of the diamonds, as in cushion, or emerald diamond cuts.

Science theatre a part in the procedure of determining the cut of diamonds, whereas, personal tastes and styles determine the diamond shapes.

Cut have the right to dramatically readjust the diamond worth of your 1-carat diamond. If you like the many expensive cut, the will cost you roughly $4,500 come $6000. The less famous cuts have the right to save friend a the majority of money, do your full bill as much as $4500 maximum.

Including the reduced in the price calculation of a 1-carat diamond ring is important, because it helps the diamond certified dealer understand how the brilliance of her diamond affect the cost that friend pay for ownership.

The Diamond Cuts

Looking because that the perfect diamond jewelry? right here are the most well-known diamond cut that friend see numerous Hollywood stars wearing. Pick the diamond that has actually the ideal cut quality, but remember to constantly stick with the budget.

Round excellent Cut

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Diamonds that this cut definitely delivers that is promise that beauty and brilliance. The round brilliant cut consists of 58 facets. This classic cut maximizes the light return much better than other diamond cuts. It creates a dazzling and sparkling display, which will certainly surely do the ladies’ heart skip a beat.

Oval Cut

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The Oval diamond reduced was developed by Lazare Kaplan in 1957. It has actually 57 or 58 facets through a big surface area, i beg your pardon brings out its brilliance. The oval diamond reduced is proportioned and graceful, which provides it a popular selection for engagement rings.

Princess Cut

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The princess cut is a combination of the brilliance that the ring diamond and the contemporary contemporary shape of the emerald reduced or square cut, which provides it one of the fanciest forms of all, fit because that a Princess.

The cut quality of the princess cut offers versatility to occupational with practically any ring style.


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The emerald cut exudes elegance and also beauty. It has actually a rectangle-shaped shape with reduced corners the resemble stairs steps, also known together a action cut.


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The cushion cut is a vintage-styled diamond cut that recently obtained popularity. That is a mix of the cut qualities of both the round and the oval cut and also the ring cut. The cushion diamond cut has rounded corners and larger facets that rise the brilliance that the diamond.

Radiant Cut

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The radiant diamond reduced has 70 facets that provides it the can be fried in brilliance. The silhouette the the radiant diamond cut resembles the elegance the the emerald cut. The facet pattern of this diamond reduced is i ordered it to develop a an ext radiant return that light, befitting the name.

Asscher Cut

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This diamond cut is called after Joseph Asscher, the guy who arisen it in 1902. The facet arrangement is similar to the emerald cut. However, the Asscher reduced is more of a square 보다 a rectangle. The Asscher has actually 74 facets.

Marquise-Cut Diamond

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The Marquise diamond reduced is influenced by the laugh of Marquise de Pompadour. The elongated shape and 58 facets makes the Marquise diamond cut a timeless diamond jewelry.

Diamond Pricing

Buying a diamond is a breakable act the balancing beauty and budget. Choose what we mentioned, the diamond’s value relies on the balance of the 4Cs: Carat, Color, Clarity, and also Cut.

One Carat Diamond Price

The price of a 1-carat diamond is between $1,300 and also $16,500. This relies on determinants such as the reduced quality, clarity, color, and shape.

Below the one carat mark, pricing every carat is lower. A high-quality 0.50 carat costs about $2,500 per carat. This method that the price of the diamond chin is around $1,250.

On the various other hand, a 0.25 carat diamond with the exact same color and clarity qualities as over costs approximately $1,600 every carat, make the price the the diamond roughly $425.

Diamond Price Calculator

For girlfriend to know the turbulent price per carat, use our diamond price calculator. This will guide you and also will provide you an idea of how much you will certainly be spending come purchase any diamond jewelry.

You can choose the carat weight, color, clarity, and cut the you prefer and also you can instantly check out an estimate of the diamond price.

Source: flickr.com

Keep these in mind prior to you purchase a Diamond

There are details things that can make a diamond look bigger. To accomplish this effect, you may opt to ask your ring device to use the gloriole setting. The halo setting has a ring of tiny diamonds roughly the center stone.

This ratio of the little to the big diamonds offers the illusion that the center diamond is bigger, making the look more elegant. Friend still have the elegant watch of a huge diamond, for a much lower diamond price.

The band size likewise affects the look of the diamond carat. Selecting a thinner band offers a perspective that provides the center stone look bigger. To attain this perspective, ask her ring device to carry out the paving, which features tiny diamonds embedded in the band.You should also remember the total carat load or the overall linked measurement of all the diamonds in any type of given diamond jewelry. Inquire about the weights of each individual diamond in any kind of jewelry the you room buying.

Keep in mind the the diamond price is no solely based on the carat weight, there are additionally different determinants that a buyer have to remember.

3 factors to take into consideration in purchase a Diamond


This is the most important factor. Check a diamond’s certification will provide you tranquility of mind the you are acquiring what the diamond certified dealer claim. There room two types of certification: GIA certified and also AGS certified. They are the gold criter in the diamond industry.

2. Quality

Before purchase a diamond, girlfriend must an initial understand the qualities provided on the certificate.

3. Price

Diamonds room all priced per carat. Diamond price per carat rises as the buyer jumps into higher weight categories. In short, the higher diamond’s carat weight, the greater the full amount that you have to pay every carat.


How lot would a 10-carat diamond cost?

The mean wholesale price because that a GIA Certified 10 carat diamond ranges in between $167,200 and also $ 2,245,100.

How much is the price of a 2-carat diamond ring?

The price that a 2-carat diamond can vary depending upon its shape, cut quality, clarity, color, and also a range of various other factors. On average, you can expect come pay all over from $5,000 come $60,000 or an ext for a 2-carat diamond.

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