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Do you have actually a Cheerios penny?

These special 2000-dated Lincoln pennies were mounted on vivid cards and also included in 10 million crate of Cheerios cereal.They were distributed in early 2000 and also could be discovered for totally free inside the Cheerios box.It was part of a huge celebration to aid kick off the new millennium and was additionally a cross-promotion to market the brand-new Sacagawea “golden dollar.” A complete of 5,500 the these special 2000 Sacagawea Cheerios dollars to be struck and also included ~ above a special card — together a 2000 Cheerios penny.This 2-coin collection was found in one in every 2,000 crate of the renowned oat-based basic Mills breakfast cereal.

More recently, collectors found that many, if no most, that the 2000 Cheerios dollars were made through a distinctive reverse dice not provided to make the vast bulk of 2000-dated dollars. These Cheerios dollars bearing the one-of-a-kind reverse (tail’s side) constitute a sample coin and are fairly rare and valuable!

Cheerios Penny truth & Values

All 10 million Cheerios pennies were struck at the Philadelphia Mint — i beg your pardon didn’t stamp a “P” mintmark ~ above its Lincoln cents at the time. So all of these unique 2000 Lincoln cent have no markings under the date.Similar come the 2000 Sacagawea Cheerios dollar, collectors found that several of the 2000 Lincoln pennies included in the promotion giveaway be afflicted with a distinct reverse.In this case, many of the Cheerios pennies attribute a so-called “Wide AM” reverse.

Special 2000 large AM penny Value

Flip end a 2000 Lincoln Memorial cent and look at the basic of the letters “A” and “M” in “AMERICA” — i m sorry is viewed in the inscription “UNITED claims OF AMERICA” follow me the upper rim that the reverse.On most 2000 pennies, the bases that the “A” and “M” space really close together — nearly touching every other.However, on a number of Cheerios pennies, the “A” and “M” appear much farther apart — leave a bit more of a gap than usual. These room the “Wide AM” Lincoln cents. Because that circulation-strike pennies from the year 2000, they are quite scarce!So, why the variation?From 1994 v the finish of the Lincoln Memorial penny collection in 2008, the evidence versions exhibition a “Wide AM” design. However circulating instances from that duration are claimed to show the bottom of the “A” and also “M” close with each other — constituting a range known together the “Close AM.”
Some turn Lincoln pennies that that period were accidentally struck with proof reverse dies. And that’s exactly how the range came come be!

Several broad AM pennies are known to exist native the so late 1990s and early 2000s, including:1998 vast AM penny1999 broad AM penny2000 large AM pennyAll 3 of this circulating varieties are scarce — though, among these, the 2000 broad AM is the many common. Still, the a beneficial coin and this form of 2000 penny is definitely worth feather for!The value of a 2000 broad AM coin is around $2 in circulated condition and $40+ in gem uncirculated grades. The document price is $800.

Other 2000 Cheerios coin Values

So, what is a usual 2000 Cheerios penny precious if it’s still included inside its initial plastic-sealed Cheerios card?Most of this trade this particular day for between $5 and $10.

Of course, those 2000 vast AM pennies are worth much an ext — and also many Cheerios pennies room of the vast AM variety.Unfortunately, there are no definitive ways to tell just by looking in ~ the obverse (head’s side) the the coin. So, you won’t recognize if your Cheerios penny is a scarce broad AM or constant Close am without opening it up native its packaging… and also that have the right to be a gamble!If friend score a vast AM… then you’re the proud owner the a coin worth all over from about $25 to possibly $100 or more!But, if you break it open just to find it’s a regular 2000 Close am penny… that going come be worth 25 cents to a dollar in average mint condition.

The Bottom Line

The Cheerios that 2000 (including Cheerios dissension remain quite famous with collectors!

gail varner says:
February 15, 2021 in ~ 6:05 pm
I have actually a 1919 zinc penny and also I cant discover out anything around it. Was wondering if anyone has any kind of info ~ above this?
* says:
February 16, 2021 at 7:19 am
Hi, Gail —Would you you re welcome send a pair clear images of her 1919 penny so I deserve to evaluate and also further assist?Thank you,Josh
Julie N
July 7, 2021 in ~ 2:40 pm
Hi,I discovered a 1982-D copper penny that looks choose it has actually the tiny date. Would appreciate any type of advice. Https:// Posting photos.
* says:
July 8, 2021 in ~ 7:36 am
Hi, Julie!I’m afraid this is a huge date, i m sorry is the typical date size variant for the 1982-D bronze cent. Keep looking though!Best wishes,Josh

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