The Lincoln penny, for all intents and also purposes, is still in circulation today. Having actually said that, the coin from 1919 looks just a tiny different indigenous the modern variety. On top of that, the 1919 Lincoln coin is attractive come collectors as result of a mix of the restricted quantities still available and the historic significance of the coin. As such, collectors will certainly pay a pretty coin to gain their hand on this coins.

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On the 1919 Lincoln penny’s obverse, friend will an alert the profile of former President Abraham Lincoln. His comprehensive image take away up many of the obverse, but the indigenous “Liberty” is inscribed to his left when the 1919 year of minting is positioned to his right. Above Lincoln’s head top top the external edge of the coin is an engraving which reads “In God us Trust.”

The coin’s turning back is marked by two solitary stalks that wheat that are fixated towards the left and also right hand political parties of the coin. In in between the two wheat stalks are engravings which check out “United claims of America” and “One Cent.” Finally, the Latin expression “E Pluribus Unum” is arching overtop.

Grading the 1919 Lincoln Penny

For collectors, the great of a 1919 Lincoln penny means everything. Not just does the grade recognize the kind of condition the coin is in, it additionally helps a collector recognize just exactly how much a provided coin is worth. Below will be a listing the the different coin grades in addition to what that grade will median in regards to a 1919 penny.

Uncirculated: A coin that has actually received one Uncirculated class is one that never spent any type of time on the open up market. Having actually never to be exchanged, this pennies to be not topic to the wear and tear that normal coins are. Together such, all of the coin’s features, under to the best details, have been incredibly well-preserved with the years.

Extremely Fine: If a coin is deserving of really Fine grade, this way that the coin in concern will have spent many of the life in safekeeping. Together such, the coin’s functions will be greatly well-preserved. To the untrained eye, these coins may not show up to be every that various from Uncirculated coins, but under close inspection some small imperfections will certainly be sharp out and also taken right into consideration.

Fine: A well grade is offered to 1919 Lincoln pennies that invested a little of time in circulation, however do not display extreme indications of damage. You will an alert some smoothing follow me the penny’s outer edges and some chipping and/or scratching. Still, major features such as the day inscription and also Lincoln’s image will have actually been greatly preserved.

Good: This is the grade provided to coins the have absolutely seen their better days. These coins will display plenty of indications of wear and also tear. In ~ times, the damages to this coins will be so considerable that several of the finer details might have been compromised entirely. Still, these coins are extremely collectible.

Pricing the 1919 Lincoln Penny

As for the price you can be asked to pay because that a 1919 Lincoln penny, this relies both top top the kind of coin and the condition, or grade. Due to the fact that there were as much as 3 various varieties of the penny produced during any one year, you could have a different value for three coins the the very same grade. Below is a chart the will help you recognize what the worth of a 1919 Lincoln penny might be provided its grade and type.

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Lincoln Pennies

1919 Lincoln Penny$0.20$0.40$3.25$5
1919 Lincoln coin (D)$0.50$1$10$32
1919 Lincoln penny (S)$0.20$1$6$18
Source: Red Book

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