Weighing in at a huge 900 pounds, the brand-new star is the very first redesign of Rockefeller Center"s tree topper due to the fact that 2004

Swarovski recently unveiled a dazzling brand-new topper for the Rockefeller center Christmas Tree. Draft by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, the star, i m sorry debuted ~ above November 14 throughout the Swarovski Star elevating at Rockefeller Center, is the very first redesign that the Swarovski tree topper because it was introduced in 2004.

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The star weighs in at a chuck 900 pounds and also features 70 spikes spanned in 3 million Swarovski crystals— nothing brief of a shining architecture masterpiece.

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Daniel Libeskind and Nadja Swarovski speaking during the Swarovski Star raising Ceremony. Photo: Angela Pham/BFA.com

“The brand-new Swarovski Star because that the Rockefeller center Christmas Tree is influenced by the beauty beauty of starlight–something that radiates definition and mystery in the world. The star is a symbol the represents our greatest ambitions for hope, unity, and peace,” Libeskind, the famous architect who looked after the repair of the human being Trade Center, stated in a statement.

Libeskind previously worked with Swarovski top top a crystal and marble chess set in 2016 that was influenced by his architectural designs. Together with the style of the star, Libeskind has created the 2018 arsenal of decision holiday accessories for Atelier Swarovski Home.


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“We room honored to job-related with among the world’s greatest an imaginative talents, Daniel Libeskind, on his thrilling new design because that the Swarovski Star atop the Rockefeller facility Christmas Tree. Each vacation season the Star brings pleasure to brand-new Yorkers and visitors from around the world, and also will shine together a beacon of expect for numerous years come come,” claimed Swarovski’s executive board member Nadja Swarovski in a statement.

While the star will certainly be 100 feet up in the air, tourists can also get a closer look at precise replica that the star in ~ ground level at the adjacent the Libeskind-designed Swarovski pop-up ~ above Rockefeller Plaza.

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The star will start lighting increase Midtown on November 28th at the Rockefeller Tree lighting Ceremony and will be on view v January 7th.