The network worth that the Ridiculousness actors is absolutely massive. Here’s rob Dyrdek, Chanel West Coast, and also Steelo Brim’s network Worth In 2021.

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MTV has essentially end up being the Ridiculousness network together of late, constantly to run re-runs and new episodes of the admittedly hilarious clip-based comedy show. Rob Dyrdek, Chanel West Coast, and also Sterling “Steelo” Brim occupational exceptionally well together and also have been on the show due to the fact that the beginning. However have you ever before wondered just how much the Ridiculousness cast is worth? we dug a little deeper to discover out the facts, and also came up with some eye-popping network worths because that Dyrdek, West Coast, and also Brim.

‘Ridiculousness’ has Been on MTV due to the fact that 2011

It’s hard to imagine, however it’s currently been 10 years due to the fact that Ridiculousness made its an initial debut illustration on MTV. Dyrdek, West Coast, and also Brim have all been together because that inaugural episode. Castle have also welcomed plenty of celebrity guests to the show, consisting of Justin Bieber, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Floyd Mayweather, Kevin Hart, Logan and Jake Paul, and also many more.

The present has similar vibes come America’s Funniest house Videos however with much more comedic flair and also commentary. Here’s a throwback come the first-ever episode, and also as you have the right to see, the looks quite different than that does now.

West Coast and Brim mainly add by providing additional commentary that they notice and out subtleties the make the video even funnier. In the later seasons, however, they usually aren’t joined by a celebrity and also it’s simply the 2 of them current with Dyrdek performing in his usual role.

The display Is right now Airing It’s 21st Season

Though MTV was when the network well-known for music videos and drama-filled truth TV, many of that is programming schedule these days is now specialized to Ridiculousness. The series’ 21st season premiered in April 2021 and also it shows no signs of stopping.

What’s even more surprising is that no issue how regularly you watch, seeing a repeat episode is still considered a rarity. In ~ 666 full episodes as of might 18th, 2021, there’s a plethora of contents for viewers to dive into and see something various each time.

Between 600+ illustration filmed and the constant loop the re-runs gift played ~ above MTV, it’s tough not come wonder exactly how much the Ridiculousness actors is gaining paid.

Chanel West Coast’s net Worth In 2021

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Chanel West Coast‘s net worth is estimated to it is in $3 million, follow to Celebrity network Worth. However, we’re inclined to believe that number can be higher.

It’s to be reported that her value per episode is $142,050, however, the number has not been shown by a reliable source. If that was the case, her net worth would be much higher. Still, we conclude that she’s make multiple millions ~ above the display considering the variety of episodes she’s appeared on and also how often MTV operation the show on their network.

She also, the course, has had a abundant rap career and also was signed by Young Money to chat in 2015. She additionally purchased a $1.65 million mansion in Los Angeles in 2019. All of this combined leads us to think her network worth can be closer to $7 million.

Steelo Brim’s network Worth In 2021

(Phil Stafford/

Sterling “Steelo” Brim, the world’s best video clip replayer, is approximated to be precious $3 million follow to Celebrity network Worth. However, we likewise believe that this number is understated. In late 2020, Brim purchase a $4.2 million dissension mansion in Los Angeles, i beg your pardon is a clear indicator that he’s probably worth more than the $3 million the is gift reported.

Some non-reputable sources that Brim renders in overabundance of $140,000 per episode the Ridiculousness. While over there isn’t a basis for any of these rumors, if they happen to it is in true, Brim’s network worth would be astronomically higher. While that wouldn’t have been make that kind of money in the earlier seasons, us guess it’s at least plausible the he could be making the currently.

Brim was likewise a consistent on Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory series on MTV indigenous 2009-2015, and this link with Dyrdek is thought to have given him his duty on Ridiculousness.

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Rob Dyrdek’s net Worth In 2021

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Rob Dyrdek, likewise known together the world’s oldest kid, has a network worth that nine figures in 2021. That’s right, rob Dyrdek is worth an approximated $100 million v his MTV media empire.

Sources report that Dyrdek made $60,000 per episode on the classic Rob and also Big and also over $100,000 per episode on Fantasy Factory. He’s also produced a multitude the shows, made his very own movie, and also even began the Street league Skateboard Association.

In enhancement to that, Dyrdek owns three separate mansions situated in the celebrity-filled Mulholland estates in Los Angeles. These three genuine estate nature came v a total price sign of nearly $25 million.

Dyrdek made very early name for himself as a well-accomplished skateboarder and has due to the fact that built and also developed numerous skateparks across the country. That generates an huge amount that sponsorship revenue native DC, Monster Energy, and also many an ext corporate giants and also in return obtain a big commission check for promoting their brands.