Matte finish is a good way to repaint your car. If you"re wondering how much it"ll expense you to make your car matte, you"ve involved the appropriate place!

In this guide, you"ll learn:

What you must know around using mattepaint ~ above a carSupplies you"ll require if you desire to DIYWhat you can expect come pay for a matte black repaint job

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So, before you do paint your auto matte black, ns recommend you review this quick guide on how to execute it perfectly.

What perform You should Know around Painting Your vehicle Matte Black?

There are a couple of key things to know about painting a vehicle matte black before you acquire started.

Whether you want to DIY the repaint job or hire a professional, it"s important to understand the effects of painting a car, especially when it comes to using matte paint.

What Is Matte?

Matte way the paint has a level look. Matte doesn"t look glossy, although cars with matte repaint done through a expert do have a special clear coat that provides it appear even more "matte" with its dimpled impressions.

What space The Different types Of automobile Paint

Which form of paint will you usage on her project?


For example, vintage cars have lacquer paint, which is why it"s clever to totally remove the paint on old panels because that a successful man-made enamelpaintjob.


Automakers commonly utilize an acrylic enamel these days, and also shops like Maaco can spray repaint your car with a single-stagepolyurethanepaint the goes on every in one coat.

Plasti dip

Plasti emboldened is a rubber coating that comes in a spray have the right to that works an excellent for smaller work like wheels and bumpers, yet just take it into factor to consider that plasti dip easily peels off.

Truck bed coating

Some offroad enthusiasts usage a truck bed coating to paint body panels for a rugged and durable look.

We recommend the you select high-quality repaint for your new paint job. Check out customer reviews and also ratings on paint colors and also brands before buying your repaint to ensure the finest results.

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What gives Will You require For painting A car Matte Black?

Here"s a rapid list of offers you"ll need for paint your vehicle by yourself:

Automotive Paint

There room plenty of different brands of matte paint you can use because that the job. Find on Amazon because that the girlfriend paints through the ideal reviews, and go for it.

Paint Sprayer

If you"re not utilizing aerosol spray paint, you"ll require a paint sprayer to acquire the task done. Require a great paint sprayer? check outour perform of ideas.


Sandpaperis a necessity for prepping and also sanding in in between coats.


Use a drop towel to safeguard the ground from getting paint top top it.

Compressor/Power washer

Both waiting compressor and power washer are vital for a professional detail job.

Paint Masker

Professional automotive painters use a repaint masker come tape turn off the windows, trim, and also any other parts the won"t be painted.

Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax is a great way to safeguard a fresh paint job indigenous dirt and also UV rays.

Waxing is temporary security that requirements to be frequently applied. A much more permanent protective equipment to your matte black repaint job would certainly be a ceramic coating.

Paint Masker

Professional painters at the human body shop usage a paint masker to conveniently cover up windows, electrical parts, door jamb parts, taillights and more.

Drop Cloth

Use a drop towel in the enclosed paint area come avoid getting paint on the floor.

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How To repaint A car Matte black color (5-Step Guide)

Before you dive into repainting your car, take it a look at the step-by-step procedure below to recognize whether you want to walk the DIY path or hire a pro.

(You can click the links below to jump ahead to each step!)

Step 1 - rental a experienced vs. Execute it yourself

The very first matter of organization is deciding even if it is or not will repaint the auto yourself or rental a professional.

Applying a vinyl wrap is a great alternative to painting since it can be done in a less managed environment.

Step 2 - Sand and also prep

If you perform decide to paint yourself, you"ll have to perform part prep job-related beforehand.

Prep work involves masking off every the windows and also trim(anything the won"t be painted) and sanding the surface ar smooth and also ready to accept new paint.

It"s not fully necessary to sand the paint all the method down to the metal.

In many cases, you"ll it is in fine to smooth out the surface starting with some higher grit sandpaper (like 200-grit+) with a light pass, and then move on to buffing the out with a polishing compound at speed of around2,000rpm.

You"ll also want come go through thecar washright before you paint it to remove any type of residual sanded material.

We likewise might add that washing her Chevy, Hyundai, or any car at home with a bucket that water will conserve water provides in your area – electric car washes aren"t the ideal for the environment.

Remember come degrease any type of engine partsbefore paint them matte black for the ideal results, and forwheels, you might want to usage some autumn cleaner or acetone to obtain the surface extremely clean.

Step 3 - Prime and also paint

After the automobile is masked and also prepped, you"ll apply primer or base coat(depending on if friend are painting over the existing repaint or no).

There are couple of cases like rust, because that example, wherein you need to use an abrasive repaint remover bowl or lower-grit sandpaper to fully remove the paint down to the metal.

After the basic coats space on, you have the right to wet sand it to perfection, then add a couple of coats of clean coat and also do the same.

Step 4 - Detail/Finish work

After you have the car all painted, it"s time to do some thorough work to finish up.

Because the repaint doesn"t constantly come out super smooth(especiallyblack paint), you"ll need to wet sand the finish and also apply a sprucing up compound to finish the repaint job and also make it showroom-worthy.

Step 5 - Inspect and wax/coat

The next step is to inspect the vehicle to make sure it looks as great as a Ford Mustang in the 1970s.

The best way to inspect any type of paint task is by shining light straight onto it. You also might want to park the car in the sun, and also then in the the shade to find any little imperfections that you might want to resolve before applying wax or ceramic coating.

For the last step, you have two options:waxor ceramic coating.

Applying wax is a temporary equipment for warding off dirty andUV rays, yet one long drive on a dirt road, and. You"ll be all set for a brand-new wax job.

That"s why pickup van owners and also sedan owners alike space installing ceramic coatings that cover their entirety paint job making thedetailprocess simple: every you carry out is spray water on the car, and also it"s clean.

Which carry out we recommend,ceramic coating orwax?We introduce whichever equipment works ideal for your situation.

One point is sure though if you"re make the efforts to keep your paint job in an excellent condition, a ceramic cloak does number to aid your cause.

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Other an important Resources On paint A car Matte Black

Have friend ever thought about using avinyl wrapinstead of in reality painting? vehicle wraps are straightforward and reasonably inexpensive way to adjust the color of your automobile without having actually to bust the end the paint sprayer.

Are you hiring a paint shop for the job? below are a couple of things come consider:


A shop will charge you anywhere from $500-$5,000 because that a experienced paint job. Call roughly to different shops for various pricing to get the finest price on your repaint.

Don"t forget to check the virtual reviews the the organization you are using... Something under 4-star could not be a great idea.

Ask for a warrantyjust in case something go wrong after that when rental a agree for paintwork.


DIY repainting is time-consuming, and also it bring away a meticulous personality to do anautomotive paint joblook good.

Ask yourself, "is this walk to it is in a hassle?" – just one more factor to consider when deciding whether or not to repaint the auto yourself.

Then again, if it"s just atouch-up, there"s no factor to rental a pro.

Do we recommend you paint the vehicle yourself? Yes, us still do, but prior to you start painting your entirety car, ask yourself if it"s worth taking 30+ hours out of your schedule to perfect.

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Are girlfriend looking to repaint the auto the initial color? Don"t forget to complement the repaint code from inside the driver"s door panel.