I am simply wondering since we 4 month old boxer puppy and also I to be wondering what is the age they have to have obtained it done at since I think smokey is a tiny old to have actually it excellent now???

I to be told 12-14 mainly is the optimal time for ear crops. ~ that some vets won"t carry out it, other vets will carry out it yet it is kinda late. I obtained Brandy once she to be 4 month old & looked into obtaining it done on her too. Well, they claimed they would execute it but wouldn"t have the ability to guarantee her ears would certainly stand. I believed it wasn"t precious it, i would finish up spending all the money $200 or so and also putting her through all the pain & climate they wouldn"t stand ns couldn"t take the chance. Then once I look in ~ her i think she is beautiful the method she is there is no the crop.

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I had Britnee"s ear cropped once she to be 12 weeks old and they stood up from work one. It was only $100-150 for her spay and her crop. Yet that was also 9 years ago.Jaimie

I payment $300 for Roxys crop around 2 years ago. 4 months is as well old however to crop a pups ears. You would certainly probably have a very complicated time obtaining the ear to stand properly, if at all. The is, if you might find a vet that would crop a pup at the age. My vets reduced off is in ~ 12 weeks, he no do any after that together it might not also be worth it. I understand this is standard exercise for cropping vets and some will not even crop after the pup is 10 weeks old. Gain those floppy ears, lock are simply as adoreable.
I agree!!
4mos is def. As well old, i think 8-12wks is prime time (we got ours at 10wks) our vet (well-known for doing awesome ears in the boxer and doberman world) charges $190 for the crop itself, and $70 because that aftercare (racking every week.. Which functions out for us due to the fact that we room in and out every week because that months and also months!) anywho, ns agree v roxydog, reap the floppy flop ears! and if you decide to ice them, your currently here in ~ the best source to uncover out how! ideal wishes..-kat, cassius and also nikita
It cost me $130 to get Bo"s ears cropped, and also he was around 13 main old. I agree that your pup is a little old, yet if you take it him for a consultation right away, the vet may think that it could still work.

It expense me $150.00 to have my dogs ear cropped and then $5.00 a week because that the taping. The period of the pup yes, really does do a difference. Us purchased Diesel as soon as he to be 12 mainly old and also made the appointment to have actually him cropped best away, unfortunately they were not able to get him in because that antoher 3 weeks, so he was 15 main old as soon as he was cropped. The vet quit taping his ears at 11-1/2 months old and I ongoing to tape them on my very own for another year. The is now 2 years old and his ear still execute not was standing properly. Daisy to be cropped in ~ 10 mainly old and also is now a year old and also her ears stand beautifully.

It expense me over $400 to get Scrapper cropped but the vet is an professional who has people coming far and vast for his work. We were intended to try our luck with Scrapper in the display ring, but Mother Nature assumed otherwise once she was providing him testicles. Also, Scrapper was only 9 mainly old once he to be cropped and also I"m pretty certain your puppy is past the period to get a great result.

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They choose to perform the cropping before 13-14 weeks. I had actually Abigail"s excellent at 10 weeks and we"re in the taping duration now. Lock look really good. I have some pics posted of the before, during and also after shots. The cost well 7 years back for Brandy ns paid about 150.00 for her cropping but this time that was about 300.00. We supplied a various vet and they go a present cut, it"s lot taller than v Brandy"s. Ns really choose the cropped look. We"ve had three tapings for this reason far and I was yes, really surprised the they tape-recorded her again yesterday I assumed they looked great.