who knew that hermit crabs can become domesticated pets? Well, simply in instance you no know, this shelled creatures are considered as famous pets due to the fact that of their strange behavior. One distinctive thing about them is your habit of transferring from one shell to an additional shell, as they thrive bigger. Apparently, a the majority of pet stores sell these crabs since many pet owners would actually buy them.

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But contrary to renowned beliefs, hermit crabs are challenging to take it care, unlike cats and dogs. They require a high maintenance to keep them healthy and also should never be away from your groups. It’s tough for them to live on their own. That’s why, if you wish to take care a hermit crab, you need to make certain that you are qualified of providing every little thing it needs. Otherwise, it will just ultimately die.

Cost the a Hermit Crab


Hermit crabs are right for people who want unconventional pets. If you want one, exactly how much does hermit crab price on the market? Typically, the hermit crab price arrays from $2 to $45, depending upon the dimension and varieties of the crabs. Castle come in 4 sizes, and also these are small, medium, large, and extra-large.

The price the a little hermit crab is less than $5, and also it has a similar size v a quarter. At Petco.com, you can purchase a Blue leg Hermit approximately $0.50. A tool hermit crab is as large as a golf ball, usually costing over $5. PetSmart sell hermit crabs at $5.69. A large-sized crab is about the size of a tennis ball, if extra-large or jumbos are favor baseballs. The bigger the size, the higher the price girlfriend pay.

Aside from the size, the varieties of the hermit crab likewise affects the price. Reptile City, an virtual pet shop based in honey Grove, Texas, sells several hermit crab species. The cheapest kind on their list is the Atlantic Hermit Crab, which prices $4.99 for every sizes. Designer Crabs and also Indo Hermit Crabs expense $9.99 for both small and tool sizes. An adult Halloween Moon Crab expenses $19.99. The exact same price go to small and medium Vampire Hermit Crabs. The many expensive top top the perform is the Strawberry Hermit Crab, which expenses $39.99 for big and extra-large sizes. Basically, the rarer the crab species, the more expensive that is.

Additional Costs

If girlfriend think around it, the price that a hermit crab is no that high-quality as contrasted to other kinds the pets. What provides it expensive is that is shelter, and also its daily maintenance and also supplies. Remember the you require to administer its organic habitat so the it have the right to thrive and also live much longer than expected. On the note, let’s discuss the additional costs you need to take note in caring because that a hermit crab.


Luckily, hermit crabs munch top top anything, also peanuts and popcorn, so girlfriend don’t have to spend so lot on their food. They space omnivores, which way they eat what humans basically consume such together fruits, vegetables, meats, and processed foods. But if you want ready-made food, you can purchase packs of hermit crab food made of pellets or a variety of their natural diet. Lock cost around $3 to $11, depending upon the pack’s weight. Over there is additionally a committed snack made of organic peanuts, which you can buy roughly $1.50 for 1.85 ounces, and also flavored, powdered treats for $8 a pack. You also need the following:

– a food bowl that prices $1.50 come $9; or you deserve to have a dish for both food and water for $5;

– a party of saltwater, i beg your pardon costs approximately $2 come $3; hermit crabs require salt water because they basically live in the sea; a saltwater conditioner prices $6 to $7;

– and also a party of new water solution around $2 come $3 together well.


The most common equipment you can use as the hermit crab’s shelter and also habitat is one aquarium. What works finest for these sea creatures is a glass aquarium that have the right to contain 10 gallons the water or much more and comes through a secure lid. That will expense your roughly $30 to $50. Friend can also choose a plastic-made sanctuary that costs between $25 and also $35.

Once you have purchased the shelter, change it into the herbal habitat that the crab. Basically, do it look choose the beach by placing the following:

– sand $5 come $15

– substrate $3 come $5

– bedding $3 to $6

– hideout $4 to $10

– rise branch $3 to $4

– playthings or ornaments $3 come $10


Apparently, hermit crabs need heat to live, it is why girlfriend should have actually a heating source in their different environment. The many efficient source of warmth is a light bulb, which prices $6 to $20. Apart from the heat source, you likewise need to monitor the temperature and humidity level (70 percent is the ideal level) in the crab’s habitat.

– a thermometer because that the temperature $4

– a hygrometer for the humidity $5

– a mix of both apparatus $6 to $12



As formerly mentioned, one of the unique features of hermit crabs is their capability to relocate or transfer from one shell to another. Because that this reason, girlfriend need enough supplies the shells for your hermit crab. Put, in ~ least, two synthetic shells in the aquarium so the it have the right to enjoy its move out adventures. The shells price from $2 to $20 each, depending on the shell’s design and size. Vivid or highly-decorated shells room likely much more expensive than basic shells.

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If friend don’t want to collection up the habitat of your hermit crab, then you have the right to buy a starter kit the comes through the vital accessories. The kit normally comes with food, sand, shells, water and food dish, thermometer, saltwater conditioner, sea sponge, toys, ornaments, and also even a treatment book. The price of a hermit crab starter kit varieties from $12 come $33, but the price depends on the variety of accessories that includes.