Oxygen sensor instead of costs about $576, with typical O2 sensor prices varying from $561 to $590 in the us for 2020 according to RepairPal.com, and other sources.

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AutoServiceCosts claims oxygen sensor instead of costs about $296 with median prices ranging from $113 come $478 to have a experienced mechanic change your O2 sensors. Their overview states the you deserve to save money through replacing your oxygen sensors yourself and also only spend about $20 to $94.

Cost approximates for Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Labor price estimates variety between $76 come $97, while components prices selection between $485 come $493. Approximates don’t incorporate taxes and also fees.

What is an Oxygen Sensor?


An oxygen sensor, typically called an O2 sensor, is an instrument placed in the vehicles exhaust mechanism that continually oversees the oxygen contents in the gases that leave the engine.

Before and after a catalytic converter are where the oxygen sensors are located. A automobile can have actually up to 2 come 5 oxygen sensors, and occasionally, even more, depending on the vehicle.

How Does it Work?

The data indigenous the oxygen sensor is supplied by the computer system in the engine to help in determining just how much fuel is compelled so the engine will certainly run as effectively as possible. The sensor transmits this data by generating voltage as soon as the sensor is heated. As the oxygen levels in the exhaust rise and also fall the voltage will likewise rise and fall.

What room the indications Related come a Faulty Oxygen Sensor?

A faulty oxygen sensor is one of the an ext typical causes for a examine engine irradiate to come on. Indications can encompass misfiring or uncertainty from the engine, diminished fuel mileage, idling around or perhaps stalling. A car that stops working an emissions test could be brought about by a faulty oxygen sensor.

Is it for sure to Drive with a problem Oxygen Sensor?

A auto that has actually a faulty oxygen sensor might be pushed safely till replacing the sensor. However, the car won’t operation as successfully until the sensor is replaced.

Oxygen sensors will fail if castle polluted through coolant, oil, silicone or various other substances. When fluid pollution has actually caused one oxygen sensor to fail, the leak needs to be fixed or the brand-new sensor could also be damaged.

How frequently are Oxygen Sensors compelled to be Replaced?

On vehicles made since 1996, their oxygen sensors have the right to go as much as 100,000 miles or more prior come needing it to it is in replaced. The mileage will decrease top top vehicles that room older.

Oxygen Sensor automobile Estimates

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 – $427 to $462

Ford F-150 – $308 to $372

Toyota Camry – $425 come $654

Honda Accord – $224 come $438

Honda civic – $162-$410

Nissan Altima – $130 come $329

Honda CRV – $324 to $1142

Toyota Corolla – $322 come $527

Chevrolet Sonic – $128 come $138

Can I replace the Oxygen Sensor Myself?

There is a pretty considerable disparity in cost between a professional mechanic instead of the vehicle’s Oxygen Sensor and replacing it yourself. If you feel you’re comfortable instead of it, girlfriend should shot to replace the oxygen sensor yourself, since it’s a pretty simple job, it can save you 100’s of dollars.

How can I conserve Money on one Oxygen Sensor?

Don’t do the error of to buy a instead of oxygen sensor from a mechanic or auto components retailer. Find out the precise manufacturer component number for your vehicle, and also then carry out a search virtual to find a much better price.

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One other means to save money is not waiting because that the sensor to fail. Inspect its function on regularly and have it replaced it if fuel performance decreases. This will minimize your in its entirety average fuel costs each year. More vital, disregarding a faulty or failing oxygen sensor will certainly ultimately reason the catalytic convertor to it is in damaged i m sorry is very costly to acquire replaced.

OBD codes connected to Oxygen Sensor Replacement

P0030: HO2S Heater regulate Circuit