How much does an iphone weigh? Apple has actually made a the majority of iPhones due to the fact that 2007 and this write-up will show you how much each model weighs, including the iphone 13 range inside a comfortable iPhone load comparison table

Apple’s iphone has changed dramatically because it an initial appeared on the market means back in 2007. The an initial iPhone didn’t even have 3G. The 2nd iPhone –the iphone 3GS – fixed that however it was the iphone phone 4 that really placed Apple’s iphone phone on the map.

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Between the iphone 4’s release and also the iphone phone 6s, Apple’s iPhone organization grew exponentially, popularising the idea the apps, touchscreen phones, application stores, and also things prefer mobile gaming. V iPhone, none of these things would have evolved as quickly. Apple played a HUGE role in the history of cabinet phones.

Modern iPhones watch A LOT different from the first-generation iPhones; lock bigger, more powerful, and also packed through all kinds of technology that to be nothing but a pipeline dream earlier in 2007. However how much has actually the mean weight of one iPhone changed since 2007? stop investigate…

iPhone weight Comparison Table: The an initial iPhone to The iphone phone 13

iPhone 13 pro Max6.7in240g
iPhone 13 Pro6.1in204g
iPhone 13 Mini5.1in141g
iPhone 136.1in174g
iPhone 12 pro Max6.7in228g
iPhone 12 Pro6.1in189g
iPhone 126.1in164g
iPhone 12 Mini5.4in135g
iPhone SE (2020)4.7in148g
iPhone 11 pro Max6.5in226g
iPhone 11 Pro5.8in188g
iPhone 116.1in194g
iPhone XS Max6.5in208g
iPhone XS5.8in177g
iPhone XR6.1in194g
iPhone X5.8in174g
iPhone 8 Plus5.5in148g
iPhone 84.7in202g
iPhone 7 Plus5.5in188g
iPhone 74.7in138g
iPhone 6s Plus5.5in192g
iPhone 6s4.7in143g
iPhone 6 Plus4.0in192g
iPhone 64.7in143g
iPhone 5s4.0in112g
iPhone 54.0in112g
iPhone 4s3.5in140g
iPhone 43.5in137g
iPhone 3GS3.5in135g
iPhone 3G3.5in133g
The Weights & display screen Size that Every iPhone ever before Released –2007 to 2021

What is The most difficult iPhone?

As you’d expect, together Apple’s iPhones have obtained bigger and more advanced, adding in things like double and triple-lens camera modules, the as whole weight and dimensions of its phones have actually increased.

The most heavy iPhone ever before made is in reality Apple’s recent model, the iPhone 13 agree Max –it weighs in at 240g i m sorry is considerably heavier, in call terms, than its predecessor, the iphone phone 12 agree Max (228g).

Even Apple’s smallest contemporary phones –the iphone phone 12 mini and also iPhone 13 mini –are heavier 보다 its previously models. The iphone phone 12 mini weighs 135g, for instance, while the iphone 13 mini come in at 141g, making it heavier than its predecessor.

The factor Apple’s iPhones are obtaining heavier is twofold: on the one hand, lock have much more components and components have actually weight. Add more stuff in anywhere, and also it will certainly weigh more.

The various other relates to battery sizes: Apple offered bigger battery on its iphone 13 models to boost battery performance v 5G. This is why the iPhone 13 is heavier 보다 the iphone phone 12 in spite of looking more or less the same.

What is The Lightest iPhone?

True come the trend discussed above, the lightest iPhone ever before released to be the iphone 5 and also iPhone 5s which sweet in at simply 112g respectively, do them sweet lighters 보다 Apple’s newer, more contemporary iPhones favor the iphone X and also iPhone 11.


iPhone 13 pro MaxHere’s what apple said about the iphone 13 agree Max during its launch on September 14, 2021:

The agree camera system gets that is biggest development ever with brand-new Ultra Wide, Wide, and also Telephoto cameras that catch stunning photos and video, powered by the unrivaled performance that A15 Bionic, an ext powerful than the top competition. This technologies enable impressive brand-new photo capabilities never before feasible on iPhone, favor macro photography top top the brand-new Ultra large camera and also up come 2.2x enhanced low-light power on the brand-new Wide camera.

Video bring away a large leap forward through Cinematic mode for beautiful depth-of-field transitions, macro video, Time-lapse and Slo-mo, and also even better low-light performance. Both models likewise offer end-to-end pro workflows in Dolby Vision, and also for the very first time, ProRes, only accessible on iPhone.


If girlfriend don’t want to pay big bucks for Apple’s iphone phone 13 pro Max, the iphone phone 11 pro Max –now stop by Apple, like the iphone phone 12 pro Max –can be picked up because that A LOT less money than a new, base-level iphone phone 13. If you’re not fussed about 5G, the iphone 11 pro Max is a steal for much less than $500.

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Also, be sure to check the end ALL the iphone phone 13 & iphone 13 mini and iPhone 13 agree & iphone 13 Pro shade options! and also here’s what you should know about iPhone 13 pro Cinematic Mode! and also read increase all around iPhone 13 ProRes video here.