"Envelope Basics: Paper" is part of an occasional series titled "Envelope Basics" that offers an comprehensive look in ~ all-things envelopes - elements, measurements, notified tips and also more*.

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A variety of files are used throughout the construction of one envelope. The envelope’s usage will determine what type of file works best.

It’s essential to understand the different types of file available and also how your weights and also grades called to your campaign.

Envelope Weight

How lot Does a Typical Envelope Weigh?

The many common type of envelope, the #10 envelope, weighs about 6.75 grams when made v 20# paper.


What is basis Weight and also How is that Calculated?

Basis weight, sometimes referred to together substance weight, describes the collective weight of the fibers that consist of the paper, calculated together the load of 500 17” x 22” sheets. For this reason an envelope do from 20# file represents the weight of 500 17” x 22” sheets of that file and no the 6.75 gram #10 envelope itself.

Weighing Your file Options

Weighing record Caliper

Caliper is another way to determine basis weight. The the measurement of the thickness or caliper the the document and synchronizes with communication weights:

204.2 - 4.4
224.5 - 4.7
244.8 - 5.1
285.4 - 5.7

What kind of record is used for envelopes?

There are 6 main species of paper grades supplied in envelope production: Wove, Surfaced amplified White Wove, Kraft, Recycled, Specialty, and also Tear-resistant.

Wove – Wove has brief fibers, prints well, has actually a smooth appearance, and is an economical option. It’s obtainable in plenty of weights and colors, and in that is original type is recognized as shining White paper (with a brightness level that 92). This is a popular paper for declare mailers and direct mail alike.Kraft – Kraft record is strong, has actually longer fibers 보다 wove and also is frequently seen in brown stock. However, kraft file doesn’t print well as result of its lengthy fibers and would not be best for facility graphics or 4-color squid processes.Specialty – specialty papers are obtainable in countless colors, finishes, textures, and weights. Lock are best for direct mail envelopes as result of their attractive features, yet deserve to come in ~ a greater price tag.

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*This blog is intended for informational purposes only. Exact envelope and/or print specifications need to be debated in information with your Sales Representative.