Referees space a very important component of any WWE match. Every one of them pat a critical role in deciding the winner of matches, conducting the enhance as per guidelines, and also calling the bell once a disqualification happens.

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Iconic WWE referrre Mike Chioda revealed the lot of money a referee can make in ~ the agency in a recent interview.

As every his revelation, WWE enables referees to be subcontractors and also work v the ring crew. Therefore, if they aided in setup up the steel cage or bringing that in, there to be a chance of making extra money.


“Most referees space independent building contractors but some room employees. I was an employee for countless years too. I was one employee for 22 years and also a subcontractor. It was much better just gift a subcontractor. Ns was walking to make more. If you functioned in the office or functioned in the ring crew, I began off ~ above the ring crew and also became one employee because that crew stuff.

“Plus girlfriend still do cash on the side because that doing separation, personal, instance jobs. If girlfriend did the steel cage that night, they would pay friend an extra $350. I split that with Tony Chimel, us drove the cage and set it up. It was various jobs we would make extra on height of. As soon as I was refereeing as a full time ref in big cities, those were an excellent paydays. You want to take a item of the house that night.” H/t InsideTheRopes

Mike Chioda has been an top referee in WWE. In fact, he was the referee because that the incredible icon vs. Symbol fight in between Hulk Hogan and also The absent at WrestleMania 18.


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WWE has actually a payment schedule because that referees

The annual flat contracted fairy is $250,000. For every PPV match, referees obtain paid $10,000 every match and also for regular matches the payment is $3,000. Many referees sign up with WWE with a five-year contract.

On the various other hand, if the referee involvement is fully new, the company follows a comparable payment scheme yet with reduced amounts.

The yearly flat contracted fairy is $80,000. Payment per PPV match is $4,000 and also regular matches room $800. The rookie referees authorize a two-year contract.

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