When in search of a brand-new soccer ball, girlfriend may have noticed how plenty of different sizes and also weights you have the right to buy a soccer sphere in. I have compiled a finish list of soccer round sizes and weights, and also what each one is expected to be provided for.

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There are 5 soccer round sizes ranging from 18 inches to 28 inch with various weights for each dimension soccer ball. Size 5 (27 come 28 inch circumference, weighing 410 come 450 grams) is the most typical soccer ball size for adults and also youths over 12 year of period (U12+).

Although skilled soccer players use a size 5 ball to beat with, doesn’t mean they don’t usage the various other sizes for practice or an abilities training. Let’s look at each dimension ball, that they space made for, and what the best use of castle is.


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The 5 Soccer ball Sizes
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soccer Ball size 3
football Ball dimension 4
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The appropriate Air pressure For A Soccer round
Why Size and Weight Are crucial
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football Ball size For 5 Year Old
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football Ball size For U8
football Ball size For 7 Year Old
football Ball size For 12 Year Old
football Ball size For middle School

Soccer Ball size For age Chart

It can be difficult to decide which ball have to be offered for kids, when you don’t recognize what the different size soccer balls and also uses are. This is a handy chart to aid you quickly identify which sphere to use for various aged kids.

Soccer BallCircumferenceAgeGroup
Size 527 come 28 Inches12+U12 – U18 – Pro
Size 425 come 26 Inches8-11U8 – U12
Size 323 come 24 Inches5-8U5 – U8
Size 220 to 22 Inches3-5U4
Size 118 come 20 InchesAnyAny

Just due to the fact that a soccer round is designed and rated for a certain age group, doesn’t typical it can not be helpful for other any type of age or kind of player. A great way to improve your round control and practice an abilities training, is to usage a ball smaller than one you will certainly play with. That method when you go earlier to a bigger ball, the feels easier to control.

Many players practice their footwork and also ball manage drills through a smaller ball 보다 they play with.


The 5 Soccer sphere Sizes

Each soccer round size has actually been designed and also used for various sized players. However you’ll also see the smaller sizes used as souvenirs through a team logo design printed on the ball, or for an abilities training by any type of aged soccer player. Let’s walk over each dimension separately, and also the finest ways every size deserve to be used.

Soccer Ball size 1

Age: any age have the right to use this round as a skills trainer or collectible

Dimensions: 18 come 20 customs circumference

You will largely see this size ball offered as a souvenir, collectible, or a toy. Size 1 soccer balls are often referred to as ‘minis’ and also will typically have a player or team logo on castle (sold together a collectible). Some younger football player may uncover them valuable to usage as a an abilities trainer, and they are provided that way. Yet for the most part, this is commonly a tiny toy sphere or collectible item.

Avid fans of soccer will collect size 1 soccer balls through their favourite team logos ~ above them. Tiny children will play through these together a toy also.

Soccer Ball size 2

Age: any age deserve to use this ball as a an abilities trainer

Dimensions: 20 come 22 inches circumference

Sometimes referred to as a ‘skills ball’ the size 2 soccer ball is mainly used together a an abilities trainer ball. Great for practicing ball control, footwork, and also ball handling. Numerous players will exercise dribbling or juggling through a size 2 ball, and notice how much much easier those drills room on dimension 5 round afterwards.

This is the recommended size ball for youngsters ages 3 come 5 to begin learning how to play soccer with. Some kids might be able to start top top a dimension 3 ball at a young age, when others could struggle at an early stage on. This is a great size to introduce tiny ones to soccer with.


Soccer Ball size 3

Age: eras 5 with 8

Dimensions: 23 to 24 inches circumference

Weight: 300 to 320 grams

The dimension 3 soccer sphere is usually provided by players under 8 year old in junior level soccer games. This is the smallest dimension soccer ball used in competitive matches. Sized perfectly for children ages 5 with 8 come practice and also improve ball handling and passing. This is the first size where weight is measured for appropriate use in a game.

The dimension 3 soccer sphere is commonly only provided in small level soccer gamings groups U8 and below, yet some adult players may use this sphere for skills training together well.

Soccer Ball dimension 4

Age: periods 8 through 12

Dimensions: 25 to 26 customs circumference

Weight: 350 come 390 grams

The size 4 soccer sphere is periodically referred to together a ‘medium’ soccer ball and also is designed because that youth football games. This dimension ball is a transition from the small to full size soccer ball. Some kids ages 8 through 12 may be able to play v a complete size professional soccer ball, but many will certainly struggle. The dimension 4 soccer sphere is a an excellent size for them come still practice and also improve without obtaining frustrated from round size.


Soccer Ball size 5

Age: 12+ years old

Dimensions: 27 come 28 inches circumference

Weight: 410 come 450 grams

The dimension 5 soccer sphere is supplied in all standard, professional, and international soccer matches. Offered by anyone ages 12 and up, including experienced soccer players and also adult team leagues. This round is not meant for younger players learning the game. The ball is much too heavy, and will be challenging for youngsters to maneuver with.

Check out the soccer round I usage on my encourage Soccer equipment page.

Here’s a quick video by Dicks Sporting items explaining soccer sphere size and also other important features the are useful to consider.

The right Air pressure For A football Ball

The Federacion Internationale de Football combination (FIFA) regulation state that a dimension 5 soccer ball need to have between 8.5 come 15.6 psi come be supplied in a soccer game. Referees will certainly usually check every ball before a game to verify they are within the FIFA regulation standards.

Most manufacturers will print a recommended psi ~ above the packaging that the football ball. Typically, 8.7 psi is one optimal air press for a size 5 football ball. There space no rule in location for psi top top the other size soccer balls, but I do a graph to show you the waiting pressures i have uncovered work best.

Soccer BallPSI
Size 14 psi
Size 27 psi
Size 38.7 psi
Size 48.7 psi
Size 58.7 psi

Why Size and Weight room Important

The size and also weight of a soccer is largely important because of the size of the player utilizing the ball. If a younger player starts right away on a size 4 or 5 ball, they may get frustrated and also develop poor habits. It’s much much easier to train a young player with a smaller sized ball to develop skills early on, than it is come train out bad habits the were picked up at an early stage on.

Pick the appropriate size sphere for your age to encourage a love because that soccer and limit choose up negative habits when taking care of a soccer round on the field.

Also, larger players using a smaller ball to train with is common. Adult and professional soccer players will occasionally train with a little ball (size 1 or 2) to enhance ball control and accuracy. Then when they switch to a larger size ball, castle have better control and handling. This works good for skills like dribbling, juggling, stopping, and also passing.

Common Questions

Soccer Ball size For 5 Year Old

A dimension 3 soccer round is ideal suited because that 5 year old players. A size 3 soccer sphere is 23 to 24 inches in circumference and weighs in between 300 come 320 grams. The ball works finest when inflated to 8.7 psi, and can be offered for practice and also soccer gamings for ages 5 to 8 years old.

Soccer Ball size For Adults

The ideal soccer ball size for adult is a size 5 soccer ball. This is the same size used in professional and international soccer matches regulation by FIFA. The dimension 5 soccer ball procedures 27 come 28 customs circumference, weighs 410 come 450 grams, and also is frequently inflated to 8.7 psi.

Soccer Ball dimension For U8

The best soccer ball dimension for a U8 team will it is in a dimension 4 soccer ball. This size soccer sphere is typically used for youth matches ages 8 with 12 (U8 – U12). The dimension 4 soccer ball steps 25 come 26 inch circumference, weighs 350 come 390 grams, and is best inflated to 8.7 psi.

Soccer Ball dimension For 7 Year Old

A size 3 soccer round is finest suited for 7 year old players. A size 3 soccer round is 23 to 24 customs in circumference and weighs between 300 come 320 grams. The ball works ideal when inflated come 8.7 psi, and also can be provided for practice and soccer games for periods 5 to 8 year old.

Soccer Ball size For 12 Year Old

The best soccer ball dimension for a 12 year old is a size 5 football ball. This is the same size used in professional and international soccer matches regulated by FIFA. The dimension 5 football ball measures 27 come 28 customs circumference, weighs 410 come 450 grams, and also is commonly inflated come 8.7 psi.

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Soccer Ball size For middle School

The finest soccer ball dimension for middle school will certainly be a dimension 4 soccer ball. This dimension soccer ball is frequently used for youth matches periods 8 through 12. The size 4 soccer ball steps 25 come 26 inch circumference, and is ideal inflated to 8.7 psi. When they reach period 12, that a an excellent idea to switch them come a dimension 5 football ball.