Want to recognize the load details prior to buying a truck on revenue Canton? The brand favorite lamb 1500 to be designed to accommodate a high towing capacity and also payload capacity. So, just how much go the ram 1500 weigh? The capable 2021 lamb 1500 weight varieties from 4,798 pounds come 5,372 pounds unloaded. Acquisition a broader look mirrors the Gross car Weight Rating (GVWR) place the lamb 1500 between 6,800 pounds and 7,100 pounds.

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Let’s take it a closer look in ~ the ram 1500 weight and also explore the difference in between curb weight and GVWR. Then, speak to the team in ~ Shottenkirk Chrysler dodge Jeep lamb to discover our inventory of ram trucks accessible and to schedule a test drive.

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Curb load vs. GVWR

GVWR deserve to be viewed as the max weight vehicle drivers want the vehicle and also contents come weigh. This is the preferably weight chauffeurs can safely operate approximately Marietta, and also it includes vehicle weight, passengers, cargo, and tongue weight once towing. Curb load is simply the load of a ram 1500 without passengers or additional equipment.

Note: Tongue weight only refers come the quantity of weight the trailer areas on the hitch itself. This is no the same as a vehicle’s towing capacity.

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RAM 1500: Curb load by Trim

The impressive 2021 ram 1500 it s okay its toughness, towing power, and good fuel economic situation by building upon a mix the steel and also aluminum frame. Take a look in ~ the curb load for every trim level:

2021 lamb 1500 Tradesman: Between 4,798 pounds and also 5,227 pounds2021 ram 1500 large Horn: Between 4,891 pounds and 5,160 pounds2021 ram 1500 Laramie: in between 4,891 pounds and 5,232 pounds2021 ram 1500 Rebel: between 4,971 pounds and also 5,374 pounds2021 lamb 1500 Laramie Longhorn: in between 4,903 pounds and 5,232 pounds2021 lamb 1500 Limited: between 4,903 pounds and also 5,232 pounds

RAM 1500: GVWR through Trim

The various trims for the ram 1500 have a comparable Gross car Weight Rating, but you can see small differences depending on the type of cabin – crew cab or quad cab – or bed length chosen. Below is the maximum lamb 1500 load for every trim:

2021 lamb 1500 Tradesman: between 6,800 pounds and also 7,100 pounds2021 lamb 1500 big Horn: in between 6,800 pounds and 6,900 pounds2021 lamb 1500 Laramie: between 6,800 pounds and 6,900 pounds2021 lamb 1500 Rebel: between 6,800 pounds and also 6,900 pounds2021 lamb 1500 Longhorn: 6,900 pounds2021 ram 1500 Limited: 6,900 pounds

RAM 1500: Towing Capacity and also Features

Take ~ above jobs and also adventures about Roswell v the upgraded V8 engine that improves the ram 1500 towing power. Load up equipment, structure materials, and supplies together the lamb 1500 have the right to handle up to 12,750 pounds. With the included towing technology, have actually the peace of mind that passengers and cargo space safe and also stable. Several of the innovative functions include:

Active-Level™ Four corner Air SuspensionBlind Spot surveillance with behind Cross Path and Trailer Detection360 degree Surround check out CameraAvailable 4×4 Off-Road Package

Compare the weights and also other attributes of the ram 1500 trims in ~ Shottenkirk Chrysler evade Jeep ram to view which construction is the right selection for you.

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