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June 9, 2018

A. Those commenting right here on the Penny"s weight … The larger "Wheat-back" pennies are about 3.1 grams and the newer ones 2.5-2.6 grams i think, therefore weighing a bunch the pennies at a time and also dividing to uncover how numerous dollars worth you have won"t work very accurately to count the pennies unless you have a fair understanding of how much of every of the enlarge ones and how many new ones room in the bucket. You could "rough it" with: You"re most likely to see less than 5% that the old wheat people on average.

Art Bourgeoisnone - Southcoast Massachusetts USA^October 24, 2018

A. art is correct, largely. The Lincoln penny Wheat reverse does in fact weight (at pressing) 3.11g, and also the new Lincoln Penny through the Shield reverse weighs in in ~ 2.5g. The Lincoln Memorial turning back on the various other hand, is your largest variable. The wheat penny was made till 1958. Native "59 come "82 the Memorial turning back penny to be copper, offering it the same weight that 3.11g. Complying with that, indigenous "83 till the bi-centennial in "09 and the minting of the shield turning back in "09, the Memorial turning back Penny started being minted from the copper-plated zinc variety you view today. Long story short = pre-1959, 3.11g1959 forward 2.5gBut a nickel is a nickel, and also those space a nickel in grams! 5 ¢= 5g! :)

And ... Load is likewise then varied as result of things prefer dents, scratches, rust, dirt, corrosion, chips, etc. The distinction is marginal, though, together someone stated earlier.Erin AndersonEpic enterprise - Dallas, Texas, USA^

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2003Q. Exactly how Much does a Nickel Weigh?John C. - Dominguez Hills, California^
U.S. Mint image

A. One nickel weighs specifically as lot as 2 dimes^pennies yet less 보다 a quarter. . .If you reduced a quarter into 10 equal pieces, each piece would weigh 0.57 grams. If you had actually 75 the those pieces, the complete weight would be the very same as the weight of 19 dimes.This information is specific to 2 decimal places, but is just the median of the three nickels I occur to have in mine pocket this day :-)Bob Zonis- Bohemia, brand-new York^
"History that the U.S. Mint and Its Coinage" from Abe Booksor Affiliate Link(rebab.net earns commission on what friend buy after ~ clicking)
2003A. Actually, the specific answer would be 4.5 grams/nickel.75 piece (of a quarter) x .57 grams = 42.75 grams42.75 grams / 19 dimes = 2.25 grams/dime2.25 grams * 2 dimes (1 nickel is equal to 2 dimes) = 4.5 gramsThis suspect the info of a quarter equaling 5.7 grams is correct.Scott S. - Bowling environment-friendly , Kentucky^A. 5 GRAMS because that A NICKEL, 1 GRAM because that A dissension BILL.LARRY L. - mountain Diego, California^
Learn more:A Penny"s worth of Copper, A Nickel"s worth of NickelWhat is My weight in Pennies?per Wikipedia:nickle is an alternative, rarely-used spelling.
A. us Coinage Penny typical weight 2.5 grams Nickel traditional weight 5.0 grams Dime typical weight 2.268 grams Quarter conventional weight 5.670 gramsGregor C - Norman, Oklahoma^A. 4.9 would be the prize if friend only had actually to go to one decimal but weigh the on a 5 decimal place scale to uncover a funnier one.William J - Beaverton, Oregon^2005A. ns would prefer to include my 2 cent in top top this one. An initial the weight of a penny. A coin (if you sweet 32 of them) can variety in weight from 2.42 Grams come 3.18 grams the distinction in the selection is from .00 to .76 (from coin to penny so weigh an ext than one to watch if her scale falls within this range) . If your range weighs a penny and its within this acceptable ranges I would certainly say the scale is accurate. If its the end of that selection I would think its off by the amount external the range previously stated. Listed below 2.42 by .1 add .1 the a gram, above 3.18 subtract .1 the a gram, tare or adjust the scale to account because that it.A nickel can weigh from in between 4.9 and 5.1 grams (weighed a bunch) (heard that 4.8 come 4.85 however only had the ability to replicate with greatly used nickels or thousands decimal ar scales also then about 70 percent of the moment they were between 4.9 and also 5.1)(depends top top the wear, if you want to do a actual locked under test you can go to the bank and get a fresh from the press new roll of nickels or pennies for the matter). If your scale weighs in ~ that range I would certainly say the range is specific to the percentage percent decimal place.If you are just checking to check out if the scale is accurate, go buy a certified 5.0 gram weight, then obtain a .5 gram weight, and also a .55 gram weight and weigh lock together, need to be 6.55^6.05.Ok, that"s enough about weighing money, i went a wee bit nuts.

Mr D. - Seattle, Washington^Thanks, grandfather D! you rock!Laura W ^A. Weighing money is important and so simple... Dimes, soldier and fifty percent dollars are $20/lb, and also nickels are just $5/lb, and there room 181 pennies/lb ($1.81) and nobody seems to pick up ~ above this simplicity... Furthermore currency is 6.2"x 2.6" x 0.0043" special (233/inch) and it bring away 375 bills to sweet a lb. Therefore, a briefcase 18.5"x 12.5"x 3" thick will organize $980,000 in $100 bills (two rows of seven <14 stacks> x 3" <700 bills/stack> = $980,000. And also it will certainly weigh 26.1 lbs (375 bills/lb). I recognize this due to the fact that I to be a dad to mine inquisitive children.Terry H - Davenport, Iowa^
And right here we thought that you learned that just $980,000 would fit in a briefcase indigenous countin" the loot :-)I was just about to offer to take it the remaining $20,000 off her hands so girlfriend wouldn"t require to lug a second briefcase.Rock through Katie Holmes & Queen Lativarobbing the U.S. Mint =>

Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Aloharebab.net - jaw Beach, new Jersey^
So a penny weighs 2 grams. In our science course we measure up it and it weighed 0.2 gramsMaria G - Chicago, Illinois^Somebody misread the scale, Maria. Relying on how the range is designed, the fixed of the balance weight is not necessarily the weight of the article you space balancing against. Nurses would have a hard time weighing united state if they had to slide a 200-pound balance weight along their beam range :-)Maybe the was the weight of the balance weight?Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Aloharebab.net - pine Beach, new Jersey^
"Hands-on" finding out is fun, maybe try a precision scale? . . .

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2007Yep, mine scale"s right! 5 grams! thank you!Lindsey S - Kaufman, Texas^2007Thanks, Gregor Clark, you rock!Mark T - Montgomery, Alabama^2007 all you males rock. Thank you every for offering this significant thought. Accuracy is essential. Peace.Danielle H - Eugene, Washington^
June 18, 2008!! grandfather D - friend seem prefer a smart male with every those measurements and also stuff yet how execute you get 6.55 once you include 5.0 + .5 + .55. I"m pretty certain that every time I carry out that it"s going come come the end to 6.05 :-)Seth H - Merrimac, Massachusetts^May 6, 2009Q. What is the volume that a nickel?Walter W - Brook Park, Ohio^
may 12, 2009A. hi Walter. 1. You deserve to measure the diameter and also thickness the a nickel and calculate the approx. Volume. 2. Or you have the right to use Archimedes" principle and measure the volume the water the the nickel displaces. 3. Or you can divide its 5.0 gram load by the thickness of nickel because that a good approximation. Perform it all three ways and also maybe you have a simple but interesting science project.Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Aloharebab.net - pine Beach, new Jersey^
November 2, 2015Current coinage information have the right to be found at:http://www.usmint.gov/about_the_mint/?action=coin_specificationsAnd for the record (assuming current coinage), it is 2 _pennies_ that sweet the very same as a nickel, not 2 dimes.

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