Former Chargers facility Nick Hardwick, prevent at ideal in 2012, claimed “it normally takes assistance to obtain in and out that the pads.”
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How lot does one NFL uniform weigh?

Ralph Miller, fort Collins, Colo.

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Farmer: That’s just the kind of weird question I appreciate. To inspect this, ns consulted Rams equipment manager Brendan Burger, who kindly placed a helmet and also shoulder pads top top a scale. These are rough estimates, and also they differ depending on the size and also manufacturer. A helmet weighs in between 4.25 and 4.75 pounds, shoulder pads room 4 come 5 pounds, a game jersey is around a pound, as room the pants, and also players could wear around a pound of additional pads. Not terribly surprising, and also maybe even a tiny lighter 보다 I expected.


To gain a little more insight ~ above uniforms, i turned to previous NFL center Nick Hardwick for his thoughts. He listed the difference between a player’s video game uniform, and what he can wear for a full-pads practice throughout the week. V offensive and also defensive linemen in particular, lock wear their video game jerseys so tight they’re virtually painted on. That way, no one deserve to use the loose fabric to pull them this means or that.



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“The video game jersey is so chop that also without shoulder pads, it’s hard to gain on,” Hardwick said. “You’re placed in there choose a hand-stuffed sausage, especially the lumpier guys. The jerseys Velcro to the shoulder pads, for this reason there’s not also an iota where a guy can grab a male by his jersey and throw him down. It is the real issue, a guy have the right to manipulate her body the means he wants to rather of just beating you with directly technique.

“It usually takes aid to get in and also out of the pads. Obtaining in and out is a Houdini act.”

For Hardwick, the many elaborate component of his uniform, if you will, was wrapping his hands. The did that the means a boxer might.

“The whole fear is the you’re just going to shred your fingers and also tear ligaments,” that said. “I have so countless torn ligaments in my fingers. Yet the real fear is that you’re going come hurt her thumb. If you tear ligaments in your thumb — if that happens, you can’t play; her season’s going to be done.”

One that his quirkier uniform memories because his days through the mountain Diego Chargers was the fullback Lorenzo Neal wore two pairs of shoulder pads stacked on height of each other. Currently that’s a weighty proposition.


I to be wondering if you could explain the rules for exactly how football players have the right to celebrate dram on the field. I remember times when simply spiking the ball brought about a penalty but after several seasons of protests, the players were finally allowed to spike after a touchdown. Climate the scoring player was permitted to dance and spike after scoring. Now it seems that the whole team can do anything indigenous striking a stunner pose come a full halftime dance from any huge play such together interceptions or touchdowns. I’m simply curious as soon as did the league provide them carte blanche on celebrations and also are there any kind of limitations to it?

Tim Berreth, Santa Clarita

Farmer: The so-called No Fun organization loosened that tie in might 2107 after league executives invested the spring talking to players, coaches, officials and also fans around ways to relax the strict celebration policy. The cleared the means for team celebrations, and for making use of the football as a prop.

But everything in moderation.

“We want to make sure that sportsmanship is a big factor below in the means that we implement this,” commissioner roger Goodell stated at the time. “And of food nobody want to check out anything the was either violent or sexually attack to people, and everybody has actually a small different line there.”


That method Rams receiver Brandin Cooks can not resume the celebration he had actually in brand-new England of pantomiming one archer that shoots an arrow into the crowd. The is, after all, a weapon.

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“We desire to make certain that sportsmanship is a huge factor right here in the method that we implement this,” commissioner roger Goodell said at the time. “And of course nobody wanted to see anything that was either violent or sexually offensive to people, and everybody has actually a little different line there.”

That method Rams recipient Brandin Cooks can’t resume the celebration event he had in new England of pantomiming one archer who shoots an arrowhead into the crowd. That is, ~ all, a weapon.