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If she looking to purchase soil for her landscaping or buying the to to fill a hole, you have to know how much dirt you deserve to haul in your vehicle.

Most dirt carriers will offer you the alternative to provide dirt at her doorstep, however it cost money. If you’re hauling a most dirt, then it might be worth paying who to supply it come you.

But if you have actually a truck or car that you can use to bring dirt to her home, then it’s a cheaper and also faster option.

If she wonderinghow much does a yard of dust weighs and whether you can safely lug dirt come your home in the truck, then save reading.

What is a cubic garden of dirt?

When you"re hauling dirt, that measured in a volume that consists of length, width, and also height.

You can think that it together a box that is 1 garden long, 1 yard wide, and also 1 yard high. Or in one more way, girlfriend can speak to it a cubic garden of dirt.

If you want to transform it into cubic feet, then 1 garden is 3 feet, and one cubic yard is 27 cubic feet.

How much does a garden of dirt weigh?

The load of dirt relies on the soil and also the moisture and other material mixed in the dirt. A cubic yard of topsoil weighs roughly 2,200 pounds.

When she deciding the dust to buy, recognize the difference in between the topsoil dirt and also the fill dirt. The topsoil dirt is used mainly for landscaping and also gardening tasks. It consists of organic matters and compositions that are an excellent for farming plants.

The presence of organic matter in the topsoil degrades end time and also causes the to transition over time. The to fill dirt is provided to covering ditches or trenches in her yard or around the foundation. The fill dirt is devoid of essential matters and also may contain tiny rocks and also debris.

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The fill dirt is finest when you require a stable non-shifting ground area. The to fill dirt weighs much more than the topsoil dirt together it contains rocks and also lumps of various other materials.