We all recognize where to go if you should lift a heavy load on your task site – your regional crane rental company, that course. But how lot weight have the right to a crane lift exactly?

The answer isn’t straightforward. It all relies on the type and version of the crane in question and also the nature the the job. 

To discover out more, check out on because that a full malfunction of exactly how much weight various cranes can handle.

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Guide to how much weight can a crane lift

Getting a handle on crane specifications – the various features of the auto – will aid you decide if a provided crane will certainly suit her needs. Crane specifications involve whatever from a crane’s height to that is terrain capabilities.

When it comes to crane specs, among the most essential to store your eye ~ above is the volume of the crane. This is the weight that you have the right to lift v the vehicle. The is commonly measured in tonnes. Because that example, the volume of the Manitex TC50155S is 50 tons.

But unfortunately, points are rarely as simple as they seem. The precise weight the a crane can lift depends, in the end, on a range of features. Let’s very first look in ~ the load of a hanging load.

The load of a hanging load

The very first complication to answering just how much weight deserve to a crane lift is the weight of the fill itself. The force exerted by any type of object (and thus by the object’s mass) relies on that is position. In other words, it relies on even if it is it’s top top the floor or in the air. You should keep this in mind whenever you room looking to rental a crane.

The weight of a hanging fill is based upon Isaac Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to number out. Typically, to calculation it, you have to use the formula F (weight of the object) = m (mass in kilos the the object) x a (acceleration the the object). 


The acceleration is the speed at i beg your pardon the crane will lift and move the load. Yet when the object is hanging motionless, friend will replace it through a gravitational acceleration, i m sorry is 9.8 m/s^2 top top earth. In this case, the formula will read F = m x g.

As long as you carry out the crane firm with every the details, they will help you double-check i m sorry crane will be suitable.

How do height, distance, and also angle impact the lifting capacity?

However, the load of your hanging fill is not all you need to think about. One more factor you need to consider is the angle at i beg your pardon the crane will certainly lift the load and move it. Plus, you’ll also need to consider how lengthy the eight or arm will certainly be extended during the process.

Every crane model comes v a fill chart in its manual. That a table that explains how the model’s lift capacity varies when considering distance and angle. All in all, it’s most likely the most an important resource for any kind of crane operator.

For example, the Manitex TC50155S the we’ve currently mentioned have the right to lift 50 lots or 110,231 lbs. However, when the fill radius is 100 ft, and the eight angle is 17 degrees, it’s volume over rear is 3,950 lbs. That’s fairly a far-reaching difference.

Besides this, the crane’s capacity have the right to vary depending on any attachments (like secondary jib, for instance). And you’ll require to consider how much these are prolonged as well.

It deserve to be fairly a challenge to comprehend a pack chart. However once again, you can rely ~ above the experts’ help.

The mean weight the cranes have the right to lift

As you could have guessed, every one of these determinants mean that the loading volume for various cranes can vary quite widely. 

According to the Guinness human being Records, the heaviest thing lifted by a crane so much was a barge filled with water, which sweet in at 20,133 metric tons. This unbelievable feat to be pulled off by the ‘Taisun’ crane in ~ Yantai Raffles Shipyard, Yantai, China, in 2008. To placed this in perspective, that’s heavier than the whole Brooklyn Bridge!

Most cranes i will not ~ come close come replicating this. 


The complying with are the median lifting capacities because that different varieties of cranes:

Tower cranes: 20 tonnesMobile cranes: 10 to 60 tonnes

However, many cranes have the right to lift lot more. Because that example, part boom trucks have actually lifting capacities of up to 175 tonnes.

The devil is in the details

So there is no one an easy answer to the question, “how lot weight have the right to a crane lift?” ~ above average, most cranes deserve to lift loads between 10 and also 60 tonnes. But some models have the right to handle much much more weight. 

Keep in mind that the capacity counts on the details vehicle and also the nature that the lift. Luckily, the rental experts and also their operators can help you decipher the tools manual and its load chart.

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Significantly, the weight isn’t the only function of cranes the you need to look out for. So before you rush right into the rental process, take it a look at at knowledge boom truck specifications & features.