If you’ve ever before heard someone talk about how much their bicycle weighs, friend may have actually asked yourself, “What walk that also mean?” Without any sort that reference, i really wouldn’t recognize if 10 pounds (4.5 kg) or 25 pounds (11.3 kg) to be good.

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An mean entry- to mid-level road bike will certainly weigh about 20-25 pounds (9.1-11.3 kg). Let’s talk around the load range, what transforms it, how to measure up it, why people care, and also if the really even matters.

Lightest and also heaviest bikes

According come this article by RedBull and a couple of other resources I’ve seen, the lightest bike ever made was 6.1 pounds (2.8 kg) through a German male named Gunter. The was eventually dismantled and the parts were marketed off.

The lightest production bike the I’ve to be able to uncover is the AX easy Vial Evo Ultra in ~ 9.7 pounds (4.4 kg). However, this bike is for expert bike riders or enthusiasts v very large budgets.

The heaviest entry-level roadway bike I uncovered was around 33 pounds (11.8 kg), but I found this one on Trek’s website in a reasonable price variety that just weighs about 21 pounds (9.5 kg).

How to examine how lot your cycle weighs

Bike weights in reviews

If you haven’t purchase the bicycle yet and are purchasing that online, make certain you inspect the reviews. If there are sufficient reviews, you have the right to expect at the very least a couple of of them come talk about how lot the bicycle weighed once they obtained them.

Weighing your bike through a continuous scale

If you don’t mind act some basic math, a consistent bathroom range that most people already have is more than sufficient to tell just how much your bike weighs.

First, weigh yourself and also take keep in mind of exactly how much you weigh. Then sweet yourself if you are holding the bike. Subtract just how much you weigh from the number, and also that is exactly how much the cycle weighs.

For example, if you sweet 180 pounds, and also you + bicycle weighs 205 pounds, her bike weighs 25 pounds. (205 – 180 = 25)

Weighing her bike with a luggage scale

If girlfriend really desire a range that can be dedicated to weighing things that aren’t you, I highly suggest a luggage scale. I don’t weigh things an extremely often, yet I understand that some human being like broadening their tool collection or find it useful when traveling by plane.

It’s nice and convenient since there isn’t any type of sort of math involved, it simply requires that you buy a new device. This one on Amazon has actually a an excellent range, accuracy, precision, and also price.


Bike weight based on price

Generally speaking, the an ext expensive the bike, the much less it will certainly weigh. As your budget plan increases, friend can acquire fancier and also lighter components. If your budget is limited, you’ll must settle for simple and heavy components.

As well, less expensive materials for the frame of the bike often tend to it is in heavier. A cheap bike might be do of stole or aluminum, when a top-end bike would certainly be entirely made the carbon fiber.

Here’s about what kind of load you can expect the end of a great bike at every price range:

$50025 pounds
$80022 pounds
$2,00020 pounds
$5,00015 pounds
$16,00010 pounds

As you have the right to see, there room diminishing returns together you spend much more and more money.

Also, I always suggest going come your local bike shop (or their website) and also seeing what they have to offer. They space experts and can make certain you gain the best bike to fulfill your needs. Here’s my Recommended equipment for what you deserve to look for while you space there.

Why human being care about bike weight

Bike load rules

For starters, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is the governing body that makes the rule for sports cycling. They oversee global cycling competitions and enforce all the rules.

The UCI cycling regulation 1.3.019 for all UCI sanctioned races says “The weight of the bicycle can not be less than 6.8 kg.” (14.99 pounds).

That preeminence was made approximately the year 2000 and also only exists because the UCI wanted to make certain that cycle manufacturers no making bikes the were supervisor light but structurally unsafe. At the time, 6.8 kg was a really conservative weight.

Nowadays, however, manufacturers deserve to make for sure bikes that space super light and also riders can add extra materials or even actual weights to obtain up come the weight requirement.

A typical example of one extra component would be instead of a continual crankset v one the measures and records how much power the driver is putting out.

Does bicycle weight impact your speed?

Does bike weight influence your speed? sort of, but not really. If you can technically be a tiny faster in details situations, the next section is more directly impacted.

Lighter bikes save watts

To clarify, a watt is a frequently used measure up of how fast you are spending energy to store moving. Think of it as how tough you pedaling.

If you weigh more, it takes an ext energy to relocate you increase a hill or to get you walking in the first place. Plain and simple. So, any weight you can shave off will certainly make it simpler to climb a hill and should speed you up just a small bit.

Lighter bikes are easier to handle

If you’ve ever stood increase on her bike and pedaled as difficult as friend can, you should have been throwing your bike from side to side. If your bike weighs a lot, that takes much more energy to do.

Energy the you spend relocating your bike next to next is power that girlfriend don’t have actually left end to relocate it forward. Not just that, however they are much an ext agile than a heavy bike.


Does bicycle weight really matter?

Kind of, but not really. A 5 pound (2.3 kg) difference is just going to be a change of around 3% of the combined weight the you and also your bike. That adds up rapid for specialists that room riding a many intense miles, but most of us aren’t walking to notice a massive difference.

If friend really want to shave part weight turn off of her ride, it is much more productive because that YOU to lose a couple of pounds. The average human being has much more than 5 pounds the they might shave off. Simply adopting a whole-food, plant-centric diet and being much more active can easily burned plenty that weight along with helping you feel better.

How to make a bigger distinction than shedding weight

Be aerodynamic on her bike

The biggest difference that you can make without spending noþeles is to just be an ext aerodynamic. The much less the wind slows friend down, the faster and further you can go.

Lean forward, duck down however keep feather forward, and also tuck in your elbows and also knees. That’s it. Doing that will conserve you much more energy that losing weight ever could have.

In fact, now that manufacturers have the right to easily create bikes well listed below the UCI’s minimum weight, they’ve change to including back material and also other functions to make the bikes very aerodynamic. That simply goes to display that bike weight is only so important.

Have a an ext comfortable ride

There space a lot of things you can do come make sure that you aren’t in ache while riding a road bike. The greatest sore clues I deserve to think the is mine butt. I’m sure many of us have experienced saddle soreness before. Here’s my article on just how to ride her bike there is no hurting yourself favor that.

The less pain you space in, the much more you deserve to enjoy her ride and also look forward to the following one.

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I hope that every one of this will certainly empower you to be confident in your bike’s weight, but additionally give you the devices to save time, energy, and also money in other ways.