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One concern that’s always on the minds of any prospective ragdoll cat owner is the ragdoll cat price.

While many world view Ragdoll cat as expensive, I deserve to say without hesitation, this each other is worth the investment.

Raggies room a breed of cats frequently (but not always) one amiable and also affectionate personality .

With your amazingly floppy nature, ragdolls come across as beautiful, soft, cuddly, and also loving family pets.

Baby ZeeZee, 5 weeks, Seal BiColour Ragdoll Kitten

Astonishingly, these cats are huge and heavy compared to various other cat breeds.

Even with their size, (some) ragdolls often tend to go limp in your arms when being picked up, just like a ragdoll. And also just favor that, they obtain their name, Ragdoll!

But with these lot sought ~ praises, they come with a price tag, a hefty one at that.

The Ragdoll cat price is affected by components such together the cat’s pedigree, the country or state, age, display record (if any), and the breed’s purpose.

For starters, to buy a purebred ragdoll kitten from a present breeder is a little pricey contrasted to rehoming an adult ragdoll cat.

But to buy a kitten isn’t the only option available.

You can additionally find tires ragdoll cat for sale. Often, the breeder may fail to sell the kitten for some reason, and the kitten matures before finding a buyer. In other instances, you may discover a breeder who has actually retired and also is selling of his enlarge cats.

In every these instances, suppose to see a cheaper tires ragdoll cat.

But, bear in mind the it’s more an overwhelming introducing an larger ragdoll cat to your house than a kitten.


The Ragdoll Cat Price Range

Ragdoll cat price range is in between $800 for a pets ragdoll and $2000 for a show breed Ragdoll.

However, this prices different from an ar to an ar and whether you’re buying reproduction rights too.

Even at that, you can be sure that the need for a ragdoll cat is high throughout the globe.

In some nations like China, a Ragdoll cat isn’t simply a pet; it’s also regarded together a status symbol.

United Kingdom£500
United States$800 – $2000
New Zealand$900
AustraliaAU$1,800 – AU$2,600
South AfricaR 1500 – R 6000
Nigeria₦15000 – ₦55,000

You’ll discover price distinctions for every state in the U.S. Due to the fact that different components determine this prices.

It isn’t usual to obtain a Ragdoll kitten from a trusted breeder going listed below $1000 in the U.S.

Let’s look at at the variety of various kitten price in the U.S.

New York$1600 – $2000
Florida$500 – $1,500
Arizona$950 – $1000
Virginia$950 – $3000

General Ragdoll Kitten Price

Generally, Ragdoll cats cost much more than countless other cat types because that their desirable traits.

Ideally, castle are closely selected and also bred through experienced and licensed breeders who know what these breeds are. However, save in mind that no all breeders are produced equal.

Be sure to seek out a reliable breeder by asking the breeder numerous questions.

Besides, this each other of cat is no readily obtainable on the market, which drives the cost up also more.

Ragdoll Kitten high quality Approximate Cost
Breeder & display Quality$2,500+
Show Quality$1,200 – $2,250+
Breeder Quality$1,500 – $2,500+
Pet Quality$425+

The over table mirrors that pet high quality is the most affordable consideration for the ragdoll kitten.

Let’s talk more about quality and how it affects the Ragdoll prices.

Show Quality and Pet Quality

Appearance is the most significant difference in between pet and show qualities.

This distinction directly effects the price the a ragdoll kitten.

Ragdolls for present are meant to have particular patterns and colors recommended by The Cat Fanciers combination (CFA).

The CFA have the right to disqualify a cat, strictly on the basis of physical traits.

For instance:

A bicolor Ragdoll is disqualified if that lacks the white inverted ‘V’ or has a more comprehensive dark area on either of the legs. A mitted sample Ragdoll that lacks the white chin will be disqualified.

More importantly, all Ragdolls MUST have actually blue eyes to qualified as show breeds.

Show high quality breeds are strictly selected and bred, and this method they cost more.

Even as the prices are glaringly different, over there is no distinction in terms of behavior and also temperament between the show and pet breeds.

Both room usually neutered, spayed, or have that strict commitment that they’ll it is in spayed or neutered after ~ purchase.

Breeder and also Show high quality Price

If you’re trying to find a breeder or display quality Ragdoll kitten, suppose to salary more, usually in the range of $2,500+!

These show quality Ragdolls have actually perfect markings the the CFA will permit for the shows. Castle can likewise be provided for reproduction purposes also , and this regulates a higher price tag. Because that the breed to pass for show and also breed qualities, the must have actually blue eye too!

One much more thing…

Apart from not being neutered or spayed, a breeder quality ragdoll have to have likewise undergone test to dominion out any genetic defects that could be passed ~ above its offspring.

Breeding Costs impact the Price of Ragdoll Cats

A breeder considers a number of factors as soon as determining the price of a Ragdoll cat.

These determinants include:

Costs of parading the cat at cat showsThe title earned by the reproduction queens at cat showsBreeding overhead costsThe kittens’ vaccinations and other wellness maintenance costsTravel expenses

Cat shows entice breeders who travel much and wide to showcase their reproduction queens and studs.

Besides the travel expenses, there’re additionally enrollment expenses for such shows. During these shows, the cat earns titles that represent the breed standard.

For instance, kittens from a Triple grand Champion would certainly cost much more than the kittens indigenous mere Champion studs.

Therefore, it’s vital to keep in mind that cat that can not use earned numerous titles from competition circuits i will not ~ fetch an ext than those that hold multiple titles.

Different Ragdoll Patterns and also Their Prices

Ragdoll Kitten PatternApproximate Cost

Just a small explanation that what these patterns are.

Blue Mitted, display Quality Ragdoll Cat (With Hourglass Blaze)

From the physics appearance, a mitted Ragdoll cat’s former paws have white mittens.

This look has made countless cat enthusiasts believe that every Ragdoll cat look this way. But this isn’t the case.

Additionally, mitted ragdolls sport white stockings on their earlier feet, a white stripe on the belly, and also on the chin, which deserve to be mistaken for milk.

In some cases, a mitted Ragdoll cat has actually a confront with a white piece or blaze, as the kitten in the photograph above. (A perfect hour-glass blaze)

Seal Bicolour Ragdoll Cat

A bicolour Ragdoll looks choose its mitted counterpart and can easily be mistaken because that one. However, you deserve to tell the distinction by looking at their feet.

While the mitted Ragdoll has actually mittens or stockings, the bicolor ragdoll cat has actually all the feet fully white.

Besides, the bicolour Ragdoll has actually fluffy white hair on the chest, if the back and human body have much more color, like a ‘saddle’.

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Solid Point
Blue suggest Ragdoll Cat

Solid allude ragdolls have actually their fluffy physique elegantly marked, making them look much like the Siamese Cats.