"The Price is Right" is a beloved game show that was hosted by Bob Barker from 1972 come 2007, and Drew Carey from 2007 come the present. Technically, "The Price is Right" debuted in 1956 and also ran throughout the "60s, every Celebrity net Worth, yet it wasn"t a hit till the producers revamped the concept and hired Barker — and a gaggle the models to showcase the prizes.

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Dubbed "Barker"s Beauties" (per the Los Angeles Times), the models that the 1970s, "80s, and "90s to be Janice Pennington, Dian Parkinson, and Holly Hallstrom. They"ve long since retired and also been replaced with a new, younger, co-ed group of models. Ago in those days, "The Price is Right" models to be paid $2,000 come tape a week"s worth of hour-long shows.

Today, "The Price is Right" models — Rachel Reynolds, Amber Lancaster, Manuela Arbeláez, James O"Halloran, and also Devin Goda — make about $100,000 every season, every TV OverMind, which works out come $2,173.91 a week for the 46 mainly the display tapes. However, the fact is the no 2 models work every solitary day ~ above every single taping — this method they don"t gain paid on work they don"t work. Every model additionally has a different contract and a version who is new to the present is likely not do as much as Reynolds, who has actually been through the video game show due to the fact that 2003.

Let"s take it a look in ~ the five models right now showing turn off the prizes on "The Price is Right."

Rachel Reynolds is married to a former pro baseball player

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Rachel Reynolds is the longest-tenured present model top top "The Price is Right," and also the only design to have additionally worked top top the Bob Barker-hosted version of the renowned game show, per Distractify. She is native Mandeville, La., and a 2001 graduate the Louisiana State University, whereby she was a member that the Tigers" Track and Field team, every LSU Sports.

Reynolds has a liven modeling career exterior of "The Price is Right" as well. She"s the spokesmodel because that LA Fitness, has modeled Venus swimwear for 10 years, and has to be on the covering of Fitness RX magazine 6 times, per her "Price is Right" bio. She"s likewise appeared ~ above "The Bold and also the Beautiful," "How i Met her Mother," and "Jack and also Jill," per IMDb. She and also former expert baseball player David Dellucci married ~ above February 13, 2010. Three years later, the couple welcomed their daughter Ruby Rey, every Distractify.

During she time turn off from "The Price is Right," she volunteers v the wounded Warrior Project, and she and also her husband and also daughter love to take trip to new places and also enjoy the outdoors, per her bio. They"ve freshly traveled to Napa Valley, California, and also Asheville, N.C.. Her favorite vacation spot, however, is Costa Rica, whereby she enjoys the beaches, white water rafting, zip-lining with the jungle, and the trusted people.

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Amber Lancaster has been a design on "The Price is Right" due to the fact that 2008. She is from Tacoma, Wash. And was miss Washington teenager USA in 1998. She to be a member of the Seattle Seahawks cheerleading squad the Sea gal for five seasons, per her "The Price is Right" bio. After she time together a Sea Gal, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her acting and also dancing career.

As a model, Lancaster has been featured in Maxim, united state Weekly, People, Life & Style, and Star. She"s additionally been a part of Maxim"s "Hot 100" list, per her bio. As an actor, she has appeared on "The difficult Times of RJ Berger" top top MTV as well as on "Days of our Lives," "The Bold and also the Beautiful," "CSI: Miami," "Community," Entourage," "Attack that the Show!," "The scream Awards," and in the attribute film "Redline," every IMDb.

Lancasterand AJ Allodi have actually been married due to the fact that October 2017. They welcomed their child Russell Levi in respectable 2019, per IMDb. She likewise has her own interior style business called Lancaster Interiors (via Gray Malin). Like Rachel Reynolds, her favorite vacation spot is Costa Rica for every one of its activities, and the fact that the nation is eco-friendly and many that the hotels space solar-powered, per she bio. Due to the fact that she gets her hair and also makeup excellent every day in ~ work, on she days off, she prefers sweats, a ponytail, and no makeup.

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Manuela Arbeláez was born in Medellín, Colombia, and also moved to the United says in 2006. She gotten in the 2008 "The Price is Right" version Search, where she ended up being a finalist and caught the eye that the producer of the video game show and also was rental to be among "Carey"s Cuties," per she "The Price is Right" bio.

Arbeláez has likewise modeled at the 54th Grammy Awards in 2012 and complicated Magazine named her the "Hottest Game display Eye Candy." She is also an actor who appeared with Rachel Reynolds in the movie "Jack and also Jill" as well as on "The Bold and also the Beautiful," and also in the music videos "Loving girlfriend No More" through Diddy and Dirty Money and Robin Thicke"s "It"s in the Mornin"," every IMDb.

Arbeláez and Matthew Doherty have been married because February 2018 and welcomed your daughter Matilda Margaret in 2019, every IMDb. When she"s not working on "The Price is Right," she does various other modeling gigs, shops, and goes come the spa. When it involves her favorite vacation spot, she loves the Bahamas due to the fact that it "is the perfect ar to relax and get away from every the city traffic and pollution," per her bio.

James O'Halloran/Instagram
James O"Halloran prospered up in Melbourne, Australia the town hall the Australian variation of "The Price is Right." He won "The Price is Right" Male design Search in 2014 and also joined the actors then, every his "The Price is Right" bio. He moved to the U.S. To seek a career in the entertainment market after functioning as an commercial designer in Australia.

O"Halloran has acted in function films, short films, music videos, and also plays. He"s showed up on "The Young and also the Restless," "The Mindy Project," "Jane the Virgin," "Superstore," and "Criminal Minds: beyond Borders," per IMDb.

O"Halloran and Jaimee Gooley have been married since 2016. They invited their kid Max in July 2021, per Instagram. Your favorite place to travel with each other is Tulum, Mexico, and ago home, James loves Byron just in the Sydney area, per his bio. Together he is rather new to the U.S., James also loves jumping in his car and exploring Malibu, Los Olivos, La Jolla, las Vegas, Yosemite, large Sur, and Baja.

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Devin Goda is from Pittsburgh, Penn., wherein he thrived up safety time on his grandparents" farm, every his "The Price is Right" bio. He played large receiver on the football team at Slippery rock University. He to be the second-leading large receiver in the background of the university. In his college career, he had actually 173 receptions and also 2,259 receiving yards, every Touchdown Wire.

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He was no drafted out of college and also signed v the NFL"s Baltimore Ravens as an undrafted complimentary agent after ~ college. He play in 2 preseason games before sustaining one injury to his hamstring that ended his pro football career in 2013, per Touchdown Wire. As soon as his football career was over, he sought a career in modeling. He"s showed up in national campaigns for a number of high-profile brands including Calvin Klein, Under Armor, and Macy"s, per his bio.

Unlike the other "The Price is Right" models, Goda isn"t follow an acting career at this point in time. However he has reflected on how his soccer career facilitated his new career modeling on "The Price is Right." In a world Live interview (via Touchdown Wire), the said, " "The Price is Right" you need to know everything. You need to know camera angles, you need to know lines. It"s just kinda choose the playbook in football. You have to know what you"re doing, whereby you"re doing, you need to know whereby you"re spring at."