Most of us are excited to know how much the star athletes earn. But has it ever crossed your mind how much the match officials earn? If you have have ever tried to how much a National Hockey League Referee earn per match and in a year, then you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss how much the NHL referees and the linesman earn for conducting a single game. We will also help you knowing how much money they take home in a year.

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NHL Referees Salary Chart:

Match OfficialsRolePer Match FeesYearly Earnings
Brad MeierMatch Referee2K US Dollars400K US Dollars
Tom ChmielewskiMatch Referee2K US Dollars400K US Dollars
Dean MortonMatch Referee1.5K US Dollars370K US Dollars
Pierre LambertMatch Referee1.5K US Dollars370K US Dollars
Jacob BrenkMatch Referee1K US Dollars330K US Dollars
Steve BartonLinesman8 Hundred US Dollars250K US Dollars
John GrandtLinesman8 Hundred US Dollars250K US Dollars
Lonnie CameronLinesman8 Hundred US Dollars250K US Dollars
Don HendersonLinesman8 Hundred US Dollars250K US Dollars
Derek AmellLinesman6.5 Hundred US Dollars220K US Dollars
Shandor AlphonsoLinesman5 Hundred US Dollars200K US Dollars
David BriseboisLinesman5 Hundred US Dollars200K US Dollars

Yearly Earnings: Professional NHL match referees’ yearly earnings range stands between 300K to 500K US Dollars. The top paid ones take equal or more than 400 thousand USD per year. The linesman earn comparatively lower as their yearly income range is between 200 thousand to 350 thousand USD. Most of them make around 250K USD in a year. Apart from these, the rookie NHL referees who are just at the beginning of their career has the chance to make up to $50K in a year.

Category Based Salary Chart for the NHL Referees:

CategoryYearly EarningsPer Match FeesPlay OffsAll Star Match
Match Referees300K – 500K US Dollars1K – 2K US Dollars5K US Dollars10K US Dollars
Linesman200K – 350K US Dollars500 – 800 US Dollars1.25K US Dollars4K US Dollars
Rookie Referees50K US Dollars300 US DollarsNot ApplicableNot Applicable

Per Match Fees: Match Referees are the highest paid officials in the NHL. They pocket around 1 thousand to 2 thousand USD for officiating a single NHL fixture. They are followed by the linesman who generally get 500 to 800 US Dollars per game. The rookie referees who are also called the entry level referees are paid only 300 USD for operating a match.

Play Offs Match Fees: Play offs provide the officials more money than the initial round matches. Match referees get around 4K to 5K USD for their duties in a play off fixture. The linesman as expected earn lesser. Their average salary for a play off match is $1.25K. By the way, the rookie referees are not selected for the play off games. They at least need to 2-3 years’ experience to get a professional contract to be selected for these matches.

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All Star Match Fees: The fees for the all star matches for the referees and the linesman are 10 thousand USD and 4 thousand USD Respectively.