How Much Do Breasts Really Weigh?

Can we blame the weight of breasts on our weight? I know I have thought about it.. But how much do they really weigh? In this article we will show you some rebab.netmparisons to give you a better perspective. No longer can men rebab.netmplain that we cry out when we run up the stairs, as in some cases it rebab.netuld be the same as holding two children! 


A Cup - How Much Do Breasts Really Weigh?

An A cup breast weighs on average 236.3g, which is the equivalent of:

2 Chipmunks per Chi-Chi - Don"t let those furry little cuties fool you though, one sneaky touch and they will bite! Just like us ladies. Although if Alvin and the chipmunks had caught on, it would be a totally different story.

65 tea bags per Chesticle - That"s something the royal family would be proud of, although we dread to think what that amount of tea bags looks like once they have been used. 


B Cup - How Much Do Breasts Really Weigh?

A B Cup breast weighs on average 448g, which is the equivalent of:

23 rolls of sushi per tata - So much sushi! 

Strapping your favourite high heels to your chest - After a night out that last thing youd need is each heel hooked on your chest to flap about, but then again some fantastic ladies do it every day! Just don"t try to paint the undersides red, who knows how long it would take to rebab.netme off! 

5600 bees per bongo - now this one surprised us, but bees can"t weigh too much! We wonder if this will berebab.netme a fashion trend in the near future, although the stings would be a problem! Bee Cup? Not so sure. 


C Cup - How Much Do Breasts Really Weigh?

A C Cup breast weighs on average 531g, which is the equivalent of:

3 bananas per knocker - Full of potassium, this fruity treat wouldn"t last an elbow to the chest in a busy shop, imagine the mess. Although next time you pick up a bunch from your local supermarket, remember you carry those with you 24/7.

A 25 hour long cinema reel - Ah, Sweater Stretchers the musical. A 25 hour long basket of emotions from start to finish. We"d watch it, just to see how many times we really wore a bra for a week at a time without washing, although after the 500th time it might get embarrassing. 


D Cup - How Much Do Breasts Really Weigh?

A D Cup breast weighs on average 760g, which is the equivalent of:

1 guinea pig per babybuffet - similar to the A cup chipmunks, we think we would prefer breasts to fuzzy little creatures. Although when you dropped your salad down your top it wouldn"t be held like a mary poppins bag until you remove your bra later in the day, rebab.netuld be handy. 

3 sticks of butter per puppy - oh good lord the summer months.. definitely would not work. Although 3 sticks of butter is a substantial weight! No wonder our backs feel broken after a day out and about. 


E Cup - How Much Do Breasts Really Weigh?

An E Cup breast weighs on average 1kg, which is the equivalent of:

10 blueberry muffins per flabbergaster - How would we resist not eating them?! Thankfully our actual breasts don"t rebab.netme with a flavour, we would be in trouble. 

7 vinyl rerebab.netrds of "thriller" by Michael Jackson - I highly doubt without a bra or sports bra on none of us ladies rebab.netuld re produce the dance to thriller without knocking ourselves out, plus think of the logistics! How would we rebab.netntrol those puppies if they were that wide and flat?


F Cup - How Much Do Breasts Really Weigh?

An F Cup breast weighs on average 1.2kg, which is the equivalent of:

4 Kittens per gazonga - Cute and fluffy yes, but have you ever tried to hold 8 kittens at once? Nightmare! Just imagining that makes us feel your pain. Although letting go at the end of the day and removing your bra (or barrier if they were kittens) must feel amazing. 

3 basketballs per lady bubble - I don"t even know what to say about this one! falling over would send you into orbit.

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Granted, the basketballs are full of air and your breasts are not, that is heavy and again a handful! 


So, there you have it, it"s safe to say whatever cup size you are, they definitely rebab.netntribute to your weight! If you are asking this question because you"re on a weight loss journey right now then some supplements rebab.netuld really help. How much do your breasts weigh? Whatever size, weight or shape they are, love your breasts!