Want to include a pug to her family? Welcome come the pug club. However how lot do pugs cost?

If you’re wondering how much it prices to buy a pug, you’ve come to the best place!

Pugs are such funny and also lovable little dogs. They’re very versatile, and good for both children and also seniors, in apartments or houses, and in the country or city.

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Their great looks, charm and loyalty do them really popular, so getting a pug won’t come cheap. Here’s what you need to know about pug prices before you take the plunge.

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The adhering to information regards price in the unified States. If you’re located in an additional country – sorry!

So, exactly how much space pugs?

The price of a pug relies on:

There are three determinants that get in the pug price:

Location –prices can vary from state to state.Dog pedigree – did the puppy’s uncle victory Westminster? If so, he’ll expense more! Puppies native champion currently (“show quality”) cost an ext than puppies who are “pet quality.”Time the year – late spring and also winter holidays tend to be liven puppy buying seasons.


How lot do pugs expense if…

I rescue mine pug from a dependable rescue?I purchase a pug native a reputable breeder?I want a specific color pug?

How lot do pugs expense if ns rescue my pug from a trustworthy rescue?

Adopting a pug is regularly the cheapest path to take it if you’re trying to find a pug – plus, you’ll be conserving a life!

Prices usually range from $150 come $500.

Some rescues charge a level fee to embrace a pug, if others differ in price and also depend on determinants like the pug’s age (puppies will cost an ext than seniors).

If you’re looking to adopt, examine out this finish list of pug rescues in the unified States.

How lot do pugs expense if i buy a pug native a trustworthy breeder?

If you are buying a purebred pug from registered parents you have the right to expect come pay anywhere from about $1,200 – 2,500. If her pug originates from a champion line and also is display quality, they can expense even more.

The price will depend on countless factors, such together the top quality of the dog’s pedigree and also the area that the country.

Can friend pay much less for a pug native a reputable breeder?

Actually, yes.

Sometimes breeders may have actually adult dogs to location in good, loving residences after they’ve retirement from the show ring or breeding. These retired pugs room usually spayed or neutered and cared for as beloved pets. In many cases, they are still just a couple of years old and also get placed for complimentary or because that a tiny fee.

Some breeders may list these dogs on your website, while rather may simply keep them as pets until the right residence comes along. If you have actually a breeder in mind, however sure to ask them.

Why room pugs for this reason expensive?

Pugs space expensive due to the fact that they have little litters, often need a C-section to give birth, and because they room a famous breed in high demand.

The average size the a pug litter is 4 to 6 puppies. Pugs are prone to wellness issues, and also can have actually complications during and after pregnancy. High value vet bills, and also excellent care, room not cheap, definition that puppies will cost more.


How much do pugs cost if I want a particular pug color?

According to the American Kennel Club, pugs come in 3 colors:

Silver.Apricot-fawn, v a black challenge mask.Black.

However, some may breed “exotic” colors, favor white, brindle, panda or caramel.

Exotic color may cost more, and also they’re often harder to come by. Learn an ext about pug colors here.

Why you must never purchase a pug puppy indigenous a backyard breeder:

If you find for “pug puppy for sale” in Google, you’re bound to find plenty the Craigslist posts and also cheap listings for pug puppies costing $200 – $600 a pop.

Your eyes might bulge v excitement. A brand brand-new pug puppy for much less than $1,000? It sound too great to be true! however that’s because, that is.

These puppies are marketed by backyard breeders.

Backyard breeders room amateur breeders that breed dogs in substandard and unethical ways.

They frequently do not carry out proper treatment to the animals they’re breeding, in component because their focus is top top money and also not the animals’ wellbeing.

Sure, you’ll save money initially by buying indigenous a backyard breeder, however you’re far much more likely to gain a ailing puppy that you’ll should spend loads of money on at the vet. Plus, you’ll be supporting a terrible business that abuses dogs. It’s a lose-lose situation.

So skip the cheap puppy ads and also Craigslist posts and focus on detect a reliable breeder. Need aid weeding out the poor guys? check out our guide on just how To discover A reliable Pug Breeder.


The extra expense of obtaining a pug:

The price you salary to own a pug is simply the beginning.

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After that comes other expenses, like vaccines, check-ups, food, supplies, pets insurance, training and more.

You’ll be spending not simply money, however a the majority of quality time v your new pug. They’ll require continuous care and training – puppies can’t potty train themselves!

The bottom line:getting a pug is a significant time and financial investment, however it’s more than worth it due to the fact that pug love is priceless!