CD-Recordable commonly Asked questions (FAQ)

What"s CD-R? CD-RW?

CD-R is short for "CD-Recordable". Recordable CDs are WORM (Write Once, check out Multiple) media that work just like standards CDs. A related modern technology called CD-Rewritable (CD-RW) permits you to erase discs and also reuse them, however the CD-RW media doesn"t occupational in every players. CD-Rewritable drives room able to write both CD-R and also CD-RW discs.

Which should I usage in the lab?

Use CD-R and also not CD-RW due to the fact that CD-RW are much less likely to work-related in many CD-ROM readers and are an ext expensive. The college"s bookstore sell CD-R for $1.19 a piece.

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Are they the same to typical CDs?

The CDs girlfriend buy in a store are pressed native a mold. CD-Rs are burned with a laser. When they"re not physically identical, castle work just the same. Part CD players and also CD-ROM drives aren"t as good at analysis CD-R and CD-RW discs as they room at reading pressed CDs, yet by and big they work simply fine.

Can ns create new audio and data CDs?

Yes. Friend can create CD-ROMs from data top top your difficult drive, and also you can create new audio CDs indigenous anything you deserve to record right into a WAV or AIFF sound file. The CD-ROMs you create will beat jin plain CD-ROM drives, and also the audio CDs you create will work-related in your home or vehicle CD player. Composing to CD-Rs and also CD-RWs needs a CD recorder. Girlfriend can"t create CDs v an ordinary CD-ROM drive.

Can I usage it to copy mine CDs?

How much can they hold?

About 74 minutes of audio, or about 650MB the data. Part CD-R blanks have the right to hold 80 minutes of audio, or around 700MB of data.

Can I just copy files onto a CD-R favor I would to a floppy?

Yes and also no. The procedure can be a bit an ext involved than that, and requires software application that usually comes bundled through the drive. V "packet writing" software, and also a recorder that supports it, you have the right to treat a CD-R or CD-RW disc favor a floppy. On a CD-R you have the right to only write to each part of the bowl once, for this reason deleting records doesn"t gain any space. There are other constraints as well. Once you"re law the writing you can"t interrupt the drive, and you can"t reclaim the space you"ve used. If you desire to write your records in smaller sized bunches, you shed a fair bit of an are every time friend stop and also start again.

Can i copy DVDs v a CD recorder?

Not directly. CD and also DVD are an extremely different formats, so you can"t compose DVDs with your CD recorder.

Can ns download MP3s from the Internet and make an audio CD?

Yes. You deserve to download MP3s, write them come a CD, and play it in anything the handles audio CDs. In fact, many of the well-known CD record programs will decode the MP3s because that you.

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How lengthy does it take to burn a CD-R?

It relies on exactly how much data you"re going to burn, and also how quick your drive is. Burning 650MB that data takes around 74 minute at 1x, 37 minutes at 2x, and also 19 minutes at 4x, but you have actually to include a minute or 2 for "finalizing" the disc.

How do I learn more?

This FAQ includes a good deal the information, but it"s geared towards answering specific questions fairly than giving a general education. But, you deserve to learn more about by check the tutorial i beg your pardon may administer a much better starting suggest or inspect the hands-on for disc Copier and also Creator Classic.