Do friend think Brock Lesnar will certainly have any type of problem through the stamin of Alistair Overeem? If Overeem go not have actually a possibility to floor a punch, however does somehow take Lesnar come the ground, from the sounds of things Lesnar would be able to just pop The Reem best off the him.

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In a recent interview v TapouT News’ Mike Straka, Lesnar’s former WWE associate cut Angle spoke around Lesnar’s upcoming fight against Alistair Overeem and also how Lesnar is the finest athlete end 250 pounds.

I have actually a many respect because that Brock. I think the in any fight he’s in he has actually a chance. You don’t realize how solid and just how athletic Brock Lesnar is till you obtain in the ring through him. I have sparred v him in genuine wrestling. I’m no going come tell you who won, ok say ns was really happy with the outcome. However I’m a much an ext experienced wrestler. Brock Lesnar is the best athlete end 250 that I’ve ever seen in mine life. That benches over 600 pounds, I’ve seen him squat end 1,000 pounds. This male is an animal, for this reason you can not say the he has actually no chance. He always has a possibility and, you know what, he have the right to take a punch. Of course, he’s gained knocked down and he’s acquired knocked out, however he have the right to take a punch. The guy’s an animal, therefore he has a shoot every time the goes out there and also I wish him the best.


Jeremy Brand began up this lovechild dubbed ago in 2009. It started as a understand project and also has turned right into much more. In his spare time, you can uncover Jeremy on the mats, as he is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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