The main aim that the game is to fix the word puzzle and also gain much more money than all the various other players. The game is played through a one-of-a-kind wheel with 24 segments that identify the dollar value of the referred to as letters. Prior to the present is taped, players draw special fancy strips the stand for your positions through the wheel.

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Each game starts through a host naming a group of the puzzle, which deserve to be anything indigenous a thing to new categories.

Players turn the wheel one through one specify name the letter to guess the puzzle. If part player think he knows the word he deserve to use the Toss up and also buzz in at any time in the video game to solve it. If the guess: v is exactly he walk on to the following round and also gets a compensation of $1000 because that the very first round and also $2000 because that the second. Also, the 2nd Toss up provides a player the appropriate to begin round 1. The player to his/her left starts round 2 and also the critical player beginning the third Round. If the Toss-up has not been winner by any kind of contestants, or if all the letters have actually been revealed there is no a Toss-up, no cash is won.



The wheel has 24 segment with various cash values, prizes, penalties and others.

Players spin the wheel and depending top top the segment they are either paid out and also get the opportunity to choose a letter or get a penalty. If the segment is not a punish one, the player deserve to pick one consonant. If the guess is correct, then a prize according to the segment is paid. If the assumption: v is wrong, the next player take away the turn.


Cash - if the assumption: v is correct, the player gets the amount of cash written on the segment multiply by the variety of times the letter shows up in the puzzle.

Prizes and Gifts - in bespeak to acquire the prize readily available in that segment, the player needs to guess a consonant correctly. Usually the prize is added to the wheel at the begin of ring 1 and also taken far if no one has won it prior to Round 4 starts. The cash value of the prizes and also gift tags is announced in ~ the start of the game.

Free Play - this sector permits the player to pick a cost-free vowel or to buy a consonant because that $500. If the player is wrong, no punish is used and also player resumes his turn.

Wild card - wild card can be offered in two various ways. The an initial is to choose a second consonant for the exact same value as the segment that is on. The 2nd is to use it in the bonus round to pick an extra consonant, if he of course makes it to the bonus round.

Million dissension Wedge - this is a special wedge placed on the wheel because that the very first three rounds. This wedge is normally surrounded by bankrupt wedges top top both sides. If it is no won during first three rounds, it is gotten rid of from the table after the 3rd round. If the player claims this wedge, he has to avoid Bankrupt until the end of the game, win the round and also finish as the game champion. This wedge will be inserted on the bonus wheel rather of the $100,000 envelope.

Bankrupt - (black) special segment that prices the player every the money and prizes winner in the round, any type of Wild cards and the Million dissension Wedge. There is one Bankrupt segment in the first round, and also 2 in the 2nd and 3rd.

Lose a Turn - (white) this segment prices the player a go. This segment continues to be on the wheel for the totality game.

Jackpot Wedge - shows up in the ring 2 and also gives players a opportunity to victory the gradual jackpot. This jackpot starts with $5000 and also is gathered during the video game by adding all the money prizes won during the game. If a player cases this wedge, and guesses a exactly consonant, the can shot to win the jackpot by resolving the puzzle.

Mystery Wedges - These room 2 distinct wedges that show up in the third Round. This wedges are significant with a question mark and may either provide the player a $1000 cash compensation or if the decides to rotate it end either a $10,000 cash compensation (in the an initial versions it to be an economic climate car) or to go Bankrupt. If one wedge has currently been rotate over, the second one remains in the round and is for a $1000 prize only.


You have actually probably noticed, that players that do not get a punish on turn the wheel have actually the possibility to surname a consonant. Vowels can be bought for extra cash. The cost of a vowel is generally $250 and if the player is not correct the money is still taken native the account. Players are allowed to buy number of vowels at once if lock wish. If words does not contain any an ext vowels, the host will tell the players about it and also vice versa, if the word has only vowels left, the players will certainly be readily available to purchase them.

Solving the Puzzle


Players that shot to solve the puzzle may do this during their revolve after to buy a collection or specify name a letter. Any type of incorrect guesses cost the player a turn. The player the solves the puzzle is the only one who keeps every the money winner in this round. If the money amounts to less than $1000, the is boosted to the minimum video game amount the $1000.

When the player wins the ring he is offered the possibility to take the Bonus solution. This systems is a question connected with the puzzle itself and if the player solves the he gets extra $3,000. The video game may have actually a Prize Puzzle the awards the winner a trip.

There is one extra prize referred to as a SPIN ID. This is a compensation that may be granted to among the non-players that the "Wheel Watchers Club". Viewers who have signed up in ~ the game website obtain a "Special Prize identification Number" (S.P.I.N.). The number is revealed in the game and also the viewer with the precise same number has specifically 24 hrs to insurance claim for it at the website. The prize may be cash or a automobile like that won through a player in the studio. If the winner has actually a Sony card, he will be granted one extra $50,000.

Final Spin


The last spin additionally known together the speed up ring is play if the video game is to run short and there is no more time. At some suggest in the video game a bell rings to suggest this and the hosts announces the this is the last spin the the wheel. Native this allude on the consonants space worth $1000 and vowels space free. The football player name letters one by one and also if the guess is correct, the player has 3 secs to assumption: v the word.

The End

The player with the many cash and also prizes wins the game and goes on come the bonus round. Every players that have actually won nothing get a consolation prize of $1,000. If over there is a tie, the players play a fourth Toss-up that has actually no cash value and also is provided only to uncover the player that proceeds come the bonus round.

Bonus Rounds

The top winner that the entirety game it s okay to rotate the Bonus wheel. Every segment the the wheel this time has an envelope through a prize or a cash examine in it. The player is said the group of the puzzle and such letters as R, S, T, L, N and also E room revealed. The player it s okay to choose 3 an ext consonants and also 1 vowel. ~ this he has 5 secs to solve the puzzle and also reveal the prize.

Special games

Some shows may be because that two-player teams, once all the simple wins (as consolation compensation or a car) space doubled and players play in a team that two yet as one player.

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Another type of a special video game is one with celebrities as guests. If the contestants win- they take the money and prizes, yet if the celebrity wins - he/she donates the money and also prizes come charity.