There are an ext people asking, what does a lb of weed cost?,’ than ever, because that a good reason. Cannabis is in so plenty of products and also is entering so many brand-new American marketplaces, the it’s a commodity to folks who don’t also partake.

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The pricing answer itself varies from an ar to an ar and is affected by lot of factors. As constraints on cannabis lift in new territories, the landscape shifts for the area but has tiny affect nationwide. helps break down the prominence behind large weed purchases shore to coast and explains just how pricing ~ above one shore can influence another. To that end, we sympathize with our brothers and sisters top top the West shore ravaged through wildfire.


Legal weed

For 35 million Americans, the price of a lb of weed determines the smallest gram buy. Like crude come the expense of gas, three is treated as a commodity and traded together futures through online three exchanges, marketed by the pound.

To answer what does a lb of weed cost?,’ one just has to find a cannabis ticker. Price are collection in genuine time for individual strains and certain grows (outdoor, indoor, greenhouse, etc.) region by region.

These three exchanges recorded 2019 as a record $52B year in America, also though the price the a lb of weed reduce 12% at harvest. The was 29.9M pounds the herb bought, sold, exhilaration and/or manufactured.

Weedanomics: What affects the price that weed?

The all weed-by-the-pound factors determining the price of the $20 dispensary gram are vast ranging. The top quality of the bud is a factor from seed to shelf. That’s why the end grows get less per pound than indoor grow which are commonly primo hydro grows.


Legalization is likewise another aspect determining what does a pound of weed cost?.’ because that the bad remaining says without any type of marijuana reform, prices are greater just for the hazard factor. But even legit weed has actually restrictions and also how they space enforced likewise affects the price that a pound.

When weed is enabled and the cops aren’t busting anyone, there’s still major hassles native other bureaucracies from banking to permitting. And also of course, the federal government has a method of placing a damper also on weed.


The solitary greatest variable affecting just how much is a pound of weed is taxes. The Federal government slaps a punitive tax on recreational three while refusing the industry the best to official exist legally, get tax breaks and even salary taxes in anything however cash.

Money the government collects contributes to how much is a lb of weed. Those funds should insure necessary infrastructure jobs to safeguard the industry, but sometimes things are out of the hands of the cultivators and also money men.


Any agribusiness is influenced by nature and how favorable conditions are to each grow. As a pandemic, raging wildfires and ongoing blackouts have the right to attest, also indoor growers can be influenced by nature.


What was once strictly an underground transaction has gone mainstream. Now world who love cannabis and also those who simply love money have entered the industry. Compete is fierce in already saturated sectors which lowers the price the what does a pound of weed cost.

Supply & demand

It’s the grasp of market economics- exactly how badly civilization want something and also what they room willing to spend to gain it. I don’t should tell you just how badly weed was wanted in this country. Just how much is a lb of weed is always on our minds and also the prices reflect that.

Black sector weed

As more states get in the legal cannabis community, black sector weed continues to flourish. Because the legislation makes criminals of some and not others, the need for illegal weed proceeds to exist, a pound of street weed is commonly cheaper than a dispensary.

Tax money the could advantage everyone end up funding illegal grows, so it’s a lost opportunity for the government and an benefit for the black color market. Despite the majority of Americans supporting cannabis reform, congress has ever before moved on apparent legislation.

A pound of legit weed costs an ext than money. It’s too many taxed and under stood for by the government. The legal industry is hobbled by allow delays, bureaucratic red tape and also unrealistic restrictions.

And while the nature that 21st Century legit weed is still much less than a decade old, the black sector has been in existence for millennia and also is more stable than retail. Illegal prices somewhat follow the legal weed market.

While prohibition large for any of ours brothers and also sisters, the cannabis activity will always have a shadowy side.

Wholesale weed price history

Every year because cannabis reform obtained started in 2012, profits have risen. As an ext and more states enact three reform, the legal pool gets a small bigger and also the illegal swimming pool a little smaller. Sector fluctuations affect how lot is a lb of weed, which stays a steady commodity.

After an ext than five years, the earliest adult-use state, Colorado, to be expecting a slowdown. Every little thing in 2019, in spite of it being a record year, shown supply outpacing demand and also an eventual drop in prices.

Bargain hunters in Oregon and Washington to be able come scoop increase the finish of 2018’s harvest for $500 a lb or much less for fair-grade, outdoor get an impression weed. What world expected at the end of 1029 was exactly how much is a lb of weed would continue to decline.


Wholesale marijuana grows

Cannabis the every grade; middling, fair and good; go the opposite direction. Since what civilization didn’t mean from 2020 to be every traditional being thrown the end the window. Now how much is a pound of weed has an ext than one factor it’s growing.

There to be such a glut in the sector last year that countless farmers farming flower because that THC switched end to CBD-oriented hemp. Then, a pandemic swept throughout the world and stayed longer in America than any kind of other nation.

Cannabis has actually been pointed out as an actual therapy for COVID-19 for its therapeutic features without side effects. Exactly how much is a lb of weed was certainly on the mental of plenty of as supply chains to be ravaged and also wildfires blazed.

Pandemic do weed ‘essential’

Every state with recreational weed has actually seen a boom in 2020 unlike many industries. And while local markets do independent the one another, the industry has actually thrived throughout the plank in 2020 from shore to coast, one state at a time.

The oldest adult-use market, Colorado, has actually seen main of record-breaking sales. Illinois, a brand brand-new legal state, had actually a document $95.5M august 2020 sales outpacing the five-year-old Oregon market. And also Oregon chin is increase 30% from this time last year.

Perhaps the biggest news of every is California, wracked v permitting problems, just approved 100 brand-new stores which will only increase sales in the largest industry in the world.

Average all marijuana price per pound

average average all price per lb of marijuana- $1650 typical wholesale price per lb for recreational- $1600 median wholesale price per pound for medical- $1,800 median Wholesale price every pound increased slightly (rather than predicted decline) average greenhouse ($1,350), typical Indoor ($1,900) median Outdoor ($750)

Marijuana price per lb by thrive type

Average Quality

$1500 – $2,000 (CA, CO, OR) $1250 (WA) $2,125 (NV, AZ, NM) $2,500 (OK) $2,250 (ME) $2,750 (MI) >$3,000 (CT, DC, RI, VT, NH, AK) >$4,000 (IL, MA)

Pound that weed prices by state

District the Columbia Dispensary – Medical $850
Dispensary – Recreational $3,000
Street – Medical Low – $1950 Med – $2,223 High – $4,317
Street – Recreational Low – $1900 Med – $1,959 High – $3,317
New York Dispensary – Medical Low – $1,800 High – $5,400
Street – Medical Low – $1,900 Med – $2,441 High – $4,876
Street – Recreational Low – $1,660 Med – $2,383 High – $4,528
Dispensary – Recreational Med – $3,800 High – $4,800
New Jersey Dispensary – Medical N/A
Dispensary – Recreational $3,400
Street – Medical Low – $2,000 Med – $1,600 High – $3,600
Street – Recreational Low – $1,600 Med – $2,383 High – $4,500
Illinois Dispensary – Medical High – $2,000
Dispensary – Recreational Med – $2,000 High – $2,700
Street – Medical Low – $1,000 Med – $1,831 High – $1,803
Street – Recreational Low – $1,637 Med – $1,855 High – $1,785
California Dispensary – Medical Low – $1,545 Med – $1,585 High – $2,202
Dispensary – Recreational Low – $1,875 Med – $1,332 High – $4,827
Street – Medical Low – $1,604 Med – $2,546 High – $4,962
Street – Recreational Low – $1,515 Med – $2,559 High – $4,962
Colorado Dispensary – Medical Low – $3,000 Med – $1,612 High – $4,584
Dispensary – Recreational Low – $2,302 Med – $1,575 High – $3,990
Street – Medical Low – $1,200 Med – $1,200 High – $3,160
Street – Recreational Low – $1,500 Med – $2,866 High – $3,385
Washington Dispensary – Medical High – $1,600
Dispensary – Recreational Med – $2,250
Street – Medical High – $5,100
Street – Recreational Low – $2000 Med – $2933 High – $4,600

Weed futures

Everyone thought weed would wane. Even as new states legalize cannabis and the sector gets larger, weed has been a an extremely stable commodity due to the fact that the dawn of time. Yet that’s no to say there aren’t industry fluctuations that influence prices.

And 2020 is absolutely the year of change, even for the three industry. The perfect storm the events- a glut the vault year; a significant switch to hemp because that CBD; wildfires that burn for months damaging countless plants with ash, soot and also smoke; and also a pandemic that’s ravaged supply chain, manpower and crucial infrastructure.

Weed’s price per lb is rising

Cannabis being asserted essential nationwide was a blessing for the industry and its customers during stressful times of lockdowns. So, ‘how much is a pound of weed’ really relies on the components we’ve discussed; quality, legalization, competition, supply, demand, nature and more.

Remember, the chain of occasions unfolding in the last months of 2020 will reveal if California has enough undamaged legitimate weed to accomplish demand. Supply is already outpacing demand there which is why the an initial average wholesale lb of marijuana sold for $3,400 in October.

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So if friend can find out just how much walk a pound of weed cost, grab that if the price is right. Girlfriend can inspect out all of our favorite weed distribution services to view what they have to offer.