The first question that pertains to mind creating a speech is how numerous words perform you I must pen for this presentation. If you compose a speech the is too long you may have to leave the end some crucial parts which could disturb the circulation of her speech. Similarly, if you compose a speech that is also short, you may end up through a the majority of time left in ~ the end. If you space speaking at the competition climate the number of words end up being even an ext important as going over or below a specific time limit can obtain the speaker disqualified. There room several factors that come into play here and in this post I have shared some things to take into consideration when writing your following speech


What is her Speaking Rate?

The speaking price is the number of words every minute the you say in your speech. You have the right to calculate your speaking rate by recording a 2-3 minute speech and then very closely noting the under the number of words that you used during that time. Then just divide the number of words by the time to get the words per minute of her speech utilizing the formula given below.

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Speaking rate (wpm) = total words / No of minutes

Repeat this exercise few times and also then typical the totals to get your mean speaking rate. The average human being speaks in ~ somewhere between 100 and 200 words per minute. Thus, if you’re speaking for 20 minutes, you desire a full word count of somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 words. It’s practically always better to speak much more slowly than too quickly.

Based top top the speaking rate we deserve to calculate a rough estimate for variety of words required to speak because that a details time limit. The adhering to table shows the variety of words for various speech timings and speaking rates. This would provide you a great idea that how numerous words to usage in your speech.

100 wpm125 wpm150 wpm175 wpm200 wpm
1 min100 125150 175200
2 mins200250 300 350400
3 mins300375450525600
4 mins400500600700800
5 mins5006257508751,000
6 mins6007509001,0501,200
7 mins7008751,0501,2251,400
8 mins800 1,0001,2001,4001,600
9 mins9001,1251,3501,5751,800
10 mins1,0001,2501,5001,7502,000
15 mins1,5001,3752,2502,6253,000
20 mins2,0002,5003,0003,5004,000
25 mins2,5003,1253,7504,3755,000
30 mins3,0003,7504,5005,2506,000
45 mins3,5005,6256,7507,8759,000
60 mins (1 hour)5,0007,5009,00010,50012,000
Number of native in a speech based upon the time limit and words per minute

Is over there Any activity Involved?

Speaking rate is just one aspect that determines the number of words in your speech. Another factor is the time invested on activities during her presentation. Tasks could be anything varying from a question and also answer conference or some sort of audience participation. Due to the fact that these tasks eat up part time, make sure you take it this time into account when writing her speech.

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Will You it is in Playing any Visuals?

Another element to take into consideration specially when providing presentations is the time it takes come play visuals – any video or animation. Usually once that wake up the speaker is silent and the audience watches the video. Furthermore when utilizing presentation software, that takes time to adjust slides and also load all the pointers and also transitions. This can take up substantial time specially if it the presentation deck is long. Therefore, when writing your speech, take it these things into account so the you do not need to rush through any slides as result of shortage the time.


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