Women space often lugged into the snapshot when pointing out Islam because their standing — if not studied thoroughly and objectively — is severely misunderstood. Under those inaccurate assumptions, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is frequently accused the practicing and encouraging unjust treatment of women, if the truth is actually the the opposite — together I hope you will view after analysis this answer.

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I’m encouraged by your thoughtful, questioning nature to effort to crystallize the true picture of this great man. Let’s take an target peek into his life, to study whether or not Muhammad (peace and also blessings be upon him) is that pushing back womanizer. But first let’s walk a small further earlier in history to look in ~ the residential lives of other prophets coming before Muhammad and also what their scriptures tell us about their stance in the direction of the polygamy issue:

Other Prophets practiced Polygamy

The fact that only Muhammad is accused that polygamy is rather surprising, because this is a privilege appreciated by prophets before him. Your wives and concubines came in an excellent numbers, too! The Torah, the Bible, and also the Qur’an call of several of them; the remainder are not mentioned so us don’t know, but amongst the ones who were polygamous we deserve to count Prophets Ibrahim (Abraham), Ya`qub (Jacob), Dawud (David), and also Sulayman (Solomon). The bibles talk of polygamy as a “favor” bestowed ~ above them from the Lord.

First majesties 11:1-3 indicates that King Solomon had 700 hundreds wives and also 300 hundreds concubines! In sealing contract in old days, it was customary because that a lesser king to offer his daughter in marital relationship to the better king. Every time a brand-new treaty was sealed, Solomon finished up through yet one more wife. These wives were considered “tokens that friendship” and “sealed” the relationship between the two kings. (Reasoning indigenous the scriptures on 1 Kings)

Scripture suggests that David also acquired wives and concubines, David’s blessings, consisting of his wives, were provided to him together a result of God’s favor (2 Sam. 5:12-13; 12:8; D & C 132:39). Scriptural records say that the lord did command few of his ancient saints to practice plural marriage. Abraham, Isaac, and also Jacob—among others (D & C 132)—conformed to this ennobling and exalting principle; the whole background of ancient Israel to be one in which plurality of wives was a divinely accepted and approved bespeak of matrimony. Those who gone into this order in ~ the Lord’s command, and who maintained the laws and also conditions appertaining to it, have obtained for us eternal exaltation in the greatest heaven of the celestial world. (Mormon theory of Plural marriage p. 578)

Islam Didn’t create Polygamy but Only regulation It—in donate of Women!

From the above accounts, us can plainly see that Prophets—including Muhammad—were permitted to be much more polygamous than their followers, not simply for carnal reasons, however for politics and religious reasons in connection with to their call. Consequently, it is groundless come wonder why Muslims can’t get married 12 wives prefer their prophet, simply as the is groundless come wonder why Jews and also Christians can’t marry 700 choose theirs! Islam didn’t invent polygamy; Islam only made polygamy more humane, instituting equal legal rights for all wives. And even so, Muslim women are not forced to expropriate this and also may put a condition against it in their marital relationship contract.

The Qur’an Is the just Holy publication That Actually says “Marry just One”

Images that “sheikhs through harems” room not continual with Islam, as, in fact, the general rule in Islam is monogamy not polygamy. The Qur’an claims what means:

*Marry ladies of her choice, two, or three, or four; but if ye fear that ye candlestick not have the ability to deal justly (with them), then just one.* (An-Nisaa’ 3:3)

Polygamy in Islam is not recommended; that is only permitted under details guidelines. Permission to practice polygamy is not associated with just satisfaction that passion. That is, rather, linked with compassion towards widows and also orphans.

Before the Qur’an to be revealed, there was no top limit for polygamy, and many men had much more than 4 wives. Islam placed an top limit of four wives, permitting a guy to marry an ext than once, only on the problem that he deal justly with every one of them. However the same verse points out:

*Ye are never able to be fair and also just as in between women* (Al-Nisaa’ 3:129)

Therefore polygamy is not a rule however an exception.

Why Is the exception of Polygamy allowed in Islam?

The exception is do for plenty of reasons, however let’s note only one here, addressing your concern that Muhammad (peace and also blessings it is in upon him) “had intercourse exterior of wedlock.”

In western society, it is common for a male to have mistresses or lot of extra-marital affairs. Females in this situation are degraded come mere sex objects v absolutely no rights; they’re commonly on the losing finish of such liaisons. The same society, however, cannot accept a guy having more than one wife so that women have the right to retain your lawful rights and lead one honorable, dignified, and also respectable life.

If every adult American man married only one woman, there would still be more than 25 million ladies in the United states who would certainly not be able to get husbands, at least considering that—according to latest statistics—10 percent the the American population is gay! That’s close to 30 million people!

Thus the just option because that a woman that cannot find a husband is either to marry a married guy or to end up being “public property.” Islam gives women the honorable position by allow the first option and also disallowing the second. At the very least one the the factors Islam has permitted minimal polygamy is to protect the modesty the women!

Islam’s Straightforward method in problem Solving

In Islam, difficulties are supposed to it is in faced and solved—not ignored! So, quite than requiring hypocritical compliance, Islam gives legitimate and clean services to the difficulties of individuals and also societies. Over there is no doubt that the 2nd wife legitimate married and treated please is far better off 보다 a mistress without any legal rights. Through useful example, Prophet Muhammad as the overview of Muslims has set the applicable rules for this element of human relations in order no to leaving anything for speculation.

Stages of the Prophet’s Married Life

First, let’s remember the Prophet Muhammad (peace and also blessings it is in upon him) led a life supported only by the bare minimum that necessities. His wives were no idly wasting away the hours in a luxurious harem however led a life that labor and also sacrifice, while that was mainly busy away from home overseeing his many duties together a Prophet. So, obviously, lust was no a factor, as he wasn’t also at residence most the the time. Further, most of his marriages occurred at an age when lust is no a major factor in any man’s life:

1. That remained single until period 25.

2. From period 25 come 50 he to be faithful to just one wife, Khadijah, who bore every his kids except one. She to be 15 year older than him, with children from 2 previous marriages. She to be his best ally as soon as he received the call at period 40 till she died when he to be 50 year old. He remained in love through her till he died and often speak of his life v her with good nostalgia.

3. In between ages 50 and also 52 he continued to be unmarried and mourning his late beloved wife. He live alone through his daughters.

4. In between ages 53 and 60 he married every his various other wives for plenty of noble reasons comprehensive below. It’s unimaginable because that a male to suddenly rotate lustful at this age, especially as he was constantly traveling, through bloodthirsty enemies on his heels.

5. At age 60, Allah revealed come him verse avoiding him from marrying any more until the died, which to be at period 63. The Qur’an claims what means:

*It is no lawful for you (to get married other) ladies after this, no one to adjust them for various other wives.* (Al-Ahzab 33:52)

Reasons because that the Prophet’s Marriages

We deserve to categorize every his marital relationships under two facets of his personality:

– Muhammad the male who essential a loving wife, children, and a stable home, for this reason he married Khadijah and remained with only her for twenty years until she died.

– Muhammad the Prophet who married the other wives for reasons pertaining to his duty to supply the blog post to the world. Those specific women were carefully selected, not simply haphazardly “acquired” for carnal reasons, as suggested. Below are some of the reasons for i beg your pardon Muhammad married:

1. To pass on Islam come the following generations as a useful legacy

Prophet Muhammad is the only prophet without any kind of privacy, and also with a meticulously preserved tradition in speech and actions in all minute details that his public and also private life. Preserved in the sharp minds the his wives and also his Companions, those narrations comprise the “daily life manual” because that Muslims come follow till the end of time. The fact that Islam was spread out on the shoulders the women and also preserved in their hearts is a good honor to the females that this Ummah. The books of really Hadith attribute an ext than 3,000 narrations and also Prophetic legacies to his wives alone.

2. Come cement the relations of the budding nation

In a tribal society, it to be customary to seal treaties through marrying right into tribes. Muhammad’s the next Companions later came to be the four caliphs that led Islam at the vital stage ~ his death. Two of them to be the fathers of his wives `A’ishah (daughter the Abu Bakr) and Hafsa (daughter of `Umar); the various other two married his daughters (`Uthman married Ruqayyah and Zainab in succession, and also `Ali married Fatimah).

3. To teach Muslims compassion through women

He teach them to it is in compassionate not simply to the young and beautiful maidens, but an ext so come the weak and also destitute widows, divorcees, orphans, and also elderly women. Islam teaches the women are to it is in respected, protected, and cared because that by their guys folk. They’re no to be cast out to face a harsh life alone while able men around them simply pity them and also do nothing to help, or worse, use their weak to take it them together mistresses!

4. To market a practical function model come Muslims until the end of time

Although numerous believing women regularly approached Muhammad giving him us in marriage, that politely turned under their offers. Many of his wives after the fatality of Khadijah to be old, there is no of beauty, and previously married, other than `A’ishah, that was the only young virgin. That married from various other nations and also religions; some were the daughters the his worst enemies, and his marriage to one mrs won all her world into Islam. Regardless of his neutral feelings towards many of them, he to be a model example of same justice and kindness come them all, and also he would never discriminate amongst them.

Who were the Prophet’s Wives?

Prophet Muhammad married 12 wives in his life. Once he passed away he had 9 wives. They have actually a really special status in the hearts of Muslims together the “Mothers that the Believers,” together the Qur’an instructs, and also they room the source of a great amount of wisdom which castle learned while living close to such a an excellent man. Perhaps you’d favor to research a little bit to uncover their beautiful stories, so here are your names: Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, Sawdah bint Zam’ah, `A’ishah bint Abi Bakr, Hafsah bint `Umar ibn Al-Khattab, Zaynab bint Khuzaymah, Umm Salama, Zaynab bint Jahsh, Juwayriah bint Al-Harith, Umm Habibah, Safiyah bint Huyay ibn Akhtab, Maymunah bint Al-Harith, Maria the Copt.

Can We consider His marital relationship to `A’ishah a case of child Molestation?

To answer your speculation, let’s proceed our target trip right into the past. Obviously, when traveling ago in time 1400 years to research a way of living we never witnessed, the is unfair to use our current day standards, so let’s hear to the experts. Authentic historic records prove that the social traditions of the time and also place—regardless of religion—considered Arab females as women as soon as their menstrual cycles began. The practice was to give daughters in marriage at that age. This was practiced by every dwellers in Arabia prior to Islam: pagans, disbelievers, Jews, and also others. It’s a truth that female menstruation in hot climates beginning much earlier than in cold climates, so females in Arabia matured as at an early stage as 8 or 9; they likewise aged previously than various other women.

It’s a neglected truth that before she was married come Muhammad, `A’ishah had actually been engaged to an infidel, Jubair ibn Mus’ab ibn Ady. Her fiancé damaged the engagement top top the communication of spiritual difference. So she father, Abu Bakr, agreed to provide her hand in marital relationship to the Prophet.

The great Wisdom in selecting `A’ishah in details as a Young Wife

`A’ishah (may Allah it is in pleased with her) came from a house well known for learning and memorizing great quantities the knowledge; her father was a live encyclopedia the Arab lack pedigrees and also poetry. She inherited his ability, and in she young, intelligent, receptive mind, she preserved a precious section of Islam she learned throughout seven year of marriage, for 47 years after the fatality of the Prophet (peace and also blessings it is in upon him) and she taught thousands of men worldwide their religion as she had learned the firsthand from the Prophet. Come our existing day, she is considered amongst the most prominent Islamic scholars, and she holds very high esteem in the hearts of all Muslims together such and as “the lover of the Prophet,” who regularly mentioned her together the human he loved the many on the confront of this earth. With her, he built a version Muslim house for Muslims to strive to imitate forever.

Was Maria the Copt a Slave, a Concubine, or a wife of the Prophet?

Slavery currently existed long prior to Islam. It was a system through which a human recorded in battles or kidnapped could be marketed as a “possession.” the term applied to both sexes, no to ladies only. In some cultures slaves were taken into consideration subhuman and also treated brutally. In Europe, because that example, Romans threw Christian slaves to the lions while the public cheered; female slaves were believed to have no souls and were torture mercilessly; slaves stayed in degrading conditions; both sexes were forced to offer sexual favors to your masters; and as “possessions” they had no choice, no will, and also no rights.

Islam known the person rights the slaves and also encouraged Muslims to set slaves free. Islam prohibited adultery and also homosexuality, and also prevented forcing woman slaves right into sexual acts against their will. Islam urged educating them, setting them free, then legally marrying them and also giving them their moral and also financial rights. The reward because that this—as stated in Prophetic Hadith—is eternal residence in Paradise.

Maria was not a concubine; she was a slave owned by Egypt’s Christian governor, who readily available her and also her sister Serine—among various other presents—as a “gift of great will” to the Prophet in reply to his envoys inviting him come Islam. ~ above her means from Egypt come Madinah, she was curious come learn around “her new master” and also listened come his Companions talk about him. Together a result, she ended up being Muslim prior to meeting Muhammad. Scholars’ opinions differ of her status afterwards; here is the opinion i support:

One the the significant Al-Azhar scholars, Sheikh Abdul Majid Subh, states:

“Prophet Muhammad (peace and also blessings it is in upon him), instead of acquisition concubines, gone into into lawful marriages based on reason and also wisdom. Maria the Copt was given to him as a present, yet rather than taking her together a concubine, the Prophet (peace and also blessings be upon him) married her, therefore elevating her standing by marriage.”

Women’s legal rights in Islam Surpass modern-day Systems

If ladies in the Muslim world today don’t have actually their rights, it is not since Islam didn’t provide them rights. Extraterrestrial traditions have actually overshadowed the teachings that Islam, either v ignorance or the influence of colonialism. Most of the so-called modern-day reforms in the status of women showed up after the West abandoned religious beliefs for secularism. Those in the West who insurance claim to monitor the Judeo-Christian legacy really monitor the worths of west liberalism.

In England and America less than fifty year ago, a woman can not buy a house or car without the co-signature that a male “guardian”! In Contrast, Islamic regulation guaranteed rights to ladies over 1400 years ago that to be unheard of in the West till the 1900s.

Numerous verses the the Qur’an state the men and women are equal in the site of Allah; the just thing that distinguishes human being in His website is your level the God-consciousness.

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Islam teaches that a woman is a complete person under the law, and also is the spiritual same of a male. Women can own property, to run a business, and also to get equal salary for equal work. Women are enabled total manage of your wealth. They can not be married against their will, and also they are enabled to store their very own name when married. They deserve to inherit property and also to have actually their marriage liquified in the instance of overlook or mistreatment. Islam walk not consider woman one “evil temptress,” and thus does not blame woman for initial Sin (a doctrine that Islam rejects). Ladies in Islam participate in all forms of worship that males participate in.

Prophet Muhammad’s mission stopped countless of the awful practices against women that were existing in the society of his time. He in reality harnessed the unrestricted polygamy of the Arabs the the time, and also put countless laws in place to safeguard the health of women. In his farewell Sermon simply weeks before his death, he summary the teachings the Islam come the faithfulness in a final farewell. His last words to be “Be type to women!”