Legs– The love husband bee has actually three bag of legs, 6 legs in total.However, therear pairis specially designed with stiff hair to keep pollen once in flying from flower come flower. This is why a heavily laden worker bee isseen to have actually two golden pouches in complete season. The prior pair of legs has actually specialslots to enable the bee to clean the antenna.

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Wings– The honey punishment has 4 wings in total. The front and also rear wing hook with each other to kind one huge pair that wings and unhook for simple folding once not flying.Eyes– significant as it might seem, the honey punishment has 5 eyes, two huge compound eyes and three smaller sized ocelli eyes in the center ofitshead.


Photo over taken through Graham Kingham, Devon BKA of a much more close up image of a bee"s set of eyes

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Published:17th January, 2019

Updated:21st December, 2020

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1 Nov 2021

Another asian hornet swarm has been uncovered following the earlier find at Ascot. A member of the general public spotted an eastern Hornet top top Friday morning in a very built up area the Portsmouth.

Bee examiners went out Friday afternoon and also as quickly as they put traps down several, very hungry, hornets flew down to feeding on them. The examiners tracked the hornets earlier to the colony which was about 30cm in diameter. The nest was 20 metres increase a tree but they speak it might have to be spotted an extremely easily since there were no pipeline on the trees.

It was damaged by a storm ~ above Friday night yet they were able to damage it and remove the colony on Sunday afternoon.

The nest has currently been take away to federal government laboratories at York for examination.

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Bee Inspector, Peter Davies, that led the hunting is encouraging every beekeepers in the Portsmouth Fareham and also Gosport areas to placed out bait trap for oriental Hornets - the hornets in Portsmouth were an extremely hungry and will paris a long way for a good source the food.