Apart from the design, sizes, and also features, over there is another an extremely important page of your Sharp Carousel microwave which impacts your food preparation experience – the wattage. Getting the ideal wattage can make certain you have the finest microwaving time there is no tripping the circuit breaker.

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1. Spicy Carousel Microwaves List

2. Discover a spicy Carousel Microwave’s Wattage Online

Sharp Carousel Microwaves & Wattage perform (Updated in 2021)

Sharp Carousel Countertop Microwaves

SMC0710BB0.7 cu. Ft.700 Watts
SMC0711BS0.7 cu. Ft.700 Watts
SMC0710BW0.7 cu. Ft.700 Watts
SMC0912BS0.9 cu. Ft.900 Watts
SMC1111AB1.1 cu. Ft.1000 Watts
ZSMC1131CB1.1 cu. Ft.1000 Watts
SMC1131CW1.1 cu. Ft.1000 Watts
ZSMC1132CS1.1 cu. Ft.1000 Watts
SMC1139FS1.1 cu. Ft.1000 Watts
SMC1443CM1.4 cu. Ft.1000 Watts
SMC1441CB1.4 cu. Ft.1000 Watts
SMC1442CS1.4 cu. Ft.1000 Watts
SMC1449FS1.4 cu. Ft.1000 Watts
ZSMC1441CW1.4 cu. Ft.1000 Watts
SMC1452CH1.4 cu. Ft.1100 Watts
SMC1585BB1.5 cu. Ft.900 Watts
SMC1585BS1.5 cu. Ft.900 Watts
SMC1585BW1.5 cu. Ft.900 Watts
ZSMC1655BS1.6 cu. Ft.1100 Watts
SMC1662DS1.6 cu. Ft.1100 Watts
SMC1840CS1.8 cu. Ft.1100 Watts
ZSMC1842CS1.8 cu. Ft.1100 Watts
SMC1843CM1.8 cu. Ft.1100 Watts
SMC2242DS2.2 cu. Ft.1200 Watts

Sharp Carousel Over-the-range/counter Microwaves

R1881LSY1.1 cu. Ft.850 Watts
R1874TY1.1 cu. Ft.850 Watts
R1514TY1.5 cu. Ft.1000 Watts
R1210TY1.5 cu. Ft.1100 Watts
R1214TY1.5 cu. Ft.1100 Watts
R1211TY1.5 cu. Ft.1100 Watts
SMO1652DS1.6 cu. Ft.1000 Watts
SMO1854DS1.8 cu. Ft.1100 Watts

Sharp Carousel drawer Microwaves

SMD2470AH1.2 cu. Ft.950 Watts
KB6524PS1.2 cu. Ft.950 Watts
SMD2480CS1.2 cu. Ft.950 Watts
SMD2470ASY1.2 cu. Ft.950 Watts
SMD2489ES1.2 cu. Ft.950 Watts
SMD2499FS1.4 cu. Ft.900 Watts
SMD3070AS1.2 cu. Ft.950 Watts

Your sharp Carousel Microwave Is not On the List?

If you have the microwave currently:

You can shot to uncover the brand or bowl on the body of her Sharp Carousel microwave, it deserve to be top top the body of the oven, within of the door, or on the back of the microwave. If you still have actually the box or parcel of the microwave, the wattage likewise can be found on them.

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If you don’t have the microwave:

How to discover the wattage of a sharp Carousel microwave virtual is simple too, you just need to uncover the digital hand-operated of the product top top Google or part online manual websites such together manualsfile or manualsonline. In the specification session, you have the right to see info consisting of power it is provided requirement, weight, dimension, and also wattage.