Many the you have actually this inquiry of how countless electrons room in the last cell of carbon or how numerous valence electrons does carbon have?

In basic words, the number of electrons present in the valence covering (last electronic shell) is dubbed valence electron.

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The above two questions typical the very same thing, for this reason the carbon has four valence electrons. That is, there room 4 electrons existing in the critical cell of carbon.


Electronic construction of Carbon

If girlfriend look in ~ the electronic configuration of carbon, you deserve to see the there room two cells current in carbon. The first cell has two electrons and the critical cell has 4 electrons. So look at this illustration of the electric configuration that carbon.


Also, plenty of of you room confused in between the valency the carbon and valence electron. So, for this, you require to know the difference between valency and also valence electrons.

What is Valancy of Carbon

According come the octet theory, in order because that each element to with a secure state, the variety of electrons the leaves, or get or shared shares in stimulate to fill its octet, we will contact that element the valence. Thus, the valency that carbon is four.


After each element gains stability, its electronic configuration will certainly be favor the nearest Nobel gas.

Many that you may be confused regarding where the word mutual share in definition came from.

There space some aspects that deserve to neither acquire nor shed electrons in their last cell. In order because that this facet to it is in stable, the electrons in its critical cell have to be mutually mutual with various other elements.


An instance is a carbon. Because it never ever becomes a c-4 or c+4 ion by accepting or rejecting the 4 electrons in the last cell in bespeak to acquire its stability. Due to the fact that in this case, you have actually to offer a lot of energy. For this, carbon always forms covalent bond by mutually sharing its own 4 electrons.


Question price on valency and valence electrons

The question-and-answer on valence and also valence electrons is fully discussed below.

Problem1 In the situation of carbon, valency, and also valence electrons are equal. So will certainly valence and also valence electron be equal or various in situation of all other elements?

Valence electrons have no relation v Valency. Both are various concepts. Will be equal in the instance of those elements whose variety of electrons in the critical cell will certainly be same to the number of electrons obtained or rejected because that the security of the element. Such as carbon, hydrogen, etc.

Problem2 What is the electron valency the neon and also how many electrons are present in its last cell?

Neon is an inert element. The is, the neon will not obtain or reject any kind of electrons. In this case, the valency of neon will certainly be zero. And the critical cell the neon will always have 8 electrons. Thus, octet will continue to be met. The valency electron of neon will certainly be 8.

Problem3 What is the valency electron that oxide ion?

If friend look at the electronic configuration of oxide ions, you have the right to see that there room 8 electrons current in the valence cell. Thus, the valency electron of oxide ion is 8.

Problem4 Give instances of aspects other than carbon who valency and valence electrons will be equal.

The valence of the hydrogen and the valence electron will certainly both be equal. Hydrogen’s valence electron will certainly be 1.

Problem5 Give instances of elements that have much more than one valence.

Such together iron. It has actually two valences, two and also three. Stole will lose two electrons at some suggest and turn right into rt and also at an additional time it will shed three electrons and also turn right into py. There are additionally many facets that have more than one valence.

Problem6 How plenty of valence electron does oxygen have?

The valence electron the oxygen will be 6. Since when friend look at the electronic configuration the oxygen, there room 6 electrons current in the critical cell(valence cell).

Problem7 How many valence electrons do Fluorine have?

The valence electron the fluorine is 7. The is, fluorine will obtain 1 electron and gain the digital configuration of neon. And also the valency that fluorine will be 1.

Problem8 How many valence electrons does Nitrogen have?

There are five electrons present in the last cell of nitrogen. Thus, the valence electron of nitrogen will certainly be five.

Problem9 How numerous valence electrons carry out Sodium have?

The valence electron of sodium will be one. Because the critical cell of salt i.e. 3s has only one electron.


This indict discusses how plenty of valence electrons there are in carbon. And also the valency that carbon is questioned in depth here. Below are some beautiful picture that have been added to the accuse to make you understand.

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