Today is a historical day if you room a Seattle Seahawks fan.

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On this day in 2014, approximately 7 years ago, the Seahawks won their very first Super bowl title in franchise history over the highly-favored Denver Broncos 43-8.

On today in 2014, the Seahawks victory their first Super bowl title, end the favored Broncos 43-8.LB Malcolm Smith went back an INT that a Peyton Manning happen 69 yds because that a TD so late in the first half, and also Percy Harvin went back the opened kickoff that the second half 87 yds for an additional TD pic.twitter.com/2noCkV6AV5

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Prior to the game, the Broncos collection all the regular-season records and were the betting weird favorite versus the Seahawks defense, i m sorry at the time was the height defense in the league.

The Broncos didn’t begin the game off an especially well either. V the an initial snap the the game, the facility snapped the sphere over Peyton Manning"s head which brought about a safety and security within the very first 12 seconds.

Right off the bat, the Seahawks defense do it clean they were not right here to play games.

Seattle’s elite defense propelled Denver’s offense to uncomfortable limits. Pass rushers chris Clemons and Cliff Avril were beating the heat on every playmaking Manning relocate in the pocket.

When Manning did have actually time to throw, that threw it to Seahawks safety and security Kam Chancellor that would collection the tone because that the rest of the game.

Corners Richard Sherman and Bryon Maxwell quit the exterior receivers, K.J. Wright and also Bobby Wagner were making plays anywhere the field, and Malcolm smith made a pick-six the helped him knife the game’s MVP award.

The Seahawks made certain that every down was walking to it is in hard-fought because that Manning and the Broncos offense.

The Broncos lastly got their first points native the offense in the 3rd quarter, i m sorry by climate it was too late.

In the game, the Seahawks" offense was somewhat of an after-thought if we are being honest. But it is precious noting that Russell Wilson was good on 3rd downs and also did his part.

Overall, the Seahawks defense make a explain the whole season come be concerned as one of the biggest defenses in NFL history.

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The 2014 Seahawks team made background by blowing the end the Broncos offense and also cementing their very first Super Bowl victory as one pan will never ever forget.