If you are a fan of pop music climate you must have loved the opening chords to Michael Jackson’s “Beat it.” that was an great tune and playing it on a bass? Even an ext awesome. However do you understand how plenty of strings are forced to play that tune? Or fairly answer this: How plenty of strings walk a base guitar have?


Well, in this article, we would certainly be answering that question. Without further ado, let’s gain straight into it.

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How numerous Strings does A bass Guitar Have?

There are several answers come this question. Why you may ask? Well, this is due to the fact that the number of strings in base guitars vary. This offers you variety of choices to work-related with have to you select to get yourself or a girlfriend a bass.

Generally, a majority of bass guitars have four strings and also are described as “4-string Basses”. However, there are likewise 5-string and 6-string base guitars. We will certainly dissect each design of bass guitars to help you know them better.

But before we get in them in detail, we indicate you watch the video below. The video features a tiny explanation the the various string numbers, explaining why you might want to choose one end the others. Absolutely watch it as it would help you out when deciding what base to buy.

4-String Basses

As the name asserts, these models of bass guitars come with four strings. These were the first set of electrical basses produced and it was extensively embraced. Most songs that you may listen to to be played ~ above 4-string guitars.

It is regularly recommended the beginner bassists exploit a four-string bass as result of it’s smaller sized neck dimension which provides it easier to learn with and handle. Also, these bass guitars are compatible with most music styles, make it basic to exercise with a wide range of songs.

The typical tuning for a 4-string base is in the order of E, A, D, G. These space the same as the lowest four strings on a continual guitar however different through one being octave lower. Save in mental that bass strings room tuned in fourths.

Also, you have the right to make use of changed bass tunings for her 4-string bass. You have the right to do this if you desire to have actually a various sound for you yourself or if you want a different dynamic to her bass. For example, looser strings do them easier to bend and bending create a distinct sound. 

For instance, in order to play the one-finger power chord with more ease, most bassists like to use drop D, particularly to get lower and heavier sound from your bass.

If you want to song your 4-string bass to mirror the lower four strings that a 5-string bass, the general method is to tune it as B, E, A, D. You can even proceed more to drop the B come an A. There is additionally the option of transforming all the strings to a half-step.

4-string guitars have the right to have an additional lower variety added to them by down tuning castle or using thicker strings.

When you start learning just how to pat on a 4-string bass, the is easier, to start with, the E wire (the fourth string). As you get much more comfortable v the guitar, you have the right to proceed to play the 3rd string and then the 2nd and 1st. This progression will enable you to learn with minimal frustration; we’d dislike to have you battered on gift a bassist.

Several famous musicians such together James Jamerson, Stu Hamm, Victor Wooten, Billy Sheehan, Steve Harris, Stanley Clarke, Duck Dunn, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, Jeff Berlin among others every played through 4-string basses.

Even Hollywood stars favor Keanu Reeves, Micheal Cera, Ryan Gosling, Gary Sinise, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, and also Johnny Depp, every one of which to be in bands at specific points in their lives, play the 4-string bass.

5-String Basses

These base guitars come with a fifth string. This fifth string to add a low variety to the guitar, thus allowing the guitarist come have more options for arpeggios, chords and scares through the use of reduced notes. The popular of the 5-string etc skyrocketed in the 1980s alongside its 6-string counterpart (more ~ above that later in the article).

The an initial 5-string bass was developed by Fender in 1964.

The 5-string bass additionally provides efficiency as it allows guitarists to hit high notes through lesser effort, right-hand movement and also drag. This is great, taking into consideration that the bassist is expected to be quick and efficient v their fretting hands and also plucking hands.

This kind of bass likewise provides the player v convenience as there is no should tune down the guitar thanks to its included fifth string. With this type of bass, you have the included advantage that playing different styles and also tunings since of the fifth string.

The conventional tuning because that a 5-string bass is in the stimulate of B, E, A, D, G. 

The alternate tuning is also feasible for 5-string basses. Over there is the alternative of tuning down the traditional tunes by fifty percent a step or a entirety step. However, in situations where you discover the B as well low then you will certainly love this tuning, if you nothing mind, you deserve to have the typical high C tune, tuned a step-down.

The fact is over there is no clear-cut means to tuning a guitar, the vital is to experiment with tunings until you discover the sound the suits your taste. However, you should refrain indigenous over-tightening your strings or you could break them; the will price you some adjust and a trip to the guitar shop to acquire replacements.

Also, ensure the your bass deserve to actually play the tune that you wish to pat in.

The 5-string base has appreciated attention and love for numerous prolific musician such as Rex, mind Marshall, Johnny A, Tom Hamilton, stack Savage, Trujillo, Hugh Mc Donald, Newsted, Mike Kroger, also the great John Paul Jones play the 5-string bass from time to time while he was v Led Zeppelin.

6-String Basses

photograph by Stephen Niemeier from Pexels

You can be thinking, why are there in 6-string base guitars? trust us as soon as we say the these guitars weren’t make to complicate any, fairly they make play easier. The two extra strings are added so the guitarists can higher notes without having actually to move so far down the fretboard that the guitar.

Although, regardless of the included advantage the the 6 base strings, over there is the worry of string spacing which could make play a little clumsy if friend are provided to play 4-string basses. However, this need to be fixed after enough practice unless you started off play a 6-string bass, in i m sorry case, you i will not ~ have any issues. 

The 6-string bass is usually supplied in genres prefer jazz fusion and gospel, whereby the bassists are well-known to beat more complicated riffs and solos.

The typical tuning because that a 6-string bass is in the bespeak of B, E, A, D, G, C. This is usually the configuration of the 5-string bass v a greater C note above the G string.

Also, they have actually a 34-inch range length and also thick strings favor those of a typical bass.

7-String Basses

Didn’t check out this coming, go you? nothing be surprised. They could not be very common yet 7-string basses execute exist.

The 7- string base was invented in the 1930s through Paul Tutmarc. These bass guitars have actually a 38-Inch scale.

The standard tuning because that a 7-string base is in the stimulate of B, E, A, D, G, C, F.


The selection of bass guitars carry out not end at 7. There room bass guitars with up to 36 strings yet getting among those would be grossly impractical and also we would not recommend the you get any type of guitar past a 6-string bass.

However, if you look for to fully immerse yourself in the suffer of play the bass as a beginner, we recommend that you start with a 4-string bass. This will certainly make the learning process easier and less frustrating because that you. With time you can decide on even if it is or no you would prefer to have actually extra bass strings on your guitar and also get one upgrade.

Or you could buy a 5-string bass and play it as a 4-string bass by simply ignoring the 5th string. This conserves you a lot of money need to you select to shift to a 5-string base guitar since you won’t have to purchase one again as opposed to beginning with a 4-string bass. However, it is advised the you offer this a lot of thought before you proceed with it since you could find the 5th string distracting.

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Keeping in psychic that know how many strings a bass has actually will not help improve your an abilities as a bass guitarist, only constant practice will. Now go into the world and rock on.