One car garages come in many shapes and also sizes. Part come v anA-roof, others v aGambrel roofand all offer benefits and disadvantages. Yet one that the simple questions when considering a one auto garage could be:

The minimum size of a one-car garage have to be 10×18 yet most cars will need a garage that is at the very least 12×20.

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If you room driving a clever Car, then a 10×12 could work! yet otherwise, also the many compact cars will need a 20-foot lengthy garage to fit within comfortably. Friend don’t desire to it is in crashing into the wall surface while backing your auto into the garage!

The garage photo above features one 18×26 One auto Garage through an extra broad garage door and also plenty that overhead space.

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What if i want an ext Space inside my One-Car Garage?

That is a an excellent question. In the example to the left, you have the right to see a larger automobile such as a full-sized pickup within a 25-foot lengthy garage. It is straightforward to view there is little room left for a workbench and also other needs.


If you want extra an are besides your space for a vehicle then you’ll need to do some extra planning. Make sure you measure your auto or truck first, then decide ~ above the finest size for her one car garage and also the extra space you need.

A-One vehicle Garage through Office Space

Now let’s obtain creative.How around a 16×20 One vehicle Garage with an extra space for ahome office,art studioorman cave? You can store the auto in the garage and also then have actually a an are to tinker or gather v friends in the other section. Or use the extra an are as a workshop and storage space. Include a workbench and also some shelves and you’ll have the garage/workshop of your dreams!


Let’s watch at an ext possibilities because that your very ownprefab one car garage.

Choosing the best Sized One car Garage

When you space deciding ~ above the best size for a one vehicle garage, asking the question

What am ns going to keep besides a car?

If the only thing you require room because that in your solitary car garage is… a car… friend may be able to get by through a smaller option. Below are a few examples the one-car garages of different sizes. We begin by going from tiny tolarge, through less space to more space.

A-One auto Garage for your Smart Car

Smart carsare around all you’ll have the ability to fit into this Mini One auto Garage. In ~ 10×12, thisStandard Workshop Garagewill offer you space for a clever car and also maybe a shelf ~ above the back wall surface for storing some extra stuff.This small one-car garage would additionally be a an excellent fit for a tiny tractor or lawnmower and also other garden tools.

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This One automobile Garage is so little that we don’t even have a price because that it on ours website. If you desire prices,request a customized quote via our form.