Many master in southern Florida are simply now considering how to have a beautiful environment-friendly lawn this summer – and for some, that way laying brand-new sod. If you are looking to beautify her lawn, fill in ceiling spots or to try a new grass variety, you might be wonder the best method to acquisition sod. Your new sod will come on pallets, however the sizes and measurements vary relying on moisture content, grass type, the dimension of the sod pieces, and also the kind of soil.

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Therefore educating yourself on just how to purchase sod pallets is vital first step.

Purchasing Sod Pallets

Price that Sod Pallets: The price the grass for your lawn is most often quoted through the pallet. Therefore, having an understanding of exactly how the specialists talk about pallets is crucial to place your stimulate correctly. Pricing follow to pallet size might vary based upon shipping weight, or exactly how high the distributor piles the pallet.Size of Sod Pallets: Most pallets are accessible in dimensions of 400 come 500 square feet, although part distributors execute offer pallets up to 700 square feet. The most usual sizes room 400, 450 and also 500 square feet.Weight that Sod Pallets: The weight of the pallet deserve to be vastly different if the floor is wet, so save this in mind to ask when ordering. Important: A pallet that sod deserve to weigh as much as 3,000 pounds. If you are planning to pick up her sod pallets in your own car rather than having it shipped, be aware of the size and weight capacity which will be necessary.Types the Sod in southern Florida: In this region of the joined States, Bermuda, zoysia, St. Augustine, and centipede grasses are the most common Florida grasses.Purchasing Sod Pallets: most sod in Florida comes in rectangle slabs which measure up 16 x 24 inches and cover 2.66 sq. Ft. Since of the sport in pallet arrangement, make sure to ask about the price per sq. Ft. As pallet pricing may not give you an accurate comparison.

Making the right Sod or Grass Choice

When deciding what to purchase, you will first want to identify which grass is ideal for you. Is your lawn in full sun, or carry out you have countless shady areas? Does your grass often tend to have difficulties with pests or fungus, or has it remained reasonably strong and also healthy? below in the Sarasota and also Tama area, you likewise will likely need to determine if her HOA has any types of indict or restrictions as to the type of grass you are permitted to download on your lawn.

Once you identify the kind of grass girlfriend need and have the measurements of how much friend require, involved speak come a local lawn and landscaping expert. We can assist you to identify the best amount of sod to purchase, as well as walk you with the types of sod available. At big Earth see Supply, our sod is sold in increments of 400 square feet and is sand-based to best reflect our environment.

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The team at Big earth Landscape Supply is committed to help you come cultivate your greenest and also healthiest lawn yet. From top quality sod and also grasses come herbicides and fertilizers, we have actually all the products you need. Shop online, or stop by one of our 4 area areas (Tampa, Sarasota. Bradenton and also Palmetto.) Don’t forget to examine out our inventory of unique natural furniture, garden statuaries, ornamental rocks and also more.