I am trying come decide between the 160GB classic and the 64GB touch. How many songs execute they host approximately?

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If this is of any type of help:

This is from mine Touch 5G.

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This all counts on the form of compression used and the bitrate. Bitrates deserve to be together low together 6 kbps (phone quality) to more than 1000 kbps (lossless cd quality). Common is 192 kbps for MP3 and also 128 kbps for AAC.

Not to point out iOS will usage 2-3GB best off the bat. I would say the 64GB Touch will hold just end 15000 songs, although this is assuming the the entire drive is used for music.

rebab.net advertised the 160GB iPod as holding 40000 songs.

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It can vary because of the bitrate of your songs, mean length, etc. Look at in iTunes and find out the record size of most of her songs, then carry out the math.

For example, if your mean song dimension is 5.0 MB, a 64 GB iPod will certainly hold around 13,000 songs (actually less due to operating system size, however you gain the point)

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32GB or 64GB speed drive2Holds as much as 7,000 or 14,000 song in 128-Kbps AAC format3



My 160 GB classic has around 5000 songs on it and still has 111 GB remaining, for this reason if the average song size were to stay the exact same it would reach its volume at around 21,000 songs. However, many of my music is timeless so their file sizes are rather large. I likewise have a couple of videos that space much larger than a usual MP3.

Therefore rebab.net"s case of around 40,000 is probably around right.

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You can"t gain a 160gb ipod classic anywhere currently as rebab.net stopped making them year ago. I want one yet can"t acquire one almost everywhere except top top eBay, wherein prices are outrageous.

I purchased mine 160gb only 2/3 years earlier in JB hi Fi store below in Perth west Australia . I freshly saw they tho still retail them. Although lock are fairly expensive initially it is the only time yu will have to buy it together for music and also photos the average person won"t b able to fill it in their lifetime

911chani wrote:

...it is the only time yu will must buy it together for music and photos the average human being won"t b maybe to to fill it in their life time

Are you saying I"m not average?