Do you choose to sing? perform you have actually a favorite song? Music is choose dessert: us don’t have to have actually it to continue to be alive, however we love it so lot that who is always making more. Therefore our girlfriend Elijah B. Asked, how plenty of songs are there in the world? That need to be a large number, since anyone deserve to write a brand-new song – probably you’ve even consisted of a track yourself! So us don’t know every song ever before written. Yet a agency called Gracenote keeps a list of every the songs the end there: it had actually 79 million songs on it together of 2011. To get a sense of the number, 79 million minutes is around 150 years…so if many of the songs are from the year 1866 onward, that’s 1 brand-new song every minute. One of two people way, it’s difficult to find out the indigenous to all of them!

Wee ones: deserve to you song “la la la”? Sing words “la” 6 times!

Little kids: If you have actually 2 favourite songs, and also one runs 3 minute long and also the other is 2 minutes longer, exactly how long is the second song? Bonus: If you sing both songs one after ~ the other, just how long does that take?

Big kids: humans started counting about 9,000 year ago, however started utilizing an alphabet 4,000 year later. How numerous years back did the alphabet start? Bonus: If you add together those 2 chunks of time (9,000 and 5,000), then subtract 2,000, then cut in half, you acquire the variety of years earlier that Egyptians had actually harps and also flutes to play songs. How numerous years earlier was that?

The sky’s the limit: If we have actually 81,000,000 song by today, and humans created all however 1,000,000 of lock in the critical 100 years, how plenty of songs have been written every year in the last 100 years if it’s same every year?

Answers:Wee ones: La la la, la la la!

Little kids: 5 minute long. Bonus: 8 minutes.

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Big kids: 5,000 year ago. Bonus: 6,000 year ago.

The sky’s the limit: 800,000 songs each year, because 80,000,000 song were created in 100 years.

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Laura Bilodeau Overdeck is founder and also president that Bedtime mathematics Foundation. She goal is to do math as playful for kids as it was for her once she to be a child. Her mom had actually Laura baking prior to she can walk, and her dad had her utilizing power tools at a very unsafe age, measure up lengths, widths and angles in the process. Armed with this at an early stage love the numbers, Laura walk on to acquire a BA in astrophysics native Princeton University, and an MBA from the Wharton institution of Business; she continues to star-gaze today. Laura’s various other interests incorporate her 3 lively children, chocolate, extreme vehicles, and also Lego Mindstorms.