Do you want to accomplish your craving with a sumptuous pizza? Costco uses you few of the ideal pizzas at the fairest prizes amongst all American restaurants.

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Pizza is a us staple snack, and also it’s no surprised that the typical American consumes around 6,000 slices in a life time or 23 pounds a year. If you’re looking for a cheap yet terrific pie, Costco will without doubt hit her mind. But what room the Costco pizza sizes and also price?


How huge is a Costco Pizza? those the size of a Costco pizza? just how much does the cost? and also how many should girlfriend order?

A Costco pizza is 16-18 inches huge and prices $9.95. The pizza has actually 12 slices, and each goes for $1.99.

Features/PizzaCheese PizzaPepperoni PizzaCombo Pizza
Slices1212 inches18 inches
Size in inches1816-18 inches18 inches
Prices of totality Pizza$9.95$9.95$9.99
Cost the a slice of Costco pizza$1.99$1.99$1.99
Waiting time7-12 minutes6-12 minutes15 minutes

What’s Costco?


The 2020 pandemic showed us just how crucial a role of tissue record could be. Don’t gain too surprised that the agency with built toilet record is likewise hot selling some delicious pizza!

Founded in Seattle in 1983 together a wholesale corporation and later had the retail of food in their Costco restaurants and also stores. Today, Costco runs over 700 pizzerias approximately the world.

Types that pizza marketed at Costco

The form of Costco pizza have the right to vary indigenous one food court to another. But, the most typical styles that pizza in ~ Costco incorporate Cheese, Pepperoni or Combo.

1. The Combo Pizza


The Combo largely combines meats through veggies. Mix pizzas have actually cheese, meat and vegetables. Simply, that a combination of the ingredients provided in both the pepperoni and cheese varieties.

A part of Costco combo has about 15% Vitamin A, 25% calcium and also 15% vitamin A. Also, it consists of 4g fibre, 8g sugars, 72g carbs, 36g protein, 65mg cholesterol, 29g the fat and also 680 calories.

2. Cheese Pizza


The cheese pizza is possibly the most well-known of all Costco snacks. Every cheese is fresh, and also they don’t use processed cheese.

You get 3g dietary fibers in every slice, 70g carbs, 1,370mg sodium, 7g sugar, 14g saturation fat, 44g protein, and also 700 calories. Also, you’ll obtain 15% vitamin A, 80% calcium and also 20% iron.

3. Pepperoni


Pepperoni Costco Pizza has 60 slices of pepperoni. Some nutritional components of pepperoni pizza encompass 10% Vitamin A, 50% calcium and also 20% iron. The slice also has 6g sugars, 11g saturation fat, 34g protein, 1290mg sodium, 68 g carb and 720 calories.

4. Custom Pizza


Most Costco joints offer customized pizza in which friend order one with your preferred ingredients. It’d take about 10-15 minute to gain yours ready.

Size the a Costco Pizza

Costco bakes pizzas that space 16 come 18 customs wide. The pizzeria offers some the the largest pizzas among other restaurants.

They don’t have the small-sized pizzas, however instead if girlfriend can get as countless slices as you’d want. Every 18” pizza has actually 12 slices.

Price of a Costco pizza

When you’re in search of the cheapest pizzas in town, Costco is most likely to be peak of your mind. In ~ Costco, pizza outlets market the pies because that $9.95 throughout the year 700-plus outlets worldwide. That’s the price of a Starbucks latte because that two!

Then, every of the huge pizzas cuts into 12 slices the go for $1.99 each. If she considering the economy of scale, you will certainly save almost $14 by going for the pie rather of the slice.

Costco pizzas Ingredients


A Reddit user who claims to be component of the Costco staff provides a free recipe on the ready of the pizza. Caesar dressing brushes the pizza dough and cheese, bacon bits and also chicken breasts.

Then, the grilled right into a tube v pinched ends. The chef then dresses and sprinkles more cheese top top the outer part of the tube. The rest is then put right into the oven and also baked for around six minute at about 600 degrees.

Costco Pizza Toppings


A tasty snack and a generosity bunch of delicious toppings attract a religious following because that the Costco pizza. Some well-known toppings you’d find on a Costco include:

PepperoniRed onionBlack olivesMushroomsItalian sausageBell peppers

How numerous Costco Pizzas execute I order?


Ordering pizzas because that a big number the guests deserve to be stressful. If you obtain the number wrong, girlfriend may finish up through unhappy kids who didn’t get enough slices.

And, her guests may not obtain satisfied v what girlfriend offer. Still, if you order too plenty of Costco pizzas, you might have to attend to the undesirable leftovers.

Remember, Costco pizzas are far larger 보다 the conventional pizza. So, order with the dimension of your pizza in mind.

First, count the variety of guests you invite, and also get at the very least two slices because that each. An adult have the right to comfortably take it three, while youngsters should be okay with two.

But, don’t underestimate the appetite of the guests. For sure there’s enough to feed people with higher appetites.

The an excellent part is that you deserve to ask your attendant to acquire you a pizza with either ore or under slices. For instance, girlfriend can obtain eight slices instead of the usual 12. As soon as you’re ordering pizza for a kids’ party, request that the attendant slices it into 16 or much more slices,

So, one Costco pizza must serve 6 to eight people. If she holding a party with fifteen guests, order two or three.

How to order Costco Pizza

Ordering a Costco pizza is nice simple- simply walk right into one of their restaurants and also say it! However, once a bite is no enough, you have the right to save her time by notified specific types of pizza.


Sometimes, you desire all the Costco pizza baking power in your hands. So, you can take her unbaked pizza and also do the finish at her home.

The take-n-bake ordering system enables you to do a house pizza without needing to it is in culinary savvy. Baking in ~ home means you have actually the flexibility to add your favorite topping generously!

Check out

When shopping in ~ Costco, enter the food court and order her pizza. Order your pizza and continue through the rest of her shopping. Then, include it come your examine out once it’s ready.

Call ahead

When you don’t have actually 15 minutes, contact the food court and also order the pizza. Phone call the assistant the kind of pizza girlfriend want and your name. Costco might require non-members to make their payment in breakthrough for convenience purposes.

Costco Menu

Pizza is no the just item ~ above the Costco menu. You’ll discover meats, beverages and also sweet chewable and drink. The main item sold at Costco, however, is the warm dog and also other meat dishes.

Main Items

All Beef hot Dog or Polish$1.50
Chicken Bake$2.99
Hot Turkey and Provolone Sandwich$3.99
BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich$4.99
Chicken Caesar Salad$3.99


PizzaSlice – $1.99Whole – $9.95


Drinks20 Oz. – $0.59
Berry Smoothie$1.45
Latte/Mocha Freeze$1.45

Fresh made Gelato

3 Scoops served in a Waffle Cone$1.50
Hand pack Quart come Go$4.99


Very Berry Sundae$1.65
Nonfat Yogurt$1.35
Twisted Churro$1.00
Hand Dipped ice Cream Bar$1.50

Costco is famous for that is chicken bake, chicken caesar salad and also BBQ. And, the short prices because that Costco foods items does no just end at the restaurant. It extends to your food courts. So, you have the right to grab a BBQ for less than $5.

If you have actually a sweet tooth, Costco has obtained you covered, too. Their very Berry Sundae will cost you less than $2, however you’ll enjoy its every lick.

But, if the pizza is cheap, that tasty too. You gain three pizza choices on her menu: cheese, combo and also pepperoni. Costco lots your snack through delicious toppings.

And, back they might not necessarily advertise this, Costco offers you a tradition pie. In short, you deserve to order a pizza the fits every the ingredient your family members likes.

You can have fifty percent cheese, half pepperoni, or combo- whatever you want. Then, the pizzeria lets you choose what toppings girlfriend want.

Costco Food Court


The idea of everyone food is gaining quick popularity around America. The Price society by solar Price Club ended up being the first chain to have actually a membership plan in i beg your pardon members can get food at short prices. V an yearly subscription, Price club would sell their food in mass at short prices.

Then, the firm merged v Costco to reach numerous restaurants roughly the US. Every Costco restaurants have a unique feature- a members-only club that provides special treatment for the members.

Costco Pizza membership Benefits

Paying a member fee is not basic decision, specifically for Costco, which uses low prices for every its products. Even if it is you’re purchase a pizza, warm dog, ice cream cream, or snack, the pricing will be astonishingly low.

At the beginning of 2020, Costco announced that all shoppers who wanted cheap food would need to subscribe to the $60 club membership.

However, the Costco food court and also membership program have lots of benefits. For instance, some of the court are open up to members only, while rather are open up to the public.

Nutrition Info

Every Costco member has accessibility to every the details the the ingredient the the pizza. The restaurant desires you to keep inspect of her health, and so, they let you check out what you’re putting in your body.

So, they’ll tell you about every fat, calorie, or additive they placed in her food. In fact, girlfriend can gain a hard copy that all your nutritional details for every item friend order.

Variable menu items

A monotonous food selection is not only boring but also unhealthy. Costco rotates its menu items because that regular and subscribed members to give them a taste of every nutrient. The Food Court has a reservation because that the rotating menu.


How many inches is the Costco Pizza in diameter?

The Costco pizza procedures 16 to 18 inches. The dimension varies in different locations, for this reason you may want to inspect out with your branch.

How many slices does a Costco Pizza have?

The 18 inch Costco pizza has 12 slices.

What is the Costco waiting time?

It’ll take it Costco 6 come 15 minutes to hand you the pizza.

How can I hack the Costco menu for the ideal meals?

Yes, we have actually several tips to for sure you obtain the finest experience in ~ Costco pizzas.

Hack the Costco food selection by:

Ask because that a custom pizza with your preferred ingredients or toppings.Instead of the pepperoni pizza, for example, you might ask for one with sausage and also pepperoni. For customized ingredients, stimulate a whole pizza and also not the slices due to the fact that not everyone might like your style.If you desire a dessert to under your Pizza meal, make an ice cream cream float by mix soda and also frozen yoghurt. You’ll have actually a tasty dessert without having actually to chef anything extra- simply by hacking the Costco menu!

When must I purchase a Costco Pizza?

Costco operates throughout the week. Castle are open up from 10 am and close at 6 afternoon on weekdays and a tiny earlier at the weekend. However, your warehouses remain closed throughout the significant holidays.

This table mirrors the Costco opening hours and operational time


Costco Opening and Closing Hours
Monday come Friday

10 to be to 8.30 pm


9.30 to be to 7 pm

10 am to 6 pm

Christmas Eve

9 to be to 5 pm
New year Eve

10 to be to 6 pm

Christmas, new Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, self-reliance Day, Memorial Day, and also Labor Day


What room the good and the bad of Costco Pizza?

Like every pizza out there, Costco has actually its great and negative side. On this table, find the pros and cons that the Costco pizza.

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Pros that Costco

Cons of Costco

Cheap, and also costs $9.95 onlyYou can order custom-baked pizza also when you’re no a memberOffers Cheese, Pepperoni and Combo varietiesCustom pizza take away as rapid as 10-15 minutes.The pizza is fresh and also straight indigenous the oven.You need to pay the $60 annual Costco subscription to it is in a memberLow nutritional value