Quarters minted in the U.S. During the years 1964 or earlier are all made from 90% pure silver.

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This is additionally known together .900 well silver.

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Image source: USA Coinbook

There space a couple of other instances wherein your quarter might contain silver. Keep reading to learn exactly how to identify whether or no you have actually a silver- quarter.

Which Quarters are Silver?

The simplest method to discover out if your quarter is silver is to inspect the date. That will show up on the prior (obverse) the the coin.

Any quarter with a date earlier than 1965 will be silver.

You can also check the edge (the "side") that the coin. If any copper mirrors through, it means it"s no silver. This might be beneficial for conveniently scanning a big stack of soldier for any type of potential silver- ones.


Clad and silver coins perceived from the edge

There room two other attributes that may indicate your quarter contains silver:

If that is a proof coin with a date of 1992 or laterIf that is a bicentennial coin (1976) v an "S" mintmark

Silver proof Quarters

The U.S. Mint started releasing silver- Proof set that used 90% silver for the coins every year due to the fact that 1992. These silver proofs are minted in much smaller numbers—typically much less than 1 million annually—than the traditional clad proofs.


Proof Washington Quarter

It deserve to be daunting to phone call the silver proofs from their non-silver proof counterparts there is no the original government packaging. Your ideal bet is to consult a numismatist (i.e. A coin expert) once in doubt.

Silver Bicentennial Quarters

Bicentennial soldier were developed specially because that the 200th anniversary of the explanation of Independence. You have the right to tell the difference due to the fact that of the dual date "1776–1976" and the drummer pictured ~ above the ago side (reverse) of the coin.

Not all bicentennial quarters space silver, though. Look for those through an "S" mintmark, meaning they were struck at the san Francisco Mint.

Each of these 1976-S quarters space made from 40% silver for a full of 0.0739 trojan oz (roughly 2.3 grams) of pure silver- content.

Value of silver Quarters

Figuring out the melt value for your silver quarter is a straightforward calculation.

Each 90% silver- quarter consists of 0.18084 troy oz of fine silver. Every you have to do is multiply this number through the point out price of silver to find the melt value.

1917 standing Liberty quarter

If you have actually a rather old quarter (before around 1930), however, climate it likely has a higher collectible value—such together the standing Liberty quarter picture above.

FAQs about Silver Quarters

Here room a few frequently request questions around silver quarters. Lock can aid guide you if you take into consideration buying silver.

Are 1965 quarters Rare?

No. You can think these coins are an useful because 1965 to be the very first year quarters were do in a copper-nickel alloy. It"s true that the "first year of issue" because that any form of coin normally gets collectors excited.

However, in this case, the brand-new clad coins weren"t widely collected. As a result, 1965 soldier aren"t rarely at all.

How lot Is a 1776 to 1976 quarter Worth?

It depends on the condition of the coin and also where it to be made.

Most 1776–1976 quarters space worth in between $5 and $10 in Mint State. They are known as "Bicentennial quarters."

Follow this connect for a finish list of Bicentennial quarter values.

How many Silver soldier Make an ounce of Silver?

Each silver- quarter has 0.18084 trojan ounce of pure silver.

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That method one ounce of silver is same to around 5.5 silver- quarters. Because you can"t have half of a coin, we have the right to round up and also say that takes 6 silver quarters to do a trojan ounce.