Born on may 13, 1961, Dennis Rodman is a former NBA player. The is recognized for his defense and also rebound skills, i m sorry earned the his nickname "the Worm." over 20 years, he has actually played for assorted teams - Detroit Pistons, mountain Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers, and also Dallas Mavericks. Rodman has also earned NBA All-Defensive very first team honors seven times. He also held the document for the most rebounds per game for seven consecutive years and won five NBA championships. He to be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball room of call in 2011.

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Rodman is also a previous part-time professional wrestler and actor. That has battled alongside Hulk Hogan. He had actually his own TV display called "The Rodman human being Tour" and also played the lead in dual Team (1997) and Simon Sez (1999), which earned that a triple Razzie Award. 


Player nameDennis Rodman
BornMay 13, 1961
Won championships withDetroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls
Ring count5
Ring years1989, 1990, 1996, 1997, and also 1998.
Drafted year1986
Drafted byDetroit Pistons

How many rings does Dennis Rodman have?

Dennis Rodman has won 5 rings as component of assorted teams in 1989, 1990, 1996, 1997, and also 1998.

What years did Dennis Rodman Rings victory his championship rings?

Rodman winner his championship rings in 1989, 1990, 1996, 1997, and 1998. The an initial two were through the Detroit Pistons and the various other three through the Chicago Bulls.

1989 - Detroit Pistons vs. Los Angeles Lakers: The match between the Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers to be the first NBA championship because 1983 come be winner by any type of team various other than the Lakers or the Boston Celtics. Throughout Game 3, despite suffering painful ago spasms, Dennis Rodman pulled under 19 rebounds. 

1990 - Detroit Pistons vs. Portland trail Blazers: despite losing stack Mahorn, the Pistons was able to short article a 59-23 record lead in the east Conference. Dennis Rodman, NBA defensive Player the the Year, in Mahorn"s absence, picked up the slack and also kept the Pistons in your true kind the whole season.

1996 - Chicago Bulls vs. Seattle Supersonics: The most far-ranging addition come the Bulls team to be Dennis Rodman. The Bulls winner the collection 4-2, partly because of the exceptional performance by Rodman, who repeated his game 2 power of 19 rebounds and tied his very own NBA Finals record.

1997 - Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz: proceeding his exemplary power from the vault season, Rodman take it 11 rebounds, and also the Bulls won the collection 4-2.

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1998 Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz: The Bulls continued their win streak and also defeated Utah Jazz yet again in a 4-2 collection victory. Rodman took 14 and also 8 rebounds in the fourth and also sixth games, respectively. 

How numerous years did it take because that Dennis Rodman to success his an initial championship?

Dennis Rodman winner his first championship in the third year of play for the NBA through the Detroit Pistons. 

How plenty of teams has actually Dennis Rodman played for?

Through his 20 year career, he has actually played for miscellaneous teams - Detroit Pistons, san Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks. Indigenous 1986 to 1993, Dennis Rodman played for the Detroit Pistons. That then moved to the mountain Antonio spurs for the 1993-1995 season. Native 1995-1998, Rodman played because that the Chicago Bulls. All his contracts post this insignificant lasted just a year. The other teams include the Los Angeles Lakers (1999), Dallas Mavericks (2000), lengthy Beach Jam (2003-2004), Fuerza Regia (2004), Orange ar Crush (2004-2005), Torpan Pojat (2005), Tijuana dragons (2005-2006) and also finally the Brighton bears (2006).