How long is a video game of American football?

A video game of American football is 60 minute long, with additional 15 minute quarters if overtime is required. This only applies to the NFL; in college football, over there is no time border for overtime. The game always lasts longer than 60 minutes as result of breaks in the action from penalties, reviews, and the allotted time in between quarters. The hour is divided into four 15 minute quarters, comprising the an initial half and the second half of the game.

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Football gamings take much much longer than one hour. Gamings can commonly run 2 or also three hours in length, relying on if the video game goes into overtime. Injuries and also media timeouts can likewise account for big amounts the time that boost the as whole length of the football game.

Recent researches have shown that the mean NFL game lasts about three hrs in total.

Quarters and also Halves


Football gamings consist of two 30 minute halves damaged down into 4 15 minute quarters for NFL and also college football. The moment in in between quarters, and also the halftime break, will likewise account for extr time added to a soccer game.

The game Clock


The video game clock is provided to keep track the time in every of the quarters.

However, the video game clock is not constant and will prevent for the complying with reasons:

An injury occursA timeout is called2-minute warning

The pat Clock


The beat clock keeps track of time in between downs and also is provided throughout regulation time.

The play clock does no take time off the game clock, but it does rise the size of the game.

Football Overtime


Overtime is one extra quarter offered to decision the winner of the game when the video game is tied at the finish of regulation. Overtime large 10 minute in the NFL, but in NCAA football there is no video game clock running throughout the overtime period. In the NFL, over there is only one sudden death overtime, definition the an initial team come score wins or the game will result in a tie.

In the NCAA, both teams will have actually a opportunity to score in every overtime, and overtime will proceed until a winner is decided.

Key Terms

Here are the crucial terms to know when it pertains to how long an American football game lasts:


Do American football games last one hour?

While the clock runs for an hour throughout every game, American football games last much longer. Gamings are typically around three hours long due to multiple stoppages.

Yes, an NFL video game can end in a tie if no team has actually scored in the allotted overtime period. The is uncommon, but it has happened before.

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The NFL overtime duration is 10 minute long. The period used to be 15 minutes long, however was readjusted for the 2017 season.