Making a perfect corned beef and also cabbage dinner is just one of the cook's most basic tasks, yet plenty of find it a challenge. Relax. Follow these basic directions and you'll create a succulently tender brisket -- perfect for hot or cold sandwiches -- and also all the fixings.

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-- Joe Crea, Food and also Restaurants Editor

Traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage Boiled Dinner Makes 6 servings, to add leftovers

A 5- come 6-pound flat-cut corned beef brisket1 medium to big head cabbage, plus an additional head, stem left in, reduced into six to eight wedges6 medium-large potatoes, peels on, scrubbed and also halved12 tool carrots, peeled and trimmed, whole6 medium onions, peeled, stem trimmed but intact, cut in fifty percent through the stem (so halves stay intact)Spice packet; water to cover

Cook's notes: Corned beef shrinks while cooking, so setup on ¾ to 1 pound per person to permit for some leftovers. You'll require an oversize Dutch oven or pot v a tight-fitting lid; it have to be big enough to organize the beef and vegetables plus water to cover. Have a kitchen fork, tongs and a slotted kitchen spoon handy, and a warmed plate to hold the perfect dinner.

Cook the corned beef: rinse corned beef under cool water. Ar meat, fat side up, in dutch oven. Add water come depth of about 2 inches. If the brisket came v a packet the spices, sprinkle them end the brisket, climate cover tightly through the lid. Ar in oven and bake for 3 come 4 hrs until beef is tender and also pierces through conveniently using the fork. (Midway with the braising, remove pan from oven and also carefully revolve over the brisket; cover tightly and return pan come oven, baking together directed.)

Cook the vegetables: eliminate the pan from oven and transfer beef come a warmed platter; sheathe tightly with foil and keep warm. If needed, include 1 or 2 cups of water to the netherlands oven and also bring to boil on peak of stove. Add potato halves; cover and cook 8 to 10 minutes. Include carrots to potatoes and also continue cooking until carrots space barely tender, then include cabbage wedges, cover and cook until all vegetables space tender (cabbage deserve to be served still a little crisp) around 7 to 10 minute longer.

Presentation: kinds vegetables around the corned beef on the warmed platter. Carve meat throughout the grain. Offer on bowl or in shallow key (you may wish to spoon some of the cooking broth over each serving) in addition to mustard, horseradish and rye bread if desired.

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