The rules of the Game

Volleyball is one of the many fun, exciting and also popular sports in the world. The game, originally called Mintonette when it was developed in Holyoke, Massachusetts, in 1895, has arisen into what us now recognize as indoor volleyball. The sport has progressed further to be played in various disciplines and also formats throughout different surfaces based on the same set of main point rules.

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The Basics

The simple rules the volleyball are the same throughout all variations of the sport. Play is commonly organized with two teams arranged in a development on either side of a net. Every team attempts come score points by sending out the ball over the network to your opponent, v the goal of having the ball hit the soil to finish each rally.

To start play, one team serves the sphere over the network to the the contrary team. When the serve has actually been received (serve receive) the receiving team has actually up to 3 contacts before they must send the ball back over the net to proceed the rally. The rally continues, with each team permitted as plenty of as 3 consecutive touches, till either a team provides a kill, ground connection the ball on the opponent’s court and also winning the rally; or (2): a team commits a fault and also loses the rally. The team the wins the rally is awarded a point and offer the round to start the following rally. Players revolve clockwise roughly the court in a set order depending upon who has actually possession of the ball.

Most rallies consist of the first two touches offered to set up an attack, where the team make the efforts to put the sphere in the most useful position feasible to score a point versus the various other team by sending the round over the net in a means that their enemies are can not to store the sphere from hitting the ground. Players can legally call the sphere with any part of the body.

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The particular rules because that volleyball competition vary in the unified States. Internationally, over there is a set of rules advocated by the FIVB i m sorry determines and oversees the rules because that play in between countries and also at events such together the Olympic Games, civilization Championships and World Cup. In the joined States, compete volleyball rules vary at the collegiate level driven by the NCAA, in ~ the high college level for interscholastic play established by the NFHS, and for society play i m sorry are determined by USA Volleyball.

Notable Rules because that Beach Volleyball

There space some specific and distinct rules in place for coast volleyball. The most apparent difference is team dimension – coast volleyball is play in pairs, likewise called “doubles.” In the coast discipline, matches are frequently played to 21 points, v players switching political parties every 7 point out to enable for equal playing problems on both political parties of court (often affected by outdoor conditions like wind, sun, etc.). ~ above the beach, the court dimension is 2m much shorter and 1m narrower 보다 an indoor court, allowing players come cover much more ground and also making it more difficult for the enemy to score top top a well-placed shot.

Beach volleyball is played with a different style of round from the at home version, slightly larger and also lighter. Double contact phone call are much stricter in coast volleyball, enabling for an extremely minimal rotation the the sphere in the air after the is set, and players are not enabled to “tip” the ball over the net making use of an open up hand.

Notable Rules because that Sitting Volleyball

In sitting volleyball, the net is around 3 feet high, and also the court is 10 x 6 meters v a 2-meter strike line. The court is split into two sides of 5m deep through 6m wide. The net elevation is collection at a elevation of 1.15m for men, and also 1.05m for women.

Players are permitted to block serves, yet one “cheek” must be in call with the floor whenever they make contact with the ball. Additionally, players need to remain in contact with the court at all times when taking care of the ball. Standing, rising, or taking steps is no permitted. A quick loss of contact with the court is allowed in 2 scenarios: as soon as making a protective play in the back zone to save a ball and when making a protective play in the prior zone.

Anyone have the right to play! sit volleyball is funny for disabled or able-bodied athletes. But if you want to play on the U.S. National Team or in the Paralympic Games, there space classifications for competition.

Formats and also Variations

6 vs. 6

This is the layout of play the is most well-known for at home volleyball throughout the world and is the more quickly in state of all at once pace of beat of every the variations of volleyball.

This layout of play permits for six full players on the court at a time, designating “front row” and also “back row” positions on the court differentiated by a 3m line (10 ft). All players turn in a clockwise order with the six positions on the court. The bespeak in i beg your pardon players turn is dubbed “serving order.”

When players are in the prior row, they are permitted to jump and also attack above the airplane of the net. As soon as they space behind the 3m line, or ago row, they may only assault from behind the 3m line and also occupy a primarily defensive position.

In 6 vs. 6 volleyball you check out the best specialization of players v positions dedicated to passing/digging, setup and attacking/blocking. In order to obtain the greatest advantage against an opponent, groups usually organize your player rotations come strategically place their players in the best possible positional combination to allow for attack plays.

For example, many teams will run a 5-1 with one designated setter, or a 6-2 where two setters room designated, however each setter only sets from the back row to allow three front row players come attack.

Overall, 6 vs. 6 is one of the most interesting and powerful variations of the sport. Sitting volleyball is likewise played indoors 6 vs. 6.

4 vs. 4

This variation of the game (played ~ above an at home court, sand or grass) is frequently played in ~ a more recreational level. Every team has four players per side, and also each player is allowed to attack at the network regardless that their beginning position top top the court. While football player must keep serving order, during play they can occupy any position ~ above the court. 4 vs. 4 allows for a middle paced variation of beat that calls for each team come cover much more ground and allows players to compete in a less specialized style the play.


Coed sports of volleyball allow both male and also female players to compete together on the very same team. Coed competitions have the right to be organized with any kind of format of play (typically 6 vs. 6, 4 vs. 4 or 2 vs. 2). This variation of pat is regularly seen in recreational leagues and local tournaments, and enables both genders come compete and also play together.

Reverse Coed

Reverse coed volleyball is a fun variation where male and female players compete on the very same team in 4 vs. 4 competition played on a women’s elevation net, whereby the male players may only assault from behind the 3m line. This layout of beat is generally seen in recreational and also local leagues and tournaments.

Beach Volleyball

2 vs. 2 (Doubles)

Beach volleyball is commonly played in bag or “doubles” but can likewise be play in 6 vs. 6 and 4 vs. 4 versions as well. Strategically, height beach teams are usually created of one player that specializes in blocking and also one player who specializes in defense. Both football player can strike from any type of position ~ above the court at any type of time, however generally one player will certainly attempt to block at the network to store an strike from coming end the net, if the defender consists the court behind the blocker. Players generally communicate who will covering which areas of the court via hand signals and also verbal cues between plays and also while a beat is in progress.

Beach ParaVolley

3 vs. 3

Beach ParaVolley is a distinct variation of beach volleyball in i m sorry athletes through disabilities are allowed to compete with three players per side. Beach ParaVolleyball is an emerging self-control of the sport of volleyball and also shows promise come be presented as a brand-new Paralympic sports in the LA 2028 Paralympic gamings or beyond. Learn much more about the U.S. Beach ParaVolley nationwide Team.

Snow Volleyball

3 vs. 3

Snow volleyball is an emerging discipline that is play on the snow, permitting three players per side. Snow volleyball frequently requires distinctive equipment to help players contend in difficult conditions, frequently including football cleats, gloves and also a unique specialized ball particular to snow volleyball. USA Volleyball currently fields groups in eye volleyball to complete in international occasions with the long term goal of adding snow volleyball as a winter sports to the Winter Olympic Games. Learn much more about the U.S. Snow Volleyball nationwide Team.

That player in a various colored jersey is dubbed a libero. The libero is a protective specialist and they might replace any player in the earlier row without counting together a substitution. Under part rulesets, the libero may also serve, yet only in one slot that the rotation throughout a single set. Internationally, liberos space not allowed to serve. Liberos likewise may not assault the ball from above the aircraft of the net. The position was included to the sport in 1999 adding greater defensive specialization to volleyball play and also increasing the duration and intensity the rallies.

This quick change of place is the change between “court position” and also “playing position.” Court position is the place in serving order the each player needs to be situated at the time of the offer to keep serving order.

Once the sphere is served and also entered right into play, players might move right into their “playing positions” on the court based upon their individual place to enable them to specialization in specific an abilities to help their team success the point. Players frequently align in strategy positions top top the court to effort to acquire to their playing position as easily as possible after the ball is served.

Rally scoring method that among the teams competing in a enhance will receive a point, whether the suggest is earned if the team is offer or not. In nearly all locations of the human being today rally scoring is the predominant scoring format in use.

In contrast, years back there was a style of play called “side out” scoring, where each team might only knife points as soon as they offered the ball. The advent of rally scoring assisted to rate up the speed of play as well as the consistency of complement times.

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Scoring can vary by layout or sports of play, however typically every volleyball is play at a minimum of finest of three sets. In at home volleyball at the collegiate and international level, matches room played best of 5 sets. In each format, the final set will be played to 15 points if it is necessary to recognize the to win team. Points space scored any time a ball lands top top the ground. That last touch the ball and also whether the lands in or the end of border will recognize who obtain the point for the rally.